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HOA Political Scene 49 _________________________17 July 2011

Here are some political updates about the victims of the drought in the Horn of Africa, in addition to highlights on the tragedy of the drought in Somalia and elsewhere in the Horn of Africa.

We also have some political updates in the Arabic version of the HOA Political Scene at arabic-hoa-politicalscene.com about the political deterioration in Sudan. We are looking forward for more active sharing.

It seems that the political deterioration is not enough for the people in the Horn of Africa. The nature and the climate changes have already worsen the human situations. The predictions of the severe climate changes are challenging, whilst the authorities ignore their role in the development of the overall crises.

Tomorrow, you will see the SUN smiling to our people in the Horn of Africa. At that time, we will all ride the waves of changes, meet and hug our beloved comrades and enjoy the fruits of our national struggle for freedom, democracy and justice and have some cheers from the best of our grains, grapes and dates.

Let us make the red colour our favourite colour. Compose the national anthems to include secular goals, take the oath of building strong states that never pay attention to tribal domination and capitalism and be ONE nation. The state is our nationality.

Enjoy your HOA Political Scene 49.

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The Drought Threatens over Ten Million People in the Horn of Africa!

The first political column in HOA Political Scene 49 Newsletter:

The drought spreads in the Horn of Africa accompanied with the projected floods in the second half of 2011 imposing an overwhelming tragedy of hunger in the region. Much news released last week about the issue proves the bad news and no news is good news.

The drought hits the devastated Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti and the southern Sudan, increasing the numbers of affected people to more than hundred millions.

In Somalia, several hundreds of thousand of Somalis suffering from the drought arrived to the hospitals in the Somali capital, Mogadishu seeking medical care. Reports say the hospitals have already drug shortage. Health officials declared that at least five patients die of hunger daily.

Hundreds of Somalis died in the last few months in the areas of the interiorly displaced Somalis (IDPs). The spread of the drought in the Horn of Africa affect the nationals in Ethiopia and Kenya as well as the Somalis in the refuge areas in Ethiopia and the bordering areas of Kenya. There are already over 5 million Ethiopian and over 4 million Kenyan facing the famine.

However, the numbers of potential affected people will increase to additional ten million people suffering from hunger in northern Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea and South Sudan in the second half of the year. The death of hunger tolls to make the human situation worse in the absence of the adequate national and international reply to the demands of the situation.

More than 1,200 Somalis arrive daily to the Dadaab refugee camps in the northeast of Kenya every day suffering from hunger and tired of the unrest in their country. They add heavy demands for the international and national food security agencies to apply in camps, which are already stretching dramatically beyond their limit.

Observers reported that the recent drought is the fieriest of its kind since 60 years, raising the numbers of affected people in the Horn of Africa to over 10 millions. They express their fears of the projected increase in the floods in the second half of 2011 that would raise the numbers of the already affected people.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in Somalia, Shams Albari, urged the international community to increase its efforts and "take immediate concerted measures to address the most severe food crisis in the world today in Somalia".

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Olivier De Schutter supported this call and declared that ten million people in northern Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea and South Sudan are at immediate risk of starvation because of the worst regional drought in 60 years.

Shams Albari expressed his concerns and fears that the Somalis, who are living the "most acute humanitarian tragedy in the world, as a result of the most severe drought" and the continuing conflict in Somalia would increase the numbers of fleeing Somalis to the other affected states, such as Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Shams Albari expressed his concerns and fears that the Somalis, who are living the "most acute humanitarian tragedy in the world, as a result of the most severe drought" and the continuing conflict in Somalia would increase the numbers of fleeing Somalis to the other affected states, such as Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya.

In addition, the food shortage results in the increase of food prices, in most of the affected countries, something the miserable people in Somalia and in the other countries could not afford to pay for living. "Drastically increasing food prices and continuing conflict and insecurity have caused a huge displacement of the population, with thousands of Somalis fleeing to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti every day." Shams Albari added. READ more about this topic below.

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