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Arabic Poetry to Raise Your Poetic Language, Aesthetically Enough!

The Arabic Poetry couplets here and on some more than 30 pages are written and designed by the poet in beautiful pictures, as templates backgrounds.

The poet has done that taking snippets of his poetry from his collection to provide in beautiful design in the internet rush time basically to YOU to aesthetically raise your poetic language.

كيف تجن بهذا الشرق؟

كيف تحن لهذا الشرق؟

ويسقط قلبك

عهنا منفوشا


يعودُ الرأسُ اليكَ

- تحسس رأسَكَ

حتي يقفُ النزفُ

يعودُ الفجرُ فيأتلقُ


يُسْقِطُ طيرَ الشنقِ


Among them are English HOAs Poetry. The English poetry are by the poet and other poets including a fellow Ethiopian poet.


حتي تكون المتاريس شوكا

حتي يكون الشوكُ مطعونا

بكلِّ القلب

تنهض دماءُ البحرِ فجرا

ويغْسِلُ الانسانُ عارَ الصلب

THAT is to say Arabic and English poems on the HOA Political Scene linked from within the Arabic HOAs Poems wether they are Arabic Poetry Posters or other Arabic HOAs Poetry are all inspirational to the standard that enables you to see vibes and become full of anxiety to write your own poetic expressions.


ما كنا يوما نستبيح الظن

او نلثم خطاه

ما كنا غير النار تسحقه

تذرو ذراه

وكانت الأفعال فينا

في يدينا

وفي الجباه

لكنا رجعنا، يا سلام

البحر يرسف في دماه

The Arabic Poetry Posterized for the First Time!

Many HOAs Imagery Poems, and other poems in English, such as those poems you read at the HOAs Animation Gallery, the HOAs Design Gallery, the HOAs Gallery and the HOAs Photo Gallery are designed in snippets to respond the fast tempo of life, where every body is in a hurry.

قد كان ظنا

أنّا حملنا كلَّ مواجعِ الأجيال

جمعنا العشبَ للعشبِ وغنينا

صلاةَ الخمرِ يا دنيا

هيّا بصَحْنِكِ فاسكري منّا

من ليس الخمر تُسْكِره

من ضاعَ نائلُه

ينادي الشمسَ، تُحرِقُه


However, many of the poetry are not new. They are published in two books by the poet as you could see through the page and at Arabic Phoenix Poetry and Lulu.

غريبٌ هواكِ

وفي أحضانِهِ تنهض "الخرطومُ"


يداعبُها النسيمُ الرقيقُ

فتخطف من خديه قُبلة

The beautiful pictures could also be interesting to you to print and hang them on your saloon, cafeteria, club, bar, restaurant, or other good places.

أحطُُُّ عليكِ إزارَ التصوف

وفيكِ اتحدتُ

فيكِ عليكِ اتحدتُ

فكيف الخروج منكِ

ومن طوقِ الحديدِ المُحمّي؟!

See the rest of the poetic gallery at HOAs Images| HOAs Image Scripture| HOAs Photo Scripture| HOAs Picture Gallery| HOAs Poetic Pictures| HOAs Poets Gallery|

إهداء: الي سيدةٍ مستحيلةوعد العبور الي هذا الوعي

وأرحلُ فيكِ أحلاماُ تدغدغ خاصرَ الهُرمون،

وترقص في خيالِ الوردِ والليمون

يظلُ الطارقُ المجنون

يرسمُ في قميصِ النارِ والزيتون

حكايا طائرٍ ملعون

Everyday you look at them at HOA, HOA Index, or pay attention to the HOA Calls and read very special wording in poetry, all of that adds to your vocabulary. As you see, although this invaluable, but it is not only that.

لم أكتبْ أسمَكِ في الزمنِ الراحل

في الأرض

الساكن في الوطنِ المتشقق

لم أكتبْه في النيلين

وكيف العشب الأخضر

 ينمو في الوجهين

يرشفُ فوحَ البنِ الحبشي

ويرقصُ في لهجِ الطبلِ الوثني

يا "سامبا" الوجهِ البحري...

Everything that adds to your vocabulary adds also to your imagination some additional visionary thoughts to use your language perfectly any time and not only when you are about to create any kind of art, or literary work.

واليوم تذكرتُ / بعد، لم أعد ألقاك

الوجه الطلق، الأسمر طفل

والصوت حمامه

والبسمة حقل،

لأطفال النهر الآتين

في حفل "السامبا"

في عرسِ القرنِ العشرين

يا طلق النهرِ الصوفي

See Arabic HOA| Arabic Poetry| HOAs Arabic Poetry| HOAs English Literature| HOAs Literary Scripture| HOAs Literary Works| HOAs Literature| HOAs Love Poems| HOAs Lyrics| HOAs Poems| HOAs Poesy| HOAs Poetry| HOAs Poetry Aesthetics| HOAs Poetry Scripture| HOAs Political Poetry| HOAs Sacred Poetry| HOAs Sacred Scripture| HOAs Scripture| HOAs Verse|

(قصيدة للوطن المستحيل)

يا قصيدة

تخرج طازجةً وئيدة

من تبرِ تبري

ونارِ ناري

وأفياءٍ مشاعيةٍ بعيدة

لكِ قد مشينا

فراعَنا ان البحرَ سرٌ

قد هوَيْنا... فهوِينا

في لجِّه الصخابِ فينا

Repeating, or murmuring the phrases makes your thoughts goes into language and pick up the pictures they make into your mind. This is a value, as you see through it the aesthetics of your language and then use it in your work.

Other cultural resources are included in the HOA Cultural Project, which contains HOAs Journalists, HOAS Journalists Project, HOAs Poets, HOAs Poets Bookshop, HOAs Poets Project, HOA's Self-Publishing, Horn of Africa's Bookshop, Horn of Africa's Journalists, Squadron of Poets.

The cultural project is part of the project in the Horn of Africa's Network, which includes also humanitarian projects and political projects all of which are for the Horn of Africa to rebuild it as the United States of the Horn of Africa.

Those projects include the Humanitarian Network's project at HOAs Refugees with HOAs Refugees Project and the political projects at USHA with the USHA Framework.

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