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HOA Political Scene 38!

HOA Political Scene 38 _________________________12 December 2010

There is one article about the referendum in Sudan in addition to a video of police officers beating a woman while the others watched coldly and laughed.

This is the age of the walking dead in Sudan!

Enter this in YouTub search: sudanese regime beats women.

It is hard to believe this happens in Sudan! It is also difficult to find an answer to why do the Sudanese people still bear all the hatred and all the crimes committed by this regime against children, women and other citizens in the entire country?

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The Walking Dead Laugh!

It is shameful to beat a woman regardless of what she did! Did she wear mini skirt or a trouser? What she did was up to her, if it was as other people understood.

Some friends sent me this video and I just added some touches to it. The regime in Sudan in fact did and it still does more than this you see in the video.

Since 1989, many Sudanese women faced more than this beating. Not women only but the regime shot many people dead, tortured many in the ghost houses, and forced some millions to flee their country. People are still fleeing Sudan. It is shameful!

They simply said that she did something shameful and she was beaten according to the Sharia laws! Those who implement this law do every day more than what she did and they know themselves.

If it was about sex, they do sex daily with their girlfriends in secret houses. Check al-Murada squares in Omdurman. Check al Riyadh Squares and even al Manshia in Khartoum!

Old married men in the power and in the ruling party have young concubines in those squares. Did they forget Shambat Street's midnight affair?

The Ghost of LRA Threatens the Referendum in Sudan!

While people in the south of Sudan are about to participate in the upcoming referendum and everyone is busy, the Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army restarted its operation in western Equatoria.

This satanic LRA is still working after the aggressive and comprehensive last attacks against it led by the Ugandan army and it now impose new dangers in the southwestern part of Sudan.

Both of the rebels in the south and the satanic regime of Khartoum have used the LRA as a pressure card in the past and before the last comprehensive attack against it, that followed by strong news confirming the army has been crushed off.

The leaders of the Zande community in Yambio appealed to Joseph Bakosoro, the governor of Western Equatoria to arm their Arrow Boys, so they could defeat the remaining of the Lord’s Resistance Army, if LRA tried to disturb the process of the referendum.

They promised that they would give the arms back when they achieve this goal reminding the governor of the fact that the Zande follow the rules and they will always be loyal to their chiefs.

While the government of southern Sudan engages in collecting the arms, observers say the disarmament process runs unsystematically. That would apparently leave arms in some hands and new-armed groups may exist after the referendum, and be ready for any unhappy power to use as armed rebels.

Meanwhile, many southerners living in northern Sudan returned to the south and they expressed their fears from another war that might explode in the south after the referendum.

Returnees refer to new conditions in a part of the country that they do not know since their last departure from their homes long time ago.

Some of those returnees found it difficult to coup with different style of living than used to be doing in northern Sudan, so they returned to the north. Many of the problems they faced in the south are economical in addition to the lack of the housing process and the unemployment factor in the south.

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