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The Sudanese Forums Online!

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The online Sudanese forums are many modern forums on the Horn of Africa's Network, working together with other forums for each state in the Horn of Africa to make the population aware of the political development in every nation and then work together to achieve democracy, cultural and economical integration, equality and justice and lasting peace.

There are some different Sudanese cultural forums, Sudanese economical forums, Sudanese social forums online. But, there is not any Sudanese humanitarian forums.

However, the Humanitarian Network could work as grassroots to maintain the humanitarian forums for each state in the Horn of Africa. We started that already by the Eritrean Humanitarian Forum and we called it Eritrean Humanitarian Topics.

Many of these forums are oriented according to different purposes and they lack sometimes the serious orientation to achieve good social goals. Despite this, we strive to make this experience better and develop it to serve you better.

So, we are intended here to achieve these goals as socialists by gathering in these forums to read and write about our problems, investigate them well, know the reasons of the deterioration and then come up with other means to solve this issue.

There are some cultural pages on this network, such as HOAs Cultural Project. This project includes the HOAs Journalists Project and the HOAs Poets Project until this moment. Development might have been happened, since the last time I reedited this page and you may see more literary forums in the network.

The cultural forums have started already in English when we published the HOA's Cultural Project supported by some pages at HOA's Journalists Project and HOA's Poets Project.

Then we followed the English version of the network by the Arabic HOA Political Scene to make this network a bilingual network and publish Arabic political articles and some Arabic literary works along with English publications. So, consider these projects substantially as the grassroots of the cultural forums.

They are not only Sudanese cultural forums. We plan cultural forums for each state in the Horn of Africa in this network to maintain the modern cultural orientation of the HOA Political Scene. We started that by adding the Eritrean Forums Online.

We intend to create the Sudanese economical forums to make the forums in this network connected with their specific topics. It depends on you as somebody who knows something, or as an economical expert to analyze the economical situations, so we could learn it better on the economical forums.

Getting back to the Sudanese Forums, they are here to index some contributions made by the readers of the HOA Political Scene Newsletter and the visitors of the website.

They began from this page, which is the site map 7 G in this network and is supported by other primary and secondary site maps in this network to organize the website and make it progressive to have good friendly user experiences thoroughly in this network.

The entire projects support the USHA Framework and this is an ambitious framework to create that modern horizon of knowledge and engagement we want to change the situations in the entire area. 

We need only education and we work to achieve this gaol, so every citizen in the Horn of Africa would be proud of his or her modern understanding. There is no sheikh in the area to rule and we don't need any to interfere in the political issue of the state, which is a secular concept.

They kept this area suffering from deep political misunderstanding since the earliest days of the independence of many states from the European colonial powers. We should free ourselves from superstition and the politics of myth that rules many states in the Horn of Africa.

So, the Sudanese Forums and the other political forums combined with the cultural forums are planned to perform in this direction to educate and enlighten the population in every state to understand the roots of their political problems and work together to achieve building modern societies in the Horn of Africa.

Here are the Sudanese primary and secondary site maps:

The Sudanese Primary Site Maps:

Primary site map 7 A, Sudan.

Primary site map 7 B, Sudanese Political Articles.

Primary site map 7 C, Sudanese Arabic Political Articles.

Primary site map 7 D, Sudanese Economical Forums.

Primary site map 7 E, Sudanese Cultural Forums.

Primary site map 7 F, Sudanese Forum.

Primary site map 7 G, Sudanese Forums.

Primary site map 7 H, Sudanese Regional Politics.

The Sudanese Secondary Site Maps:

Secondary site map 21 A, Write about Sudan.

Secondary site map 21 B, Comments on Sudan.

Secondary site map 21 C, Sudan Online.

Secondary site map 21 D, Sudanese Online.

Secondary site map 21 E, Sudanese Regimes' Political Crimes.

The regular visitors of the website and loyal subscribers of the HOA Political Scene Newsletter have built the secondary site maps in this network.

Other secondary site maps is linked to in the second section of this page. As we have secondary site maps, we have also primary site maps in the third section of the page below.

The work continues to build strong political, economical and cultural forums on every state in the Horn of Africa.

You can start posting on the Sudanese forums online through the form on this page, read some of the pages in the primary site maps and the secondary site maps and build your own pages on this network.

