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What are the New Era Systems?

New Era Systems?

I anticipate that some wonders will jump into your mind, while you read this term and the first question that sticks to your head is ... something like what are the New Epoch Systems! Right?

I am wondering too ... just kidding. I comprehended the term "new epoch systems" since long time ago and I always use the word "era" rather than "epoch", because it sounds smaller and musical, regarding the pronunciation tones. That is not the topic, of course, so let's get into it deeper.

You have the clues in the following lines, along with the linked resource pages. So, don't miss a single part of the page. When you finish all that you want to read, think twice of what are you going to do, when you see your life has continued to be endangered every day by bad and insufficient policies!

Why Should We have New Era Systems?

The need of New Era Systems are in the clues and their indications.

The clues have specific indications of the dangers of insufficient and poor policies, through which the following disasters present themselves:

- bad weather changes every day,

- climate loses sustainment,

- conflicts of countries over dangerous weaponry exacerbate,

- conflicts of cultural, doctrine, ethnic, identities, regional, religious and social nature exacerbate,

- economies of states shrink,

- environment becomes unwelcoming and expelling,

- epidemics spreed,

- hazardous waste fills many places,

- health deteriorates,

- invasion of space for the purpose of international domination increases and threaten earth,

- manufacturing of destructive weapons as bacterial, chemical and nuclear flourish and ...

- social well-being collapses in so many lands and social values deteriorate in others.

Who Does these Disasters and Profit from Them?

The classic systems are causing all of the disasters. This is the direct answer. But, they are not alone. The dominating power over the head of these classic systems is the capital industrial sectors of the states, which have the economical power to rule the rulers of these classic systems and order them to keep working for their interests.

In fact, the capital industrial sectors of the states support the classic political parties that compete to serve their interests, and help them win votes to take control of governments, by so many direct and indirect methods.

So, many states ruled by parties to indicate democracy, are in fact leading a forged democracy, in which democracy appears as the right practices on the surface only. This is applicable in many stable states, while the truth is that the practiced democracies are clichés of democracies.

The classic systems know that the people are concerned only about what appears on the surface, and they continue to use the parties systems to indicate democracy and they keep the focus on this orientation through many propagandas.

To keep this process going on some governments use sometimes and spreed the fear of threat on the stability of their states, especially exterior threats to blind their own people form interior realities of the complete failures of these governments. While this happens mostly in Africa, but there is no exception, as it is now practiced by international governments too.

Well, the fears of threats increase the profits of the capital industrial sectors.

* I think, you have a mind to realize this.

If not, go through the sections of the NEW ERA SYSTEMS to learn more dynamic ideas. Love.

Notice that, this page about the New Era Systems in published out of a very thought of and researched idea and this idea is originated form other different ideas, such as the idea of the "Dynamic Ideas", the idea of the "Masses Era", the idea of the "Masses Systems", the idea of the "Marty's Tree" and the idea of the "Dynamics of the Revolution", or in another term the "Mechanisms of Revolution!

So, you will see the same mechanism working as an engine to drive the New Era Systems.

You will read about all of these dynamics through the sections of the page, which support the idea of the "New Era Systems". Here are some examples:

Inspiring the Masses by Dynamic Ideas to Plant the Eritrean Martyr's Tree ...

Elevating Sudanese by Dynamic Ideas to Plant the Sudanese Martyr's Tree ...

Mobilising the Sudanese Revolution by Dynamic Ideas...

Using Dynamics to Invent the 3 Mechanisms of the Sudanese Revolution ...

The Conspiracies of the Muslim Brothers Continue to Fail the Dynamics ...

How to Achieve New Era Systems?

There is only one scientific process to achieve the New Era Systems. This process starts with getting involved with the LPE of the Masses Era. Although the LPE is simply "LEARN", "PROCESS" and "EXECUTE", but this surely the first step to comprehend the "STRATEGIES" and "TACTICS" of the LPE.

Understanding the strategies and tactics gets you further to be familiar with the components and the units of the LPE, which are the bones of the term. In this case the LPE works as a prototype and elapses after the comprehension of all its dynamic sources.

The sources are mechanisms and they empower the global masses to work confidentially and hard enough to teach each other by the lessons and values of the LPE and to organize in the lights of the lessons provide and to execute the plans provided through the lessons.

Whom Should Lead the New Era Systems?

