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Eritreans Write Online and Make Our Knowledge Better!

Some Eritreans write online and publish their articles on the primary site map 3 D here. They started to write online using the Horn Africa's Network because they love and trust it. Moreover, they read interesting political articles and enjoy being part of this network.

They keep on contributing to this network since the day we established online to empower the people of Eritrea. Other visitors started to comment on those articles Eritreans wrote online. The website grows steadily faster and bigger because of their contributions.

Therefore, we found ourselves obliged to reorganize all that on site maps to help visitors and of course contributors get to all pages about this country faster.

Eritreans wrote online, just below this introduction and they have built some of 34 site maps here. You can skip to reach these site maps, or continue reading this introduction to get more ideas about the primary site map 3 D, "Eritreans write online" and other primary and secondary site maps.

There are more than 34 site maps in the HOA's Political Scene website, however. We began with 27 primary and secondary site maps and we jumped recently over this number.

The Eritrean Primary and Secondary Site Maps:

Eritrea's Primary Site Map 3 A - Eritrea

Eritrea's Primary Site Map 3 B - Eritrean Political Articles

Eritrea's Primary Site Map 3 C - Eritrean Forums Online

Eritrea's Primary Site Map 3 D - Eritreans Write Online

Eritrea's Primary Site Map 3 E - Eritreans Love Commentaries

Eritrea's Primary Site Map 3 F - Eritrean Political Comments

Eritrea's Primary Site Map 3 G, Eritrean Humanitarian Topics

Eritrea's Secondary Site Map 13 B, Eritrean Refugees

Eritrea's Secondary Site Map 17, Write about Eritrea

In addition to "Eritreans write online", each site map includes with relevant content different pages in this network to save your time and help you get direct to the page you want to read, write or comment on it.

Eritreans write online regularly about the political problems in Eritrea and here is the site map 3 D to include those pages Eritreans wrote.

Eritreans write online and also continue to write good comments about the political scene in many states in the Horn of Africa, and help this Horn African network grow faster and bigger.

All the articles and comments that readers, including Eritreans of course, wrote about any state in the Horn of Africa appear on the relevant site maps of those states on this page.

This is so important to take your time on "Eritreans write online" and get from it to any other country to read what Eritreans writers or other writers have written about the political development of that country.

Note: If you want to read about other non-political topics or about any city or town in any country in the Horn of Africa and write about it, please see Any Beautiful City.

Eritreans Wrote Online the Following Articles!

Eritreans write online and comment too. Here are some of their posts in this network. Read through and comment, please.

Free Detained Eritrean Journalists - Omar Ali wrote about 16 Eritrean journalists in some prisons in Eritrea and said, "The Eritrean authorities shut down the private media and sent many journalists to prisons while the state-owned media continues to deteriorate significantly". He calls to free Eritrean journalists.

* Free Detained Eritrean Journalists - Comments - Wad Sheikh replied saying that there are some missing facts about the "so called" detained Eritrean journalists. He explains that those Eritrean journalists do not struggle for the freedom of speech, but they have personal ambitions in stead to get to some high positions in the media. This is discussable. Share your views.

* Drama Rules Some Eritreans - Shooting in this direction, here is a post about some Eritreans who have succeeded in building a vision of being victims and got access through the UNHCR to resettle in the West. They exploited a right cause to be void.

* Drama Rules Some Eritreans Comments - The entry above needs more discussions at this link. Write it or invite Eritreans to write online here. This would help you see the light, indeed.

* How to Contribute to Eritrea and NGOs - The administrator added this post to show the valued and dearest visitors of the HOA's Network and the loyal readers of the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter how to use the forms on the websites and contribute to Eritrea and NGOs, or to any page on HOA Political Scene.

* Why Eritrea and Ethiopia Failed in Sudan? - Nur el-Deen asked why Eritrea and Ethiopia failed in Sudan. Well, I understand what he meant.

He citied the Eritrean President, "We are no longer prepared to play Tom and Jerry games with Khartoum. The stability of the regime depends on the regime's defeat. There is no more room for diplomacy and no compromise."

But, the compromise he mentioned has become obvious and the relations between Eritrea and Sudan improved, despite the fact that the regime in Sudan is religious and dictatorial. But, it seems that Eritrea is in a critical position, after the war with Ethiopia and it cannot stand between two big enemies.

However, Nur replied indirectly to his question and suggested that the failure was inevitable after the mad last war between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

* Why Eritrea and Ethiopia Failed in Sudan Comments - Enkidu Debaba replied to this entry explaining the role of the American Administrations in the deterioration of the political situations in the Horn of Africa.

He highlighted the false elections in Sudan and Ethiopia and the pressures imposed by the USA. But, there is more to answer why Eritrea and Ethiopia has failed in Sudan. Please, provide more highlights to let us and Enkidu Debaba know more.

* It has Never Been Easier for Eritreans in Eritrea - Memhir says it has never been easier for Eritreans in Eritrea. He thinks that some commentators are overwhelmed or did not understand what happens in Eritrea.

