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How the Events Move that Way in East Africa!

This is the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter home. It is the political voice of the HOA Political Scene Blog and the important East African's political newsletter in the Horn Africa's Network.

All of the editions highlight the political development and the deterioration the area faces since the independence of many lands in the area.

The HOA Political Scene Newsletter has more than 50 editions in the Horn of Arica's Network to travel inside the political scene of the Horn of Africa.

It has 6 site maps to index 9 editions of the East Africa's newsletter with some descriptions about each issue of the political newsletter.

So, if you were interested and concerned about the political scene in East Africa, you will be obliged to yourself to subscribe to the Horn of Africa's political Newsletter, which is at the same time the East Africa's political newsletter.

This way, you will get political analyses, which are certainly insightful to understand the political events in the Horn of Africa and East Africa and then make your move to join the HOA's Comprehensive Projects.

In addition, the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter follows the development of this network, especially the main cultural projects at HOA's Cultural Project, along with the HOA's Journalists, the HOA's Poets and the Horn of Africa's Journalists.

It follows also the development of the main political project I called the United States of the Horn of Africa (USHA) and encourages socialist citizens in East Africa get together, join and develop the USHA Framework or the cultural projects through the HOA Calls.

The 22 editions of the East African's newsletter from the issue number 1 to the issue number 22 are at the HOA Political Scene Back Issues here and the primary site maps of the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter are on the links below to browse easily:

Site Map 14: Political Sense Journal| Site Map 29: Horn Africas Journal| Site Map 30: Horn Africas Newsletters| Site Map 31: Horn Africas Bulletins| Site Map 32: Horn Africas Ezines| Site Map 33: Horn Africas Political Newsletters|

So, first, please ignore apostrophes on the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter and other pages on the entire network, as I avoid them sometimes for optimization purposes, because HTML techniques on webpages and search engines don't recognize them.

They appear in strange characters, when the internet browsers translate HTML into texts. I also join the two words "political scene" sometimes together for the same optimization purpose.

Second, to understand technical things like these and understand how search engines work and of course if you are thinking of building any kind of websites, read Choose It and the CTPM Process.

Is the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter for Everyone?


The HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter is obviously a political newsletter for serious people who know that the political development in the Horn of Africa and East Africa hurts them every day.

It is for those people who want to enlighten the public to beware of such political negatives, they observe in the political scene and take action to get together.

So, it is very important for you to publish this newsletter with us by only sending your essays, or any political comments to the newsletter through the form on this page.

With this said, the political newsletter is for people with socialist interests in the entire East Africa to highlight the politics of myth accompanied by the political magic and superstitions to rule our poor people.

This happens not only in the countries of The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) but also in the entire East African region.

Therefore, this is why it is important to subscribe to the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter, confirm your subscription by clicking on the confirmation link I will send to you to enjoy reading about the political developments in the Horn of Africa and East Africa.

After this, you will be acquainted with the process, and then you can encourage all the people you know to subscribe to the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter by forwarding the newsletter to them, and encouraging them in turn to subscribe to it and forward it to their friends and so on. Use this link to Forward HOA PoliticalScene.

You can subscribe to the HOA PoliticalScene Newslettert by filling the simple form you see at the top of the left column and confirm your subscription when you receive the confirmation email, the secure and automated system will send you.

You will receive invaluable gifts for good reading from the second page, after you confirm your subscription. Those e-books will first improve your English if it was not ok and will secondly get you some kind of knowledge that encourages you to develop your life.

When you forward the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter and your friends also do that, you and your friends will get more gifts I have in e-course and e-books for you.

You'll learn from them how to turn your passion for politics or just any passion into a successful business online, as outlined at the HOA's political business.

The HOA's PoliticalScene Newsletter covers the political events in the Horn of Africa and East Africa starting from Sudan, the biggest country in the African continent and then the East African's newsletter spreads to cover Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda and other countries in East Africa.