It is important to mention that I have reassembled the entries on the primary site map 7 about Sudan to develop the pages on the secondary site map 21 or "write about Sudan". That means the primary site map 7, as well as the site map 21 has supplemented the Sudanese forums.

Some Posts on the Sudanese Forums Online!

Here are some of the commentaries and posts in the Sudanese Forums:

Juba's Alliance

- Admin wrote news when Juba's Alliance and the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) formed a committee to strengthen the unity of Sudan. This proved to be the bite the news caught, while the count down for the referendum in the South Sudan started earlier that month!

Juba's Alliance - Comments

- Anonymous responded that wellness and fairness are important for Juba's Alliance. He called the SPLM to work hard to encourage the Sudanese people in the South to vote for the unity of the country. He suggested a cross-nation surveys before taking any step to carry on the referendum.

Greek Communists Support Sudanese

- Admin wrote about the support the Sudanese people receive from the Greek Communist Party. The leftists in Greek know the political situations in Sudan better than so many Sudanese people do.

They know the agendas of the military religious dictatorial regime and they are sad because they know the hard struggle of the Sudanese people against the Sudanese dictatorial regimes.

This post in the Sudanese forums requires more entries. Make sure to support it by good contribution. You can as well support some Greek pages on my daughter's network of beautiful sights at the Aegean Greek Islands. I personally love Greek. See also some pages about this great country to Remember the Greek of Sudan at The Culture of Olympia has Influence Elsewhere.

Lettre ouverte à Luis Moreno Ocampo

- Anonymous posted a letter to Moreno Ocampo in French initiated it "Comme toutes celles et tous ceux pour qui l'application universelle des droits humains est importante, je salue le fait que vous veuillez vous pencher sur le comportement du président soudanais, Omar Hassan al-Bashir."

Lettre ouverte à Luis Moreno Ocampo - Comments

- Admin replied saying that legal liability does not fail because some criminals escaped the justice. He criticized Jorgen Todenhofer for using a right case to defend the wrong case that include criminals and said failures in other cases should be reasons to forgive the Sudanese dictator.

★ Open Letter to Luis Moreno Ocampo

- Anonymous translated the "Open letter to Luis Moreno Ocampo" into English on this entry. He wrote, "The magistrate and former German MEP Jürgen Todenhöfer questions the reasons, which led the prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo to indict Sudanese President, but not the US president or the British prime minister, while the allegations are more serious yet."

Open Letter to Luis Moreno Ocampo - Comments

- Admin stressed in his response to this entry on that as it is known in the law, the statute of limitations for crimes, as the legal liability is not subject to limitation and it does not fall by time.

He explained that the crimes committed by a criminal do not fall because the court has not tried similar committed crimes. Such logic is lacking transparency and credibility.

We could NOT say to a judge that he should not try a criminal for a given case, because he has not charged another criminal? This seems as supporting the first criminal to continue his crimes.

The American Policy Exposed in Sudan 

- Admin wrote about the American policy in Sudan and how the American administrations have supported rightist parties such as the Muslim Brothers in Sudan and even in other states in the Middle East during the forties to clutch the spreading communists parties.

Not only that, but the entry highlight the American assistance to the groups they fight today in Afghanistan during the Cold War when the USSR supported the Afghani socialist government. This entry in the Sudanese forums need more highlights. Be one of the commentators.

Did You Know the Root Causes of the Conflict in Darfur?

- Admin wrote about the root causes of the Fur crisis refusing the use of un existed ethnic and the religious causes and explaining the political nature of the crises.

Some pages support this entry in the Sudanese forums. Those pages are Darfur, Darfur Crisis and Darfur Rebels. However, this entry in the Sudanese forums needs more responses. Be one of the commentators.

Tensions in Southern Sudan are Bad Signs for the Referendum

- Amin wrote the first entry on the Sudanese forum about the tensions in Southern Sudan that followed the preparation of the referendum in that part of the biggest country in Africa. This entry and others that passed the time term are references to the topic.

Shendi's Flood Woe Proves the Entire Sudan's Woe

- Admin wrote citing al-Midan about the crisis of the Nile floods in Shendi in Northern Sudan. The mass flooding in Shendi and the surrounding villages in northern Sudan have directly affected more than 1,000 people last week. The news estimates.

