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Write about Chad, or Read about It!

Write about Chad or read about Tchad is the site map 23. This site map has pages written by the readers of the newsletter and visitors of the HOA Political Scene. It also includes comments added by you or other visitors.

There are some local indicators of the Chadian political problems and they are still making the Chadian political scene complicated. What is the nature of these political problems? The pages on this website with the articles and commentaries written by loyal visitors who wrote about Chad answer this question.

Write about Chad: The Indicators of the interior and exterior political problems of Chad.

As a directory, it is simply planned to organize the entire HOA Political Scene Blog’s Network. There are 14 primary sitemaps and more than 20 secondary site maps in this network.

Most of these site maps are supported by a bilingual blog at the Arabic HOA Political Scene Blog to translate some pages here into Arabic and make it possible for some other people who cannot read in English. This bilingual blog has some Arabic articles I wrote about Chad and it will get some articles and comments when you write about Chad too.

The idea is to expand the network to reach many people in Africa and the Middle East, in addition to other people who can read in Arabic in other parts in the world. they could also use both of the bilingual blogs to write about Chad or comment on articles readers wrote about Chad.

The main pages I write about Chad are at Chad, Chadian OppositionChadian Political History and other primary Chadian pages linked above and downstairs. Many pages I write about Chad or other people write will actually fall in the site map 23.

How to Understand Politically While Reading about Chad?

The first element in good understanding to such issue is to read what people wrote, or still write about Chad with an open mind.

The open mind helps you get through to understand the backgrounds of a specific issue and then follow to the development of such issue, being it a political issue in Chad, or any other state, or being it a different issue.

But, that is not all you need to get in the mode of good understanding to any issue, whether it is political, or not.

That means there are some other elements in good understanding. Good understanding depends on the way you have been brought up, your education and the basics of your concerns.

It depends also on the way you evaluate what you read. Well-minded people with secular beliefs understand things better. Social concerns also make that kind of understanding easier. It brings you closer to people.

When you get closer to the people you feel their sufferance and understand the development in their surroundings. 

Write about chad Includes!

The includes are on the main site maps and the secondary site maps, as well and they are categorised in the following to make your browsing on the website easier.

HOA's Primary Site Maps:

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 1: Horn of Africa

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 2: Djibouti

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 3: Eritrea

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 4: Ethiopia

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 5: Kenya

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 6: Somalia and Somaliland

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 7: Sudan and South Sudan

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 8: Uganda

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 9: Chad

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 10: Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 11: Political Site Map

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 12: Political Section

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 13: Humanitarian Network

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 14: Political Sense Journal

The HOA's Secondary Site Maps:

HOA Political Scene Site Map 15: Write about HOA

HOA Political Scene Site Map 16: Write about Djibouti

HOA Political Scene Site Map 17: Write about Eritrea

HOA Political Scene Site Map 18: Write about Ethiopia

HOA Political Scene Site Map 19: Write about Kenya

HOA Political Scene Site Map 20: Write about Somalia

HOA Political Scene Site Map 21: Write about Sudan

HOA Political Scene Site Map 22: Write about Uganda

HOA Political Scene Site Map 23: Write about Chad

HOA Political Scene Site Map 24: Write about DRC

The East Africa and HOA's Readers Site Maps:

HOA Political Scene Site Map 25: Readers Write Good

HOA Political Scene Site Map 26: Readers Write Comments

HOA Political Scene Site Map 27: Readers Read Good

HOA Political Scene Site Map 28: Comments 

HOA Political Scene Site Map 29: Readers Comment

HOA's Newsletter Site Maps:

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 30, Horn of Africa's Newsletters

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 31, Horn of Africa's Bulletins

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 32, Horn of Africa's Ezines

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 33, Horn of Africa's Political Newsletters

HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 34, Horn of Africa's Journal

The Eritrean Site Maps:

The primary site map 3 A, Eritrea

The primary site map 3 B, Eritrean Political Articles

The primary site map 3 C, Eritrean Forums Online

The primary site map 3 D, Eritreans Write Online

The primary site map 3 E, Eritreans Love Commentaries

The primary site map 3 F, Eritrean Political Comments

The primary site map 3 G, Eritrean Humanitarian Topics

The secondary site map 13 B, Eritrean Refugees

The secondary site map 17, Write about Eritrea

The Somali Site Maps:

Primary Site Map 6 A, Somalia and Somaliland

Primary Site Map 6 B, Somali Arabic Comments

Primary Site Map 6 C, Somali Political Articles

Primary Site Map 6 D, Somali Political Forums

Primary Site Map 6 E, Somali Political Comments

Secondary Site Map 20, Write about Somalia

The Sudanese Primary Site Maps:

Primary Site Map 7 A, Sudan and South Sudan

Primary Site Map 7 B, Sudanese Political Articles

Primary Site Map 7 C, Sudanese Arabic Political Articles

Primary Site Map 7 D, Sudanese Economical Forums

Primary Site Map 7 E, Sudanese Cultural Forums

Primary Site Map 7 F, Sudanese Forum

Primary Site Map 7 G, Sudanese Forums

Primary Site Map 7 H, Sudanese Regional Politics

The Sudanese Secondary Site Maps:

Secondary Site Map 21 A, Write about Sudan

Secondary Site Map 21 B, Comments on Sudan

Secondary Site Map 21 C, Sudan Online

Secondary Site Map 21 D, Sudanese Online

Secondary Site Map 21 E, Sudanese Regime's Political Crimes

Use the following form to write about Chad. Write poetical articles about Chad in this form. If you want to write prose, prose-verse, short stories, novels, plays or critique in arts and culture, do that either by using the form at HOA's Cultural Project, or the form at HOA's Poets Project.

Are You Intellectual, Journalist, Poet, Artists or Writer?

Tell us about yourself as intellectual! This works as a CV too. Add your CV to it at the bottom of the big box.

Use this form whether you are intellectual, writer, essayist, playwright, researcher, poet, novelist, screenwriter, songwriter, journalist, freelancer, sculptor, painter, caricaturist, decorator, musician, dancer, caricaturist, acrobat's player, scenarist, actor, performer or critic.

Please click on the question marks to read more instructions. This will help you fill the form properly.

If you want to write about beautiful places in Chad, do not do that here. Instead do it on the following beautiful places network at Any Beautiful City. You can also read about beautiful places in Chad, such as Lake Chad at the mentioned network.

Comments on Write about Chad, or about the state of Chad appear at the section of the pages below the comment form.

Share "Write about Chad" with your social media through the small buttons at the top of the page, or those buttons at the bottom of the page. Many thanks.

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