So, what happens in Eritrea?

Read the answer in this post, or if you were unsatisfied, or perhaps knew more, write your political views.

* It has Never Been Easier for Eritreans in Eritrea - Comments - Admin replied to this post and asked some questions about the problems and the reasons for some Eritreans and among them former EPLF's fighters to flee the country. Did you know?

* Intimate Eritrean Sudanese Relations - Admin wrote about the intimate Eritrean Sudanese relations in this post. He explains that Eritrea has always been attractive to Sudanese.

Many Eritreans have been born and grown up in Sudan during the long colonization period in their homeland.

* Intimate Eritrean Sudanese Relations - Comments - This post is intimate too and it needs more entries to highlight the intimate Eritrean Sudanese relations. Get out of politics here.

Read the other articles Eritrean wrote online at the Eritrean site maps above to get more information about the development of the Eritrean political scene and know why Eritreans write online continuously.

In addition to "Eritreans Write Online", here are the other primary and secondary site maps.

The HOA's Primary Site Maps:

HOA's Primary Site Map 1: Horn of Africa

HOA's Primary Site Map 2: Djibouti

HOA's Primary Site Map 3: Eritrea

HOA's Primary Site Map 4: Ethiopia

HOA's Primary Site Map 5: Kenya

HOA's Primary Site Map 6: Somalia and Somaliland

HOA's Primary Site Map 7: Sudan and South Sudan

HOA's Primary Site Map 8: Uganda

HOA's Primary Site Map 9: Chad

HOA's Primary Site Map 10: Democratic Republic of Congo DRC

HOA's Primary Site Map 11: Political Site Map

HOA's Primary Site Map 12: Political Section

HOA's Primary Site Map 13: Humanitarian Network

HOA's Primary Site Map 14: Political Sense Journal

The HOA's Secondary Site Maps:

HOA's Secondary Site Map 15: Write about HOA

HOA's Secondary Site Map 16: Write about Djibouti

HOA's Secondary Site Map 17: Write about Eritrea

HOA's Secondary Site Map 18: Write about Ethiopia

HOA's Secondary Site Map 19: Write about Kenya

HOA's Secondary Site Map 20: Write about Somalia

HOA's Secondary Site Map 21: Write about Sudan

HOA's Secondary Site Map 22: Write about Uganda

HOA's Secondary Site Map 23: Write about Chad

HOA's Secondary Site Map 24: Write about DRC

HOA's Readers Site Maps:

HOA's Readers Site Map 25: Readers Write Good

HOA's Readers Site Map 26: Readers Write Comments

HOA's Readers Site Map 27: Readers Read Good

HOA's Readers Site Map 28: Comments 

HOA's Readers Site Map 29: Readers Comment

HOA's Newsletter Site Maps:

HOA's Newsletter Site Map 30, Horn of Africa's Newsletters

HOA's Newsletter Site Map 31, Horn of Africa's Bulletins

HOA's Newsletter Site Map 32, Horn of Africa's Ezines

HOA's Newsletter Site Map 33, Horn Africa's Political Newsletters

HOA's Newsletter Site Map 34, Horn of Africa's Journal

The Somali Site Maps:

Somali Primary Site Map 6 A, Somalia and Somaliland

Somali Primary Site Map 6 B, Somali Arabic Comments

Somali Primary Site Map 6 C, Somali Political Articles

Somali Primary Site Map 6 D, Somali Political Forums

Somali Primary Site Map 6 E, Somali Political Comments

Somali Secondary Site Map 20, Write about Somalia

The Sudanese Primary Site Maps:

Sudanese Primary Site Map 7 A, Sudan and South Sudan

Sudanese Primary Site Map 7 B, Sudanese Political Articles

Sudanese Primary Site Map 7 C, Sudanese Arabic Political Articles

Sudanese Primary Site Map 7 D, Sudanese Economical Forums

Sudanese Primary Site Map 7 E, Sudanese Cultural Forums

Sudanese Primary Site Map 7 F, Sudanese Forum

Sudanese Primary Site Map 7 G, Sudanese Forums

Sudanese Primary Site Map 7 H, Sudanese Regional Politics

The Sudanese Secondary Site Maps:

Sudanese Secondary Site Map 21 A, Write about Sudan

Sudanese Secondary Site Map 21 B, Comments on Sudan

Sudanese Secondary Site Map 21 C, Sudan Online

Sudanese Secondary Site Map 21 D, Sudanese Online

Sudanese Secondary Site Map 21 E, Sudanese Regimes' Political Crimes

Share "Eritreans Write Online" with your friends and followers in the social media network. You can also Forward HOA PoliticalScene to them from the form on this link. Thanks.

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What Other Intellectuals Have Said

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The Eritrean online communities are growing. I hope people find the HOA Network interesting to make strong and big Eritrean communities online. The aim is to bring Eritrean socialist people to build the USHA.

Comments on "Eritreans Write Online" fall on this section of the page just above this paragraph and below the comments form.

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