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HOA's Comment C2 Entries!

The Comment C2 Entries cover the African Horn and East Africa culturally, economically, literary, politically and socially to develop your knowledge about this wild area.

لا تصدمي الرياحَ

لحظةَ الشقاءِ والتعبِ

لا تجهشي، زمانُ إرثنا

في الموتِ والشغبِ

زمانُ آدمٍ جديد

In fact the Commentaries on the C2 Entries uncover in many pages what's going on economically, literary, politically and socially, or hopefully this would be the coverage sooner, or later.

The coverage is already started at comments and other site maps included in the Horn of Africa's Network to get you the son, or the daughter of the area involved with the network.

After that you may find yourself obliged to catch up with USHA and join the USHA Framework.

Pay attention to this quotation while getting inspired by the commentaries on the C2 entries. You will be creative if you are in a fire, or if such fire is inside you, or if you are burning by this fire from the worst religious military dictators in the world.

At this point, the question that you will encounter is: So, why just sitting (ساكت) and do nothing.

Of course, you should move, or even join a group of shakers and movers to explode. OK, if you can't, explode on papers. Write, or comment.

However, commentaries are just behaviours and indicators of weak faith. But, they might move the ground under the dictators feet.

What about writing poetry?

Poetry could do also, if it has epic stories, or if it is encouraging to revolt.

أرضُ ميعاد السنونو

والنورس الأزرق في عينيك


فنُوْدِعُ فيها من ألقٍ يهزّ النفسَ


ونلثمُ فيها غارَ الصحوِ والصحبة


ويطلعُ من قطارِ الهمِّ مطعوناً 

بها الشرقُ 

What Do the Comment C2 Entries Cover?

The necessity of building such commentaries C2 entries is to help you navigate your way through the HOA Political Scene Network, as it is getting bigger and bigger and you will lost here without having a guidance, or a site GPS to navigate properly.

But, this necessity has a starting point. We started when some indications explained that we should prepare for commentaries and encourage people from the area to get involved with the network, a process we succeeded to arrange and get some attention, thanks to the loyal readers of the HOA Political Scene Newsletter.

أرضُ ميعاد السنونو

والنورس الأزرق في عينيك


فنُوْدِعُ فيها من ألقٍ يهزّ النفسَ


ونلثمُ فيها غارَ الصحوِ والصحبة


ويطلعُ من قطارِ الهمِّ مطعوناً 

بها الشرقُ 

The Index of the Comment C2 Entries!

The encouraging pages we published first are site maps at The HOA's Secondary Site Maps, which include the following:

HOA Political Scene Site Map 15: Write about HOA -

HOA Political Scene Site Map 16: Write about Djibouti -

HOA Political Scene Site Map 17: Write about Eritrea -

HOA Political Scene Site Map 18: Write about Ethiopia -

HOA Political Scene Site Map 19: Write about Kenya -

HOA Political Scene Site Map 20: Write about Somalia -

HOA Political Scene Site Map 21: Write about Sudan -

HOA Political Scene Site Map 22: Write about Uganda -

HOA Political Scene Site Map 23: Write about Chad -

HOA Political Scene Site Map 24: Write about DRC -

Then we followed that by the East Africa and HOA's Readers Site Maps at the following pages:

HOA Political Scene Site Map 25: Readers Write Good -

HOA Political Scene Site Map 26: Readers Write Comments -

HOA Political Scene Site Map 27: Readers Read Good -

HOA Political Scene Site Map 28: Comments -

HOA Political Scene Site Map 29: Readers Comment -


أهذي صلاة الزين؟

ام السهل مدي...

وللحقل نجوع؟!

But, as some states in East Africa and the Horn of Africa are site maps to index pages relevant to each state we have also some HOA Comment C2 Entries associated with them at the following pages:

The primary site map 3 C, Eritrean Forums Online -

The primary site map 3 D, Eritreans Write Online -

The primary site map 3 E, Eritreans Love Commentaries -

The primary site map 3 F, Eritrean Political Comments -

The Primary Site Map 6 B, Somali Arabic Comments -

The Primary Site Map 6 D, Somali Political Forums

The Primary Site Map 6 E, Somali Political Comments -

The Primary Site Map 7 D, Sudanese Economical Forums -

The Primary Site Map 7 E, Sudanese Cultural Forums -

The Primary Site Map 7 F, Sudanese Forum -

The Primary Site Map 7 G, Sudanese Forums -

The Secondary Site Map 21 B, Comments on Sudan -

The Secondary Site Map 21 C, Sudan Online -

The Secondary Site Map 21 D, Sudanese Online -

أعرف حباً 

يرقدُ بين الجرحِ

وبين الوردةِ

يسكنني الموجُ

ويعلو بي

حتي لكأني بين الموجِ

وبين البردةِ

أعانقُ بدءَ الأشياء

وأزيحُ ستاراً

لحياةِ الكائنِ بين الدمِ

ونبضِ الماء

Until the moment the Comment C2 Entries published there are 79 comment entries with 37 commentaries on them on the commentary section titled Are You Intellectual.

There are also 177 comment entries and 160 commentaries on them in the section titled Invitation 1 - HOA's Friends.

At the third section titled Invitation to Comment, there are 30 comments and 20 commentaries on them.

اليومَ هواك أعاد المجدَ و عانقه

و"حلّمني" – 

أن أحمل هذا الجرح

أن أشهد أن الوردةَ



كبيراً كان كجرحٍ في الوجدان

بندول الساعةِ يدق’ الـ...


Some of the Comment C2 Entries!

Are You Intellectual Entries:

A Doomsday for Dictators!


A Kind of Insanity in Somalia!

Bring them to Justice!

Compare the Dictators!

Control the Uprisings!

Data Analyzing!


Drama Rules Some Eritreans!

Eritrean Hopes!

Etiolate Life!

Flesh of the Night!

Focus on Sudan!

Free Detained Eritrean Journalists!

Her Lips Draw the Dream!

HOAs Dictators are Western Instruments!

HOA WhatsApp Political Dialogue!

Horn of Africa's Revolution is Coming! africas-revolution-is-coming.html.

Love Spice!

North African Revolution!


Political Comments by Emails!

Political Views!

Somali Clans and Religion in Somalia!

Sudanese Economical Updates 1!

Sudanese Online!

Sudanese Political Caricature!

Sudanese Regime's Political Crimes!

The Economy of Somaliland!

The Hangover!

The Horn of Africa's State of Disaster!

The Political Situations in Sudan, June 2011!

The Superlative!

Wagosha Movement of Somalia!

We Need Revolution in Sudan!

ترحل في ثدي الجُرحِ

تخرج عن صمتِ الذاكرة

تمشي حافياً إذ تستبيك 

الخطي المهاجرة

أيان والأفق مسرح

الذئابِ المكابرة؟

تموت المفازةُ في خطي البريةِ

والطيرُ الطليق!

Continue the Comment C2 Entries index at the Bilingual HOA index.

Liked the snippet of poetry and the images I designed with this poetry?

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