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Why We Need Mass Systems?

Global crises require MASS SYSTEMS. The crises are overwhelming and extending internationally, since the end of the Cold War and many of them have happened because of climate change, along with its emission of carbon dioxide and epidemics, bacterial, chemical, nuclear weapons and hazardous waste. These crises are produced by the ruling elites of classic political parties.

The urgent need for the Systems of the Mass all over the world, or the necessities of the systems of the masses are required in this recent era, because of solid facts indicating the deterioration of our world since the end of the Cold War. If you can't spot any deterioration, that is your problem and you should fix it by learning here.

What has Happened Following the End of the Cold War?

The world began to deteriorate with the following cultural, economical, environmental, health, human, political and social crises:

  • The civil wars started in the Eastern Block and destroyed many lives and places and the strong unity of many countries in the block. Brothers in every nationality started to hate each other and destroyed their societies by this hatred. Several millions of people are died of wars.
  • The ending of the Cold War, which has continued from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) to complete the destruction of the Eastern Block has paved the way for international terrorism, not only through the Afghan's Gate, but even through the Chechen Gate and the Yugoslav Gate. Not only this, but it opened the gate for the international terrorism to organize in the heart of America itself.
  • World multi-billion-dollar companies started to fuel their industries including bacterial, chemical، microbial and nuclear industries and produced millions of emissions of carbon dioxide and millions of tons of hazardous waste.
  • They "terrified" well, attacked the Ozone, damaged the ecosystem by climate change through which the snow melts not only in the North Pole and the South Pole, but also in so many snowy lands, and destroyed the rainforests and the global nature, where global warming is still continuing to endanger our lives.
  • They are not only continuing the production of these dangers, but they pave the way for epidemics by climate change, the emissions of carbon dioxide and the production of weaponry damaging tools and hazardous waste.

Do you want more to realize the dangers you are living every day?

These Facts above are the Indications of the Necessities of Mass Era!

Well, the headline as it is known is always above, or at the top of the article. Mine is at the end of the article above. You gotta laugh, friend. Continue your discovery ...

The Indicated Dangers are Done By the Classic Systems!

The signs of dangers are not limited in their indication to the impacts of liberal politics on the world. The fact is that the term "liberal" isn't liberal at all, as it serves classic systems with their affiliation with multi-billion-dollar companies, which indicates the common interests between them. The global empire of the dollar is the one that makes governments, but not the surfaced elections.

Got a mind?

Use it.

If you used your mind correctly, you will realize the need of the mass systems.

The governments in most of the world after the Cold War are capital governments. Don't be fooled by some socialist parties here and there. Socialism is destructed by the destruction of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Block. Those socialist parties are just clichés of parties that serve their own interests.

All of this indicates the necessities to end political parties and start something else in place to get to elections and build a new ruling system.

It is not necessary to have political parties to express democracy. The political parties are so classic and this must change, as other things are changing in the world. But, the real reason for this change is that the ruling elites of classic political parties have produced many crises with their classic systems.

In fact many forms of democracies we have around the world are clichés of democracy, as they are serving the interests of ruling elites of classic political parties, but not the interests of the masses. This requires from the masses to follow the LPE of the masses' era to build MASS SYSTEMS everywhere, sustain climate, nature and health, solve economical and human crises and make every place in the world a better place.

Can you do that?

You can. Never think that you are a weak individual.

You have many lessons to learn how to work out dynamic ideas, such as these dynamic ideas of the Mass Systems and the Mass Era.

They also follow here below and on the linked pages:

The Dynamic Ideas of the Eritrean Martyr's Tree, Planned by Me and Implemented by the Masses ...

The Dynamic Ideas of the Sudanese Martyr's Tree Planned by Me and Failed by the Masses ... 

The Dynamic Ideas of the 3 Mechanisms of the Sudanese Revolution, Failed also by the Masses ... Sudanese Never Learn form Mistakes

The Failure of the Sudanese Revolution Due to Ignorance & Other Conspiracies ...

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The Mass Systems in Other Languages!

* Greek: Invitation to Comment 160: Δυναμικές ιδέες: Οι μάζες πρέπει να γνωρίζουν ότι η κλιματική αλλαγή προκαλεί πανδημίες. Πρέπει να διαβάσετε για να κατανοήσετε σωστά και να αλλάξετε τον κόσμο.

The connotation of the Greek description is: The masses need to be aware that climate change is causing pandemics. You need to read to understand and change the world.

* Greek: Invitation to Comment 161: Ελληνικές Δυναμικές Ιδέες: Πώς θα κάνει η εποχή των μαζών τη νίκη των μαζών, ώστε να μπορούν να αντικαταστήσουν τα κλασικά συστήματα των κλασικών πολιτικών κομμάτων από το μαζικό σύστημα;

The explanation of this Greek description is: How will the age of the masses make the victory of the masses so that they can replace the classic systems of the classical political parties with the mass system?

* Greek: Invitation to Comment 162: Δυναμικές πολιτικές απόψεις: Τι εννοώ με την εποχή των μαζών; Και γιατί είναι η εποχή των μαζών; Πιάσε το μυαλό σου, με την πολιτική μου διδασκαλία. Η διαδικασία των μαζών για τη δημιουργία και την καθοδήγηση της εποχής των μαζών, που δίδαξε ο βετεράνος ακτιβιστής Khalid Mohammed Osman.

The insights of the Greek description are: What do I mean by the age of the masses? And why is it the age of the masses? Catch your mind, with my political teaching. The process of the masses for the creation and guidance of the mass era, taught by veteran activist Khalid Mohammed Osman.

* Greek: Invitation to Comment 163: Ελληνικές δυναμικές προοπτικές: Μια λέξη σοφίας για την επίλυση ολόκληρων των παγκόσμιων προβλημάτων είναι με έναν όρο που λέει ότι το υγιές σώμα είναι στο υγιές μυαλό.

The interpretation of this Greek description is: A word of wisdom for solving whole world problems is with a term that says that the healthy body is in the healthy mind.

* Greek: Οι μάζες πρέπει να πάρουν την εξουσία και να αλλάξουν τα πολιτικά συστήματα παντού για να επιτύχουν θετική διατήρηση του κλίματος και να είναι ασφαλείς από πανδημίες. Για να ηγηθείτε της εποχής των μαζών, ή απλά να είστε μέρος αυτής, πρέπει να οργανώσετε με τοπικά όργανα και να συνδεθείτε με διεθνή όργανα. Τα συστήματα bla bla bla δεν φροντίζουν τον πλανήτη σας περισσότερο από τα ενδιαφέροντά τους. Εσείς οι μάζες είναι η αλλαγή.

The interpretation of the Greek description is: The masses must take power and change political systems everywhere to achieve a positive climate maintenance and be safe from pandemics. To lead the mass era, or just be a part of it, you have to organize with local bodies and connect with international bodies. Bla bla bla systems do not care about your planet more than their interests. You the masses are the change.

Be Active & Support the Mass System!

Use the comments form to comment on the Mass System, or to add your thoughts. Thanks. To join the project of the Mass System, use the Contact Us form.

Documentary films on MASS SYSTEMS might provide with good history on the movement of the masses at See also what Climate Change has done to beautiful places at

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