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How to End the Classic Systems?

Classic Systems produce many climatic, economic, health, social and political crises! All these crises seem clear to everyone with eyes and every bright mind thinking daily about how our world has deteriorated since the end of the Cold War.

For a look at this topic, see International Dynamics. But in order to diminish the basic ideas that organize this new global project, it is necessary to follow the lines and links on this web page. You will be very happy when you do this, and you will find that your mind has opened up to questions that you had not even thought of, or read about anywhere.

Believe me when I say the lessons of the Masses Era's LPE, with all of its components and scientific methods to establish the systems of the masses and to launch the Masses Era, are the first of their kind lessons in the world. I teach them and I'll teach you all of that, when subscribe to the HOA Political Scene Newsletter. When you do subscribe and confirm your subscription, fire me a note at Contact Us form to tell me that you are interested in the lessons of the Masses Era. That is all to it.

When and How Did the Deterioration Produced by the Politics of Classical Systems Begin?

In fact, the deterioration of our world began after the end of the Cold War, in which international conspiracies in favor of capitalism took part, and they were plots that were planned over a long time, long and with insatiable thought, to destroy the Union of the Soviet Union and the countries of the Eastern Bloc.

In contrast to those international conspiracies, the Soviet state and the countries of the Eastern Bloc played the role of idiot or idiot to respond to those conspiracies, instead of strengthening their power through comprehensive unity, through new development plans that concern people, and the requirements of the times, with an emphasis on that stupid, meaningless, rational openness will lead to crises. Countless falls on the shoulders of the simple human being in those states.

All of this was the beginning of the era of decline in which we are now living and which they call the "new world order", and where the social, ethnic, ideological, environmental, health, economic and political crises began.

Was the enlightened scientist or the enlightened person blind? And how did communism, with all its perceptive thought that takes into account the interests of the masses, fail to see all this, and to estimate the true and dangerous size of the international conspiracy?

The international conspiracy has made the socialist world the greatest idiot without ears.

Thus, the classical global capitalist regimes first succeeded in destroying the Eastern bloc, and then the other crises that I mentioned began in the same countries governed by these classical regimes and in the other poor countries of the world.

This deterioration resembles a tragedy, or rather comic tragedy, which has become a feature of this era in which we live.

This deterioration resembles a tragedy, or rather comic tragedy, which has become a feature of this era in which we live. It is the era that I call the era of the ruling elites of the classic political parties.

You have, dear serious reader, a number of dynamic ideas that you can read here with patience, length of mind, and an open mind, and then you will realize the pure facts, and you will realize the size of the pain I suffer due to all this global deterioration after the end of the Cold War, especially after the production of classic global systems of climate change and global warming, with the melting of the ice, and the deadly epidemics that followed, such as "Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic".

You will read political analyzes to all of this on the following descriptions and the attached pages.

Let us begin the process of enlightenment, as it is your rights on us to help you be a modern intellectual with an exceptionally enlightened mind, if you are not already like that.

The Dynamic Ideas of the Eritrean Martyr's Tree ...

The Dynamic Ideas of the Sudanese Martyr's Tree ...

The Dynamic Ideas of the Sudanese Revolution ...

The Dynamic Ideas of the 3 Mechanisms of the Sudanese Revolution ...

The Conspiracies of the Muslim Brothers ...

The Classic Systems in Other Languages!

* Hebrew: - Invitation to Comments 164: הרעיון החדש של עידן ההמונים יחד עם ה- LPE שלו, שהוא הדינמיקה של עידן ההמונים, על כל הצעדים המדעיים שלו ליישום עידן ההמונים הוא יצירה ותכנון של עיתונאי ומשורר ותיק (חאליד מוחמד אוסמן). אז אתה צריך להירשם לניוזלטר כדי לקבל אותו, ללמוד אותו ולדון בו, אם אתה משוכנע היטב.

