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The Sudanese Regional Politics is Too Bad!

Since 1989, the Sudanese regional politics has been shifted since 1989, when some fundamentalist gangs in the army led a coup against the warped democratic government of the "Ansar" and "Khatimyah" sects.

The two sects had been in power leading the coalition governments of the Sudanese Sectarian Parties every time and then since the independence of the country from Britain in 1956.

At that time the leaders of these two sects were the first Sudanese aristocrats to appear in the country. Then the aristocratic governments naturally turned into capitalism.

Are the Sudanese people aware of this?

Did they know the goals of the "Asyad" / masters in Sudan? 

The military had previously led a coup to overthrow the government of the two sects in 1969 and Jafar al Numeri assumed power. He was then influenced by the Muslim Brothers who planed the second coup later in 1989 to shift to the Islamic Sharia laws in 1983.

The brave Sudanese people that time revolted because of his political crimes and the economical deterioration accompanied by corruption and caused his government to fall in April 1984.

But, unfortunately the army interfered in the uprising of the people to form a transitional government and prepare for another corrupted elections to bring the same sects of "Ansar" and "Khatimyah" to power, so they could overthrow them in the future by another severe coup. 

Since then, the leaders of the Muslim Brothers of Sudan have not rest. They worked hard secretly and planned under the ground to come to power again in a different way in 1989. They did that although they had their party leading the Sudanese Opposition in the Sudanese Parliament.

Terrorism was and still one of their plans. They planned for terrorism acts against the Sudanese people and the people in other countries in the Horn of Africa, when they used to assemble with other international terrorists in what they call Mecca Conferences, which led to the organization of the terror groups in Afghanistan.

The regional politics of terrorism has been run since that date not only in Sudan, but in other states in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and other Islamic countries southeast of Asia.

Nowadays, the Sudanese military religious regime plays the principle role to carry on this policy of terrorism and export it to the neighboring countries in the Horn of Africa.

The Sudanese Dictatorial Regimes lead the Sudanese regional politics and continue to contribute to the Horn of Africa's regional politics in spite of the conspiracies of the regime against the leaders in the other neighboring countries.

Well, there is a lot of things to say about the regional politics of Sudan. This is a brief on the regional policy of Sudan. The page is at the same time a modern forum and a site map for you to read about the Sudanese regional politics and to contribute and provide what you know about the Sudanese regime regional politics.

It is the leading page of the primary site map 7 H in the Horn of Africa's Network. It lists updates on politics in Sudan readers of the HOA's blog and I have written on this specific topic in many pages on this website.

The articles and the commentaries alike are on the Sudanese regional politics and how the ruling new party of the Muslims Brothers they call the People's Conference Party in Sudan now leads its conspiring regional politics in the Horn of Africa.

So, the page is here with other site maps linked in to organize the pages on this network by topics and let you have good reading experiences on this website. It helps you to organize your thoughts by following the lines of many relevant topics.

The political updates include pages in the primary and secondary site maps to categorize the website, as it grows continuously, and make browsing the website by site maps or categories easier. All of this organizational work comes to help you enjoy good reading experiences on this network.

I know, I have explained this matter in some other site maps. But, it is obviously here, assuming that you and other visitors have come to this page directly and you all have not seen the other pages.

The Sudanese regional politics includes by categories also, the other primary and secondary site maps by states in this regional area in Africa. If you were interested, you can go thoroughly to read the pages on the other site maps from the Sudanese regional politics page.

The entire site maps have original political articles, news updates, political analyses, as well as political comments contributed either by the visitors of the website and the readers of the political newsletter or by me personally, to add some instructions or to link relevant pages together.

Most of the pages including the Sudanese regional politics are in English. However, we started publishing many political pages, commentaries and other forums posts in Arabic as you can see on the Arabic HOA Political Scene.

Some comments on the Sudanese regional politics have been submitted by names and others have not, so they are written by people who chose to be anonymous. We respect this.

But, I encourage commentators to write at least the first name, if they don't want to disclose their full names. However, it is always better to include your real name in your contribution.

The Sudanese Regional Politics Index!

Here are the commentary pages on the Sudanese regional politics, the site map 7 H. See the other primary and secondary site maps just below the commentary pages on this section.

When you finish reading, use the form to comment or write new articles on the Sudanese regional politics. Thanks.

★ Why Eritrea and Ethiopia Failed in Sudan?

- When the Eritrean President, Isaias Afwerki and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi tried to convince the Sudanese dictator Omer Al basher in Mekelle in Ethiopia on 1994 to align himself from the National Islamic Front (NIF) and of course from the fundamentalists, they did not know that the Sudanese dictator is one of them.

They knew of course that he led the NIF's coup. But, they might have been hoping that this military officer would change his skin. They did not know the type of the conspiring mentality of the Muslim Brothers of Sudan.

They also did not know that this organization is inspired by the satan itself to maintain strong grassroots of network to remain in power for a long time and then extend the grassroots of this network in other states in the Horn of Africa and beyond that across Somalia and Yemen to many states in Asia.