However, it goes sometimes beyond the political scene in those mentioned countries in the Horn of Africa to cover some countries that have some effects on the political scene in some countries in East Africa and the Horn of Africa, such as Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Read the political events and the analyses of the political events in those countries through the primary site maps below:

Site Map 1: Horn of Africa| Site Map 2: Djibouti| Site Map 3: Eritrea| Site Map 4: Ethiopia| Site Map 5: Kenya| Site Map 6: Somalia (and Somaliland)| Site Map 7: Sudan| Site Map 8: Uganda| Site Map 9: Chad| Site Map 10: DRC| Site Map 11: Political Site Map| Site Map 12: Political Section| Site Map 13: Humanitarian Network| Site Map 14: Political Sense Journal|

You will reach many primary pages about each of the countries I mentioned here and some other commentary pages the readers of the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter and other visitors have built in this network. I included their page in site maps below.

The reporters of HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter write continuously about the political situations and the challenges the Horn of African and the East African people face every day while taking the heavy burdens of the political development in the entire regional area.

Some of the reporters report to help other people see the facts, while they live in hard political conditions, so I established some projects to help them more by raising fund for the Reporters Fund and other funds for people in misery and disarray, you can read about at the following links:

HOAs Journalists ProjectHOAs Poets BookshopHOAs Poets Project| HOAs RefugeesHOAs Refugees ProjectHorn of Africa's BookshopSquadron of Poets|

There are also some efforts I am making to fund these projects from my own books. You can see them on hard covers at the right column and order any of them to support some people in need, because "the need to lead" some elites take hard to rule by iron and fire makes the political, social and economical crises in East Africa.

The HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter, as I mentioned publishes also political analyses to enlighten the political situation and keep people aware of the challenges they face.

I encourage you to subscribe to the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter, which comes in the category of political newsletters by regions. It gets you sometimes some secrets behind the scene, in addition to different columns about other relevant political topics.

After all, we are not after the news, since we can read them in many different media sources. We are after good reading and analyzing the news we hear on radios, read in political newspapers and magazines or watch on TVs.

The HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter UNCOVERS the secret agendas some international powers play in East Africa and the misleading of the International Political Media. That could be much more enlightening, enduring and has potential resolutions to our political problems.

It is more important to know that some media sources are well biased. It is for this reason that we think the Horn of Africa's Political Scene Newsletter is very important to read the news again, highlighted in depth. This will help us be well informed and it will open our minds to see any biased or misleading information.

It is useful also to say that I have started the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter by other names combined with a business newsletter called Wise Biz in 2001. I then changed it to be the Ezine Act starting from 2004 at the Ezine Act Blog.

The word Ezine means electronic newsletter. The words bulletin and journal are also used as terms for e-zine. I again changed the political newsletter at that website and built it as the HOA Political Scene Newsletter to stand with its unique concept on this network.

Publishing the HOA Political Scene Newsletter is very important to keep in touch with people, especially those who are interested in the political topics we publish here.

Even if we do not agree on the political topics we publish on the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter, we could discuss such topics using the forms on this website.

The truth is not a property of anyone and we here at the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter, we do not have any misconception about this fact. We say, we make efforts to reach the truth and the truth has some practical processes for anyone sincere to reach it.

This is very important to mention again, so you make sure that you will get the East Africa political newsletter. When you subscribe to the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter, you will get an email from me to confirm your subscription to the Newsletter.

It is very important to click on a confirmation link on that email to receive the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter. This process is important to protect your privacy and to get your acceptance, if one of your faithful friends has subscribed you to the newsletter.

This is very important note. If you could not find the email, please look in your trash or s*p*am folder and add the address of the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter to your trusted list of contact. When you click on the confirmation link on the email, you will get to a page. There are some gifts for you to download on the links at that page.

Please also note that the email address of the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter is official email for only sending the newsletter and not for personal correspondence. If you wanted to get in touch, use the form on the Contact Us page instead.

Publishing the HOA Political Scene Newsletter is very important to keep in touch with people, especially those who are interested in the political topics we publish here.

However, if you are not interested in politics in East Africa, you can instead read the cultural topics on this website, or read about beautiful places in East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa and South Africa at my daughter's beautiful site at the 100 Beautiful Sites Blog.

Those beautiful sites are at Cape Floral Region, Congo River Basin, Kalahari Desert, Niger Delta and Timbuktu.

Thank you for reading this page about the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter. If you found it interesting, please like, tweet, share it with your social media services, or pin the pictures on the Horn of Africa's Network. Thank you.

Use the comment form on this page to comment on the Publishing the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter. Read the commentaries just below the comment form.


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Comments on the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter appear at the second section of the page, just above this paragraph and below the comment form.

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