As this part of the country becomes part of the marginalized areas in the entire Sudan, this could explain the political nature of the problems in other marginal regions in Sudan.

This entry in the Sudanese forums requires more entries to highlight the problems of the marginal areas in Sudan.

There are some other three entries about the crisis of Shendi at Shendi, Northern Sudan, Flood in Pictures 1, Shendi, North Sudan, Flood in Pictures 2 and North Sudan, Shendi, Flood in Pictures 3.

No Environment Protection in Sudan

- The floods in Shendi and other parts in the country prove that there is not environment protection in the country.

Not only this, but they prove also the wealth and power in the centre of the country are controlled and misused badly by military gamblers and sectarian thieves and the money provided for the rehabilitation of the infrastructure is spent on other purposes by those executives in many places.

HOA's Primary Site Maps:

The primary site maps are the main pages on the HOA's network. They are at the same time the pages that visitors could build new forums, or support the existed forums by their contribution.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 1: Horn of Africa.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 2: Djibouti.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 3: Eritrea.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 4: Ethiopia.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 5: Kenya.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 6: Somalia and Somaliland.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 7: Sudan.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 8: Uganda.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 9: Chad.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 10: DRC.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 11: Political Site Map.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 12: Political Section.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 13: Humanitarian Network.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 14: Political Sense Journal.

HOA's Secondary Site Maps:

HOA Political Scene Site Map 15: Write about HOA.

HOA Political Scene Site Map 16: Write about Djibouti.

HOA Political Scene Site Map 17: Write about Eritrea.

HOA Political Scene Site Map 18: Write about Ethiopia.

HOA Political Scene Site Map 19: Write about Kenya.

HOA Political Scene Site Map 20: Write about Somalia.

HOA Political Scene Site Map 21: Write about Sudan.

HOA Political Scene Site Map 22: Write about Uganda.

HOA Political Scene Site Map 23: Write about Chad.

HOA Political Scene Site Map 24: Write about DRC.

HOA Political Scene Site Map 25: Readers Write Good.

HOA Political Scene Site Map 26: Readers Write Comments.

HOA Political Scene Site Map 27: Readers Read Good.

HOA Political Scene Site Map 28: Comments

HOA Political Scene Site Map 29: Readers Comment.

Newsletter's Site Maps:

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 30, Horn of Africa's Newsletters.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 31, Horn of Africa's Bulletins.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 32, Horn of Africa's Ezines.

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 33, Horn of Africa's Political Newsletters.

Eritrean Site Maps:

Primary Site Map 3 A, Eritrea.

Primary Site Map 3 B, Eritrean Political Articles.

Primary Site Map 3 C, Eritrean Forums Online.

Primary Site Map 3 D, Eritreans Write Online.

Primary Site Map 3 E, Eritreans Love Commentaries.

Primary Site Map 3 F, Eritrean Political Comments.

Primary Site Map 3 G, Eritrean Humanitarian Topics.

Secondary Site Map 17, Write about Eritrea.

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What Other Intellectuals Have Said

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متابعات الاوضاع السودانية 
أخبار الحركة الجماهيرية - الجمعة 28 أبريل 2017م نشرة يومية تصدر عن مكتب الاعلام المركزي للحزب الشيوعي السوداني العدد رقم (149) الحزب الشيوعي: تبرئة …

منوعات خبرية سودانية Not rated yet
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بيافرا السودانية ستحرق ما تبقي من السودان Not rated yet
يتجاوز طرفا إتفاقية نيفاشا للسلام السودانية التي سُميت ربما بسبب تخريف قادتها "إتفاقية السلام الشامل" ما جاء في إتفاقيتهم و يعلنون التحدي لبعضهم البعض …

علي هامش إحتفالات التغييب الذهني للمواطن السوداني في كل أنحاء السودان Not rated yet
قلنا منذ البداية ان أي إتفاق لأي طرف من المعارضة السودانية مع النظام الديكتاتوري هو خيانة لقضية الشعب السوداني و ضربة للأطراف الأخري في حركة المعارضة …

تغييب الذاكرة يؤدي الي تفريغ المظاهرات Not rated yet
العلاقة بين مظاهرات جامعة الدلنج 2010م و مظاهرات جامعة الخرطوم 1964م تشكِّل مفارقة في الشارع السياسي السوداني بتقديرات العين المتابعة للأحداث. و تفتح …

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