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HOA Political Scene #003!
January 01, 2010

HOA Political Scene 3!

I Need Revolutionist People in 2010!

54 years of Independence seems a long time since 1956. Compared by what Sudan has achieved since that date until now, in response to civilization and modernity, we clearly see nothing.

Sudan has lived since 1956 in a continuous deterioration dominated by false democracies ruled by the mechanical majority dictatorship of the civil sectarian parties and military coups taking off.

Unfortunately, those sectarian parties as any person with open eyes knows are not different from the religious and military dictators that rule Sudan since 1989.

Those parties are also led either by supposed to be well educated people who were graduated from western respected universities like the Oxford and the Sorbonne or are led by some sheikhs supposed to do their religion in mosques and in direct contact with people not in politics.

Most of the Sudanese people have lost appetite to participate heavily in political actions to change this situation.

That is mainly because those two kinds of false democracies and military coups have planned this situation to create more negative, fed up people and continue to rule Sudan as they wish and even make themselves heroes in the Arabic and African countries, where dogmatism always rules.

However, in spite of this negative picture we could see a bright horizon for a real revolution to break off the iceberg of traditional movements and come with a surprising revolution to destroy those political dinosaurs in Sudan.

It does not matter how long we wait for such revolution.

What matters is to organize ourselves. That means to get in deep contact with honest people who do care about changing this picture in Sudan, exchange point of views with them, and discuss how to support and fund any uprising project and share responsibilities to organize small organs inside Sudan and throughout the world to carry this message.

Let the first year of the second decade of the 21st century be the start to strong organization that could possibly flow into a revolutionary existing body.

I need more sincere people subscribing to this electronic newsletter. As you know, it comes out only few times a year. When the numbers of subscribers increases, the newsletter will move to be a monthly newsletter, then a daily or even two times a day newsletter.

Please forward it to as many people as you know through the "Forward HOA's Political Scene" link here. Of course, those people you forward this newsletter to them should always be socialists and communists.

To support "Al-Midan", dial directly 00249 912 247 577. To support my intellectual projects use the button at the right top of the HOA's Political Scene Newsletter.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for following up.

Have a nice, successful and great 2010.

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