The connotation of the Hebrew description is: The new idea of the age of the masses together with its LPE, which is the dynamics of the age of the masses, with all its scientific steps for the implementation of the age of the masses is creation and planning of veteran journalist and poet Khalid Muhammad Osman. So you need to sign up for the newsletter to get it, study it and discuss it, if you are well convinced.

* Indonesian: - Ide Dinamis: Kita mengalami lebih banyak krisis ekonomi, krisis alam, krisis kesehatan, dan krisis kemanusiaan sekarang daripada yang kita alami selama "Perang Dingin". Siapa yang menyebabkan semua ini?

The explanation of this Indonesian description is: We are experiencing more economic crises, natural crises, health crises, and humanitarian crises now than we experienced during the "Cold War". Who caused all this?

* Indonesian: - Perspektif Dinamis Indonesia: Para elit penguasa dari partai politik klasik melakukan banyak kerusakan pada planet kita. Perubahan Iklim bukan satu-satunya masalah yang mereka ciptakan.

The insights of the Indonesian description are: The ruling elites of classic political parties are doing a lot of damage to our planet. Climate Change is not the only problem they have created.

* Indonesian: - Pemikiran Dinamis Indonesia: Perubahan iklim dengan epidemi, limbah berbahaya dan bakteri, persenjataan nuklir dan kimia mengancam massa di mana-mana. Massa global harus mengakhiri semua ini. LPE era massa adalah solusi untuk semua ini. Ini adalah satu-satunya proses untuk membuat dunia lebih baik. Aktivis veteran, jurnalis dan penyair Khalid Mohammed Osman menyediakannya.

The interpretation of this Indonesian description is: Climate change with its epidemics, hazardous waste and bacterial, nuclear and chemical weaponry threaten the masses everywhere. The global masses should put an end to all of this. The LPE of the masses era is the solution to all of this. It is the only process to make the world better. Veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman provides it.

* Indonesian: - Pendapat Dinamis Indonesia: Sudah saatnya massa merebut kekuasaan di mana-mana untuk mengakhiri era elit penguasa partai politik klasik dan membangun sistem massa menggantikan sistem klasik. Untuk melakukan ini, massa perlu mengambil LPE era massa dari aktivis veteran, jurnalis dan penyair Khalid Mohammed Osman.

The meaning of the Indonesian description is: It is time for the masses to take power everywhere to end the era of the ruling elites of classic political parties and build the systems of the masses to replace the classic systems. To do this, the masses need to take the LPE of the masses era from veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

* Indonesian: - Wawasan Dynamos Indonesia: Kami massa memecahkan masalah global kami, yang telah diciptakan oleh elit penguasa partai politik klasik, dengan berkumpul di sekitar LPE Misa untuk mengakhiri era sistem klasik dan membangun era massa. Ambil strategi dan teknik LPE dari aktivis veteran, jurnalis dan penyair Khalid Mohammed Osman.

The summary of this Indonesian description is: We the masses solve our plant's problems, which have been created by the ruling elites of classic political parties, by getting together around the LPE of the Masses to end the era of the classic systems and build the era of the masses. Take the strategies and techniques of the LPE from veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

* Indonesian: - Pandangan Dinamis Indonesia: Kami adalah massa, kami memilih pemerintah, selama mereka tidak bekerja untuk kami, jadi kami mengambil kekuasaan dan mengubah sistem politik SEKARANG. Kami mengganti pemerintah korup partai politik klasik dengan pemerintah massa untuk menyelamatkan kepentingan massa, bukan kepentingan elit penguasa.

The translation of the Indonesian description is: We are the masses, we elect governments, as long as they don't work for us, so we take power and change political systems NOW. We replace corrupt governments of classic political parties by governments of the masses to save the interests of the masses, not the interests of ruling elites.

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There are some documentary films on CLASSIC SYSTEMS that might provide you with good history on the movement of the masses worldwide at In addition, read what Climate Change has done to beautiful places at

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