What is the Nature of the Political Problems in Sudan?

What are the Political Problems in Sudan?

When somebody asks what the political problems in Sudan are, we expect this person to ask also, who makes the political problems there.

The nature of the problems always encourages folk to ask about the cause of the problems. When they ask about the cause of the problems, folk immediately ask who cause the problems and why they cause those problems.

In the case of Sudan, there were precedent events that happened and then washed some people's brains so they lost the sense of asking questions and looking for answers and then working on solutions to those problems.

Those people do not see the political problems in the biggest country in Africa and they feel confident that nothing is bad in Sudan regardless to all those painful pictures of the misery in the country.

Of course the nature of the political problems in Sudan is different than the nature of the political problems in Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda. However, there are some great common divisions between these problems in the mentioned countries in the Horn of Africa (HOA).

Sudan's Political Problems!

The Political Problems in Sudan have real causes other than these causes some media sources, especially in the West repeat every time and then.

Many people do not understand the political problems in Sudan, because they depend of the take of the international media on those problems without knowing the stake of the media.

The International media plays a role in (donkeynizing) the international audience when some media sources describe the political problems as Arabic and Islamic problems, the same way as the religious military regime in Sudan and the sectarian parties (donkeynize) the Sudanese people.

This is completely wrong.

However, anyone can understand the nature of the political problems in Sudan just from such kinds of late news, regardless to taking a leap into the political history of Sudan.

The political history has of course a treasury of information to focus on it and analyze it to get to know the ins and outs of the political problems in Sudan and come with good solutions to address them.

Sudan's Political Problems have many phases! Every phase has created during a political period of almost a decade to shape the political picture of Sudan nowadays. Concerned people know very well that nothing has happened suddenly to present the recent political situation in the Sudan.

Everything has been planed well by the sectarian elites and the military juntas to develop the political disease and inject it in the Sudanese body to remain ill. The political problems in Sudan are the results of their political virus!

The political virus comprises the domination of the combined methods of capitalism with the religious beliefs to create a state of illiteracy, misleading, centralization of power, marginalization of poor people in different regions, and demonstrating the orders of unknown God to other non-believers to lead by the God's name.

Perhaps that is their God but not even the other simple Sudanese Muslims' Allah, as they know as mercy, caring of poor people and communist by other measures, verbally.

In their pawns in the game, they use those illiterate poor people to defend their interests promising them by a paradise in another world that we do not know much about it. Yes, of course, we know a bit of truth about it and the details are in the holy manuscripts, but that world is not their aim. Their aim is the world we live on it today.

This is the reason that they use to create a state of one culture and one religion. It is politics made by the ruling elites both from the military and the sectarian parties, but it is not a proof for the international media to talk about Islamic war and Arabic cleansing.

It is a political problem although those elites wanted it to be religious.

Sudanese people from all cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs have always faced such kinds of politics that make the core of the political problems in the Sudan.

Those political problems in Sudan started early during the preparation for the independence of the country in 1954 and escalated from the Day of the Independence in 1956. Along the following years, the first Sudanese government led by the Sudanese sectarian parties took its efforts in the central Sudan where the political power has always centred.

They forgot the other regions and developed a system for the ruling elites to continue dominating the political scene in Sudan. When the political problems in southern Sudan broke, they came to realize what has been missing.

However, the hours were lapsed for the first coup to take place and to treat the southern Sudan and its people not as Sudanese, but as people that might have come from another planet, or from a dark plateau created when Allah created the Earth and sent Adam and Eve to it.

They give the lights to the military to steal the political power in Sudan. They conspired and betrayed the Sudanese people who were at that time in good mode to anticipate harvesting the fruits of the independence.

Again, anyone can understand the nature of the political problems in Sudan just from such kinds of late news. The following news is one of them. Continue at Sudanese Political Parties!

Please check relevant pages to Political Problems in Sudan on this page.

It is so important to read well to understand well! We need to create clean, well-educated and clever generations to take the leads and create the not only the NEW Sudan, BUT the new promised Horn of Africa.

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