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What's the Theory of Masses?

The Theory of Masses is the layer of the masses' power and the foundation of this power. It is the fundamental theory that has been developed from a collection of dynamic ideas to empower the masses of the world and take them all the way to build the systems of the masses all over the world and launch the masses' era. - Strategies & Tactics of Masses Era: Theory of Masses: I believe in the masses of the world and their abilities to rule the world. That's my - The Strategies and Tactics of the Masses Era: Theory of Masses: I believe in the masses of the world. That is my FAITH. I believe in their abilities to rule anywhere in the world. What they need is a scientific construction of the new states of the masses and the new era of the masses. This is what the LPE of the masses era is about. It's my gift to my people ... the people of the world. Veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

The Founder and his Dynamics!

The masses' theory raises awareness and leads the masses to victory through some dynamics, which hold mechanisms of the mass movement, the fundamental layers of mass organizations and the systematical units of the state leadership. It is practical to take the classic systems of the ruling elites of classic political parties down, build the systems of the masses all over the world and lunch the masses' era.

The theory of the masses is a mental product and so an intellectual property of veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman. Yes, I am... and it is my gift to the people of the world to take, think about, and implement without any hesitation, no matter what, or how you feel you are weak, as an individual, The theory provides you by courage to be strong individual by the power of the masses interested in the theory of the masses, as a first theory of its kind and nature in history.

I am quite sure that, the system that works this theory of the masses is perfect and there is nothing similar to it in human history. The system builds real state administrational systems, without have any political party to do this.

What are the Risky Issues that the Theory of Masses Deals With?

The Theory of Masses deals with all the risky issues that have emerged after the end of the Cold War, some of which have resulted in global warming and climate change, and the Theory of Masses deals with all the risky issues that resulted after climate change and the risky issues that climate change has produced.

Among these serious issues that resulted after the end of the Cold War was the support of the manufacturers of weapons of all kinds and the escalation of war production, which was supposed to be reduced after the elimination of the power of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Camp.

This necessarily proves that the efforts made by the American administration to dismantle the Soviet Union and the Eastern Camp and justify it for that deconstruction by saying that the competition between the Socialist Camp and the Capitalist Camp threatens the peace of the world was not true.

Accordingly, it seems that all the allegations for which the Socialist Camp was dismantled are untrue and misleading and were only for the sake of one international force monopolizing all the world.

What is happening today on the ground is a boom in the arms trade and, consequently, an increase in regional and international conflicts. Where is the peace of the world, for the sake of which the Soviet Union and the Eastern Camp were dismantled?

This boom in the war industry is not only in the field of conventional weapons, but is in the biological weapons, microbial weapons, chemical weapons and atomic nuclear weapons.

This latest type of dangerous weapons and its harmful remnants has harmed the environment and contributed to global warming and climate change, as well as other factors. These industries, along with other industries, especially those revolving around the fields of space invasion, have produced huge amounts of emissions of carbon dioxide, which contributed to widening the Ozone layer gap.

Claims of recovery of the Ozone layer over Antarctica are suspected, as these military industries and space invasion continues to affect. Any claims indicating the closing of the gap in the ozone layer might be to calm down environmental activists. It is still there and it will be there and get bigger than what it has been during the 1980s and 1990s.

The ways of the Theory of the Masses to deal with such dangerous events began with dynamic ideas, while observing the changes in the world since that time and registering the increase of regional and international tragical conflicts and even conflicts on the nuclear industry, which endanger the world and expose all of the people of the world to high risks.

But, it is not only the observation and writing about such dangerous issues, as the Theory of Masses evolves since the seventies to focus now on shifting all of the classic political systems in the world to the masses' systems. It comes with the scientific methods to shift the classic systems to the masses' systems. This is the gaol of the Theory of Masses.

How to Understand the Theory of Masses?

To understand the Theory of Masses, you need to leave your blind loyalty to political parties, or monarchies, or totalitarian systems and focus on the masses and their urgent needs in this hard time, where the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is harvesting lives.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What has really caused climate change? (This will lead you to whom has really caused it)
  • What disasters climate change has caused?
  • What the classic political parties have given to the masses?
  • Who makes international crises and conflicts?
  • Who bury the hazardous waste from the chemical and atomic industries in poor countries?
  • Who buys the loyalty of weak presidents and kings for proxy wars?
  • Who sends the people of his country to perish in wars outside his borders?
  • Who made international terrorism in Afghanistan?
  • Why international terrorism turned against them?
  • Is it really turned, or are they all conspiracies?
  • Ask yourself, is this the peace of the world?