You and everyone else, represented by the intellectual bodies planned through the LPE lessons. These matters will get perfectly into your mind, when you subscribe to HOA Political Scene Newsletter, confirm your subscription, forward it to the people you think can work with you in this global project (Forward HOA Political Scene) and use the Contact Us form to tell us that the required steps of the LPE are done and I am interested in the project.

The New Era Systems in Other Languages!

Irish: - Smaointe Dinimiciúla: Gortaíonn an aeráid, gortaíonn na maiseanna. Is é seo an t-aon fhachtóir a fhágann go bhfuil mionlach rialaithe na bpáirtithe polaitiúla clasaiceacha lena gcórais chlasaiceacha truaillithe.

The connotation of the Irish description is: The climate hurts, the masses hurt. This is the only factor that makes the ruling elite of the classic political parties with their classic systems corrupt.

However, there a language mistake in this translation in the word "makes" which is interpreted into "causes" in the Irish version.

* Irish: - Peirspictíochtaí Dinimiciúla na hÉireann: Gortaíonn an aeráid agus cruthaíonn sé eipidéimí nuair a imíonn an sneachta. Is é is cúis leis seo go léir ná astaíochtaí móra dé-ocsaíd charbóin, airm cheimiceacha agus núicléacha agus dramhaíl ghuaiseach.

The explanation of this Irish description is: The climate get hurts and creates epidemics when the snow disappears. All of this is caused by high emissions of carbon dioxide, chemical and nuclear weapons and hazardous waste.

* Irish: - Smaointeoireacht Dhinimiciúil na hÉireann: Rinne mionlach rialaithe na bpáirtithe polaitiúla clasaiceacha go leor damáiste don dúlra. Ní hé an t-athrú aeráide an t-aon fhadhb, ós rud é go bhfuil eipidéimí againn ar athrú aeráide. "Smaoinigh go domhanda, gníomhú go háitiúil". Glac ceachtanna ó ghníomhaí veteran, iriseoir agus file Khalid Mohammed Osman ar líonra Horn na hAfraice.

The insights of the Irish description are: Nature has been badly damaged by the ruling elite of classical political parties. Climate change is not the only problem, since we have epidemics of climate change. "Think global, act local". Take lessons from veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman on the Horn of Africa's network.

* Irish: - Tuairimí Dinimiciúla na hÉireann: Tá deireadh tagtha le ré na bpáirtithe polaitiúla clasaiceacha leis na mionlach rialaithe mar gheall ar na fadhbanna a chruthaigh iad ar fud an domhain. Seo ré na maiseanna. Ba cheart dúinn, na maiseanna, córais pholaitiúla sholadacha a bhunú a fhreastalaíonn ar na maiseanna, ní na mionlach rialaithe. Iarrann gníomhaí veteran, iriseoir agus file Khalid Mohammed Osman ar na maiseanna domhanda bearta daonlathacha a dhéanamh chun ré na maiseanna a lainseáil.

The interpretation of this Irish description is: The era of classical political parties with the ruling elites has come to an end because of the problems they have created around the world. This is the era of the masses. We, the masses, should establish solid political systems that serve the masses, not the ruling elites. Veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman calls on the global masses to take democratic measures to launch the masses era.

* Irish: - Léargais Dhinimiciúla na hÉireann: Ionas go mbeidh a fhios ag na maiseanna sonraíochtaí ré na maise agus iad a thaifeadadh, teastaíonn LPE na ré maise uathu, ina bhfuil deighleoga le haonaid a tógadh le haghaidh seoladh domhanda na gcóras maise. Is maoin intleachtúil an LPE agus a chomhpháirteanna den ghníomhaí veteran, iriseoir agus file Khalid Mohammed Osman.

The meaning of the Irish description is: In order for the masses to know the mass era specifications and record them, they need the mass age LPE, which contains segments with units built for the global launch of mass systems. The LPE and its components are the intellectual property of veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

Have Something to Say about the New Era Systems?

The comments form is an easy go, make sure to fill all of its fields and make sure that it is very secure and empowered by international laws to protect your personal information (email address). There's nothing else that's personal, but the email and that's secure.

So, write comments on New Era Systems, or add more thoughts. Climate Change has inspired many of these dynamic ideas, so see how it threaten so many beautiful places at See also to watch movies about Climate Change, so you get more ideas.

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