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Interesting Updates are Running Right Now at Your Network!
June 18, 2016

Many updates are running right now at your network, both in Arabic and English. But, before getting to them, here is special note for you my dear friend.

Be quite sure about the following

The first time I started this network I didn't think of any difficulties to have people campaigning with the right cause in the right time and just crack'n to make a change. I had some (17,800 something) readers and thus subscribers to the business newsletter, when I started the political site.

Now things are changing dramatically, and many people have engaged in other issues. But, certainly with the numbers we have now in the political network we could achieve something positive assuming that you could make a change, regardless to the feeling that you are a small number (as I sometimes feel).

We are not and we won't be small numbers as long as we persist to fulfil our dreams. The first dream is indeed to get the one million square mile land back, with the first constitution in its history that looks at humans and evaluates them according to the ethical values they have as humans and not by the colour of their skins, or their cultural and custom beliefs.

Dear, you are not and you'll never be a small number. And if you are above sixty, you are not old, at all. Keep your head high. You have no sectarian sheikh, or phobia-tic religious leader above your head. Get rid of them. You are the leader of yourself. And thus the Horn African network is here to get you closer to our / your dreams and build this intimate political relation.

We need to dial it and get it into dialogue and then achieve the values we call for in the Horn of Africa's Network, as the first of its kind network to get the citizens in the Horn of Africa together.

This is just the inspiration I and you need to cross the impossible road in the vision of some people who speak about it continuously meaning that in Sudan in particular nothing could be possible, or optimistic.

No, we haven't lost the abilities to be optimistic.

The HOA's Notes 18

The HOAs Cultural Project is getting bigger as many cultural and literary pages have been added to it since the HOA's notes 17.

The new literary pages are: Arabic HOAs Poems, Bilingual HOA, Comment C2 Entries and HOAs Poetry Posters.

As the Arabic HOA Political Scene becomes also bigger, you can read and comment in Arabic on new pages at يا والدة يا مريم, خاطرة حب, خاطرة حب - Comments, تدمير الشخصية السودانية, تداعيات الأزمنة الجديدة, Are You Intellectual 44: تارتوف السوداني and Are You Intellectual 45: فقط بوسة كانت السبب في تسمية كل من البسبوسة والسمبوسة.

At the political section with its two divisions the new pages are at أسماء ساطعة في تاريخ الحزب الشيوعي السوداني, ما نتفه التوم النتيفة 2, ما نتفه التوم النتيفة 3, ﺍﻟﺤﺰﺏ الشيوعي السوداني هو ﺍﻷﻛﺜﺮ ﺍﺣﺘﺮﺍﻣﺎً, The Twentieth Century Political Waves and Ethnical Deceit and Crackdown on Human Rights Escalates in Sudan.

Now, sincerely, we have two missions when we complete reading the notes 18. We have done with it and the first mission is to read the new pages. I hope you will press on the small like button on the page to like it. This will help the network survive better.

The second mission is to tell me and other readers what you think of what you read.

I sent you my mobile numbers before to get connected through WhatsApp, of course if you have one. If so, please use any form on the website to send me your mobile numbers. I will add you to it and so we could talk free and message each other.

Speaking about WhatsApp, here are new pages about it at: Are You Intellectual 38: حوار سياسة في واتساب جات WhatsApp Political Chat and HOA WhatsApp Political Dialogue. See the rest at the bottom NavBar.

Yours Sincerely,

Khalid Osman

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