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Readers Write Comments to Get You to Know!

Readers Write Comments everywhere online. Some comments might mean something to you. Some of them might be useful and they help to develop the way you think, or get what you want, if the comments include recommendations.

What we have here are political comments and some comments on literary and cultural topics. The comments are in fact more in quantity and I hope you find many with good qualities.

Some of the invaluable comments in the Horn Africa's Network are just below this introduction. The second part of the introduction is about the connection of the comments readers write on this network, to get you quickly to where you want to read comments by readers.

The page makes the secondary site map 26. It connects to the secondary site map 25, Readers Write Good</a>. Its content ends at the secondary site map 27, Readers Read Good, the secondary site map 28, Comments and the secondary site map 29, Readers Comment.

The page lists the primary and secondary site maps in this network too and it receives comments you can read on the second section of the page below the form.

Articles and Comments on Eritrean Political Topics!

Through some comments on Eritrean political topics, Readers write comments on the following pages:

The Eritrean Primary Site Maps:

Site Map 3: - Eritrea, struggles against the odds while the revolutionary spirit sweeps away and many people face different new challenges that send them to jails or force them to flee Eritrea.

Site Map 3 B: - Eritrean Political Articles include some articles written by journalist Khalid Mohammed Osman and by the regular visitors of the website and the loyal subscribers of the HOA Political Scene Newsletter. The Eritrean political articles highlight and criticize the political development in the country.

Site Map 3 C: - Eritrean Forums Online index many articles and commentaries written by the visitors of the website as well as the subscribers of the newsletter. The simple form on this page receives most the contribution, so you can use it to comment on those pages about Eritrea or to write about Eritrea.

Site Map 3 D: - Eritreans Write Online is written by sincere Eritreans for Eritreans and other readers. They trust the Eritrean section of the network, so they contribute regularly. You can do too.

Site Map 3 E: - Eritreans Love Commentaries online. They do, indeed and they published the site map 3 E to write their political views on a network they trust. You can reply to their entries or build your own pages about Eritrea.

Site Map 3 F:" - Eritrean Political Comments are written by Eritreans on this network because they trust it. Read essential entries and Eritrean political comments online and share yours.

Site Map 3 G: - Eritrean Humanitarian Topics include some refugees' stories and other humanitarian Eritrean updates. Read what Eritreans think of these humanitarian topics and comment.

The Eritrean Secondary Site Maps

Site Map 13 B - - Eritrean Refugees: Eritreans began to flee their homeland in masses during the Ethiopian occupation to the country. Millions have fled to Sudan, many of whom have returned after the independence of Eritrea and may have fled to the western world.

However, some Eritreans started to flee their country again to Sudan, Egypt, Libya and Israel. Many of those refugees suffer from torture, deportation and rape and many of them have been killed.

The admin of HOA's Network has received hundreds of problems Eritrean encounter in Libya, especially with the corrupt Libyan police and the network contacted an Eritrean resource and called by phones many times and called international human rights organizations by phone to help Eritreans get out to safe places. The results of these efforts began to appear to show positive movement.

Eritrean Secondary Site Map 17 - - Write about Eritrea: This is the secondary site map 17 and it includes pages to political and humanitarian articles written by Eritreans and other visitors since the establishment of this network online. They love what they do here and they enjoy the confidentiality of the Horn of Africa's Network.

Articles and Comments on Sudanese Political Topics!

Readers write comments continuously on Sudanese political topics. They have already built many site maps on Sudan.

The Sudanese Primary Site Maps:

Sudanese Primary Site Map 7: - Sudan: This is one of more than 34 primary and secondary site maps in HOA's Network. It analyzes the political situations in Sudan. In addition, it highlights the social and political crises in the country and criticizes the fragmentation of the biggest country in Africa.

Sudanese Primary Site Map 7 B: - Sudanese Political Articles in English criticize the Sudanese dictators and the false so called democratic governments in three periods in the country. Discover the fraud and misleading of feudal, sectarian and alleged religious junta. Read Sudanese political articles or comment on them.

Sudanese Primary Site Map 7 C: - Sudanese Arabic Political Articles: It is not necessary that the Sudanese Arabic political articles here are literal translation to the English political articles. This site map includes good Arabic political articles by journalist Khalid Osman. It has also commentaries written by Sudanese to express their dilemma.

The Sudanese Secondary Site Maps!

Sudanese Secondary Site Map 21: - Write about Sudan</a> is initiated for Sudanese readers to write comments on Sudanese political topics, share and receive invaluable gifts in turn. Write good political articles or write your Sudanese pomes, short stories or excerpts of novels and let us help you get published.

Sudanese Secondary Site Map 21 B: - Comments on Sudan are written by loyal readers of the HOA Political Newsletter and some other visitors. Read good comments on Sudan or reply to comments on Sudan. The commentaries on Sudanese political topics are invaluable. Readers use it frequently to write comments on Sudan. You can agree on these comments or disagree here.

Sudanese Secondary Site Map 21 C: - Sudanese Forum is a political forum. You can interact with other commentators, read, comment and share the Sudanese forum online and offline. Readers Write Comments continuously here.

Sudanese Secondary Site Map 21 D: - Sudanese Forums Online are serious forums for different political, economical and cultural discussions. You can join them by writing political, economical and cultural articles and commenting. Readers use it continuously to write comments. In fact, as other secondary site map the heart weight of commentaries have forced us to make many site maps like this.

Sudanese Secondary Site Map 21 E: - Sudanese Economical Forums publish economical articles about the economical development in Sudan and exposes the economical deterioration. Readers can use it to write comments on economical issues in Sudan and to expose the attempts of exposing the Sudanese economy to foreign Arab oil princes and other powers.

Sudanese Secondary Site Map 21 F: - Sudanese cultural forums begin the enlightenment, because modern culture literature are very important to improve politics. The leading pages to this site map are the HOA's Cultural Project, the HOA's Journalist Project and the HOA's Poets Project. Readers write comments continuously on Sudanese cultural topics.

Sudanese Secondary Site Map 21 G: - Sudan Online shares political views on Sudan written by readers like you. You can comment on those entries on Sudan online or write political articles about Sudan.

CONTINUE Readers Write Comments at Comments. Share Readers Write Comments with your social media. Use the small buttons on Readers Write Comments. Like it when you click on the small buttons. Thank you a lot.Use the form below to comment on the page, or to write about anything at all in East Africa and the Horn of Africa.

Find Readers Write Comments Inspiring?

Let us get together through "Readers Write Comments". Create your group on this network. Send the web address of Readers Write Comments to your friends and invite them to come here and write political topics or economical topics or cultural topics and comment on them.

Are You Intellectual, Journalist, Poet, Artists or Writer?

Tell us about yourself as intellectual! This works as a CV too. Add your CV to it at the bottom of the big box.

Use this form whether you are intellectual, writer, essayist, playwright, researcher, poet, novelist, screenwriter, songwriter, journalist, freelancer, sculptor, painter, caricaturist, decorator, musician, dancer, caricaturist, acrobat's player, scenarist, actor, performer or critic.

Please click on the question marks to read more instructions. This will help you fill the form properly.

What Other Intellectuals Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other intellectuals to this page...

آخر المستجدات السياسية الليبية 
اشتبكت قوة من المتمردين المناهضين للحكومة الليبية مع القوات الموالية لمعمر القذافي يوم أمس 17 ابريل 2011م حول اجدابيا أثناء محاولة قامت بها هذه القوة …

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Comment C2 Entries on Readers Write Comments appear at the section of the page above this paragraph.

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