You get nothing from your government more than hard life and diseases like this epidemic.

When you really think of the international masses, as a whole, and from a human perspectives, you will see the miseries of others that have been created by ruling elites of political parties of classic systems, or by monarchies like those in Saudi Arabia and other Arabic countries.

Then ask yourself again:

  • Is it necessary to have political parties to express democracy?
  • Are all of the masses interested in political parties?
  • How could we build democratic systems without having any political party?

While the ingredients of dynamics in this network answer these questions, the Theory of Masses deals with this last question. The theory of Masses is all system. The system intended is really very different system that express real democracy, and not cliches of democracy, like what we have in so many places.

How to Involve in the Theory of Masses?

* Sign up for the HOA Political Scene Newsletter and conform your subscription. After that write to me on Contact Us expressing your interest. We will discuss the ideas. I will shed light on general conceptual attempts to build masses around the Theory of Masses.

We will enlarge the discussion to get more people. The great numbers we have the easier the mechanisms referenced would be. That means there are two different mechanisms: 1- the human mechanisms and 2- the process mechanisms.

* Forward the dynamic pages to your friends. Use the form on Forward HOA Political Scene and encourage them to use the same steps you used to subscribe to the newsletter and to forward it and use the contact us page to join this project.

* Get the posters fixed everywhere outside doors in your place and encourage your friends to do so and post the address of the pages of the dynamics on good family oriented websites.

The Theory of Masses has Developed from the Following Regional Dynamics!

The theory has actually began with some dynamics I thought of and practiced to lead the regional masses to implement some project layers out of such dynamics concerning the masses. Here are some of those dynamics.

The Theory of Masses I Used to Lead the Masses to Plant More than 5,000,000 Eritrean Martyr's Trees ...

The Theory of Masses I Practiced to Mobilize the Sudanese Revolution ...

The Theory of Masses to Create the Sudanese Martyr's Tree ...

The Theory of Masses Produced 3 Mechanisms for the Sudanese Revolution ...

The Theory of Masses I Used to Strip the Conspiracies of the Muslim Brothers, the Founders of International Terrorism ...

Theory of Masses in Other Languages!

* Spanish: - Ideas Dinámicas: Los métodos para derribar los gobiernos de los partidos políticos clásicos requieren planes de resolución y mapas de ejecución bien hechos. Ven, para que podamos discutir todo este objetivo, que está incluido en la LPE y sus componentes, y arreglar cómo acabar con la era de los partidos políticos clásicos y sus élites gobernantes y establecer la era de las masas, lanzando los sistemas de masas. Suscríbete a la newsletter.

The connotation of the Spanish description is: The methods to bring down the governments of the classical political parties require well-made resolution plans and execution maps. Come, so that we can discuss all this objective, which is included in the LPE and its components, and fix how to end the era of the classical political parties and their ruling elites and establish the era of the masses by launching the mass systems. Subscribe to the newsletter.

* Spanish: - Perspectivas Dinámicas Españolas: Los objetivos dinámicos tocan todos los aspectos de la vida que se han visto afectados por cambios negativos después de la Guerra Fría y después del Cambio Climático para organizar a las masas del mundo a través de una metodología específica, que presento a las masas en la EPL de la Era de las Masas para implementarla hasta todos sus ambiciosos objetivos se convierten en realidad para un futuro mejor.

The explanation of this Spanish description is: The dynamic objectives touch all aspects of life that have been affected by negative changes after the Cold War and after Climate Change to organize the masses of the world through a specific methodology, which I present to the masses in the PLA of the Age of the Masses to implement it until all its ambitious goals become reality for a better future.

Interested in the Theory of Masses?

Write your opinions down. Write comments on Theory of Masses and fill the other fields of the secure form by the required information.

* Read about the impacts of climate change, as one of the motives of the Theory of Masses on You might also watch some theories, or projected events other than the Theory of Masses on

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