Wars in the Horn of Africa Create Complicated Future!

But, after that the leader of the dictatorial regime in Sudan has not slept a night with the other leaders of the Muslim Brothers of Sudan. They began to think of ways to break the unity between the Eritrean government and the Ethiopian government.

They thought that conspiracies are better to destroy the Eritrean and Ethiopian unity against them. Since Eritrea is not weak and it is a revolutionary state that achieved the independence from Ethiopia, then Ethiopia could be a good target.

Two Friends on the Edge!

Therefore, they supported Ethiopia when Meles Zenawi led the war against Eritrea. They in fact played the principle role to convince Meles to crash Isaias Afwerki.

They filled Meles Zenawi's head by the Ethiopian dreams to get Eritrea back and supported him when his troops broke in inside the Sudanese territories to encircle the Eritrean troops from all sides, crash them and then throw Isaias Afewrki into the Red Sea.

★ Joint American Yemeni Troops Operate in HOA!

Maybe the American Administration knows better. So, they wanted to track the nets of the fundamentalists that cover this area and extend to Afghanistan according to the American plans to move the war against terror in the area.

But, here too... the Muslim Brothers of Sudan has their hands in this dirty game. They have forgotten that they have been growing since the 1940s supported by capitalism in the west to stop the movement of the communist parties in Africa and the Middle East during the Cold War.

★ Background on Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement!

The South Sudan has been a real problem for the Muslim Brothers of Sudan. It has been in fact the focus since the first days the NIF led the army coup.

The coup itself has been planned to crash the peace accord with the southern Sudan one party in the warped democratic government has achieved with the SPLM to preserve the unity of the country.

"So, just get rid of this south and let us move with our Islamic scheme to cover other states with great numbers of Muslims in the Horn of Africa and work from within to overthrow their governments and bring our people in these lands to rule".

This is their plan.

★ The Business of Politics!

They prove that they lead the business of politics well through comprehensive organizational work supported by their Islamic banks and other political systems in the Arabian / Persian Gulf, so they could all share the fruits of the capitalist policy they run.

So, the Sudanese regional politics serves the goals of the Muslim Brother of Sudan and maintain not only the unity of their cadres inside Sudan, but also their hands in the other states in the Horn of Africa and beyond.

** Well, Arabic readers read the Arabic pages below on the Arabic HOA Political Scene.

Asmara| Freedom Bells| Heglig Oil Fields| New Sudan| Questions| South Kordofan, Sudan| South Sudan| الجهل السياسي للمسألة السودانية| شيكاغو والهنود السودانيون| تغييب الذاكرة يؤدي الي تفريغ المظاهرات| أدبيات التعليق السياسي حول سياسات القرن الافريقي| مؤشرات تدهور الأوضاع السياسية بالسودان| إذا الشعب في السودان أراد الحياة| مفارقات البؤس في السودان و الصومال| سياسة حرق المراحل السياسية| عليّ و علي أعدائي سياسة متهورة لنظام السودان الديكتاتوري| سياسة الاخطبوط السودانية و تعطيل حركة التاريخ| للكذب ثلاثة ألوان| كيف أحصل علي مدونة كمدونة القرن الافريقي| علي هامش إحتفالات التغييب الذهني للمواطن السوداني في كل أنحاء السودان| سودان الحركة الشعبية لتحرير السودان الجديد| لاجئون و معارضون سياسيون إرتريون في اثيوبيا يفتقدون المصداقية| خارجية اثيوبيا تؤكد مساعدة لاجئين ارتريين ضد حكومتهم| عصابة الخرطوم الحاكمة تثير النزاعات المسلحة| بيافرا السودانية ستحرق ما تبقي من السودان| البداية الرسمية لتأبين السودان كأكبر قطر في افريقيا| هل تنجح تركيا في معالجة التدهور السياسي في الشرق الأوسط?| البودا بودا موتورسايكل تاكسي جوبا الشعبي الجديد| آخر المستجدات السياسية الليبية| الصومال تئن من الأثار المستمرة للحرب والجفاف| فهم سياسي صومالي جديد قد يسهم في انقاذ الصومال| قال محللين سياسيين قال| علمني هذا الإنسان النبيل| سقوط نظرية ثورة الجيش| الكويت واحدة من أهم المحطات الصحفية في حياتي| لا للدولة الدينية و الإسلام السياسي في السودان| الراحل جون قرنق ليس مؤسسا لدولة الجنوب السوداني| المعارك في جنوب السودان تبدد أحلام الإستقرار| التراجيديا السياسية في بلاد السودان| كير وكيباكي يتفقان علي تصدير نفط الجنوب عبر كينيا| بداية إحتفالات دولة الجنوب السوداني الجديدة بالإستقلال| قائد لصوص الدين ينفد بجلده العسكري ليعود مدنيا| مجموعة كرايسز قروب تدعو لممارسة الضغوط السياسية علي الديكتاتور السوداني| Suakini Cat| The Frame|

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