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HOA Political Scene 42 _________________________6 February 2011

Here are three short but well focused articles in the HOA Political Scene 42 to read. The first article is about IGAD. If you thought IGAD is not dead bring your argument through the comment form.

The second article is about the power of the people when they determine to achieve success to their popular movement. However, there's a caution here. Don't ever let the Muslim Brothers assume the political power.

The reasons are clear. They are behind the deterioration of the civil societies in north Africa and the Middle East.

Even the secession of the southern Sudan is a result of the Muslim Brothers' policies and conducts in Sudan. There's a note about this somewhere in between the new short articles and the sticky columns.

The third article is about the offline press losing its golden age. More and more people stop reading papers offline and go to read the press or watch the TV channels online and through their satellites.

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IGAD is Dead!

The executive secretary of the IGAD, Mahboub Maalim said to IRIN that the region of HOA is coping in spite of the political and humanitarian crises in the countries of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development.

Surprisingly, the executive secretary could not read the upside-down development of the area and he seems to be missing about the political and humanitarian deterioration in every country in this authority.

This brings my attention to the transparency and the credibility of the authority, which is composed of contradicted leaders, each one of them has different scheme that aims even towards antagonizing the other, forget about their political differences. They only cooperate as long as they want to avoid the others’ conspiracies against them to keep in power.

The stability of the Horn of Africa will not be in the right place without having leaders from the same revolutionary school that have clear popular visions to make popular fronts and popularize every way possible to the rule of the people.

Nothing positive will come out of this authority, once some leader are playing popinjays putting the people under their feet and rising on their shoulders.

If you have much care and want citizen journalism in the right place, please do bring your ideas in and let us get together to encourage composing the popular fronts. Use the form at the bottom of HOA Political Scene 42. Thanks.

None Will Stop the People, Anywhere!

Here's the scond short article in HOA Political Scene 42.

The people's revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt alerted even some monarchies and leaders in the Middle East to speak about reforms.

Perhaps, that has happened not because of the Secretary of State telling them at Munich Security Conference to take cue from Egypt crisis to usher in some practical reforms.

Has the age of the dummies ever stopped?

I do not think the people's revolution will stop at this. Long-terms presidency is dictatorship. That what the people have recognized in the absence of real development to their lives, while the ruling elites get fat.

It is also unbearable to see the same characters in the political scene since the independence of many countries in the area and since 2-3 decades in some of those countries and to see even revolutionary systems becoming monarchies.

Surprisingly, late news from the CNN and other media sources suggested that the Egyptian president sought consultancy from the American Administration and they have advised him.

However, the news said in 5 February that he remains head of the party and president while the key figures resigned from their posts in the party. Before that, the Egyptian state TV reports the leading members of Egypt's ruling party, including President Hosni Mubarak, submit resignations.

What happens later is unnecessary; since that attitude indicates, the visionary system of the leadership has stopped to function.

Tunisians, Egyptians and Sudanese have good people to lead every 5 years-term. A state runs by institutional council is better than a state runs only by a president for as long as he wishes.

When that happens the state becomes a property of the president and the people become servants in his big property. That is not what the people want!

There is no concrete prediction, as when the uprising ends! Nevertheless, it apparently ends when the shift to democracy and real political changes take place.

However, there is always a measure to choose to be a good leader and a good citizen or to be a dinosaur that persists to control the political scene in spite of the rejection.

If the second choice is the only choice in the vision of the leader, the situation will deteriorate more and more sacrifices will take place.


The Muslim Brothers of Egypt are the cause of the political problems in Sudan. The dictatorial regime came to power through the National Islamic Front (NIF) in Sudan. The NIF is the last development of the Sudanese Muslim Brothers, created by the influence of the Egyptian Muslim Brothers.

If the people have forgotten this political development to the Muslim brothers in Sudan, I should remind them. Get rid of this history.

Go fight! Do not stand and just let them slam you! Go fight! Go fight for your rights!

Has the Offline Press Lost its Golden Age?

This is the third short article in HOA Political Scene 42.

That part of the offline media has struck me! Sadly, many good papers have gone into bankruptcy, because tons of high cost published papers bring the minimum income to the paper and their advertising pay a little. They started to manage their costs by firing staffs.

Sadly, so many people have shifted to read this media online and they do it with free accesses but not with the paid ones.

This good article (see link below) reminds me of a newspaper project I have achieved to establish my own newspaper with the help of one of the institutional authorities that added the budget part of the project.

The cost of the establishment was around $300,000US. The local government refused to fund it although the project is new as it combines a published newspaper with three languages.

The local authority suggested seeking funds from another big local government. I fed up.

In the heart of Africa, they still say, Beirut publishes, Cairo distributes and Khartoum reads, although this concept has faded long ago and sadly, the internet has achieved most of the destruction and helped many people in that region be unsophisticated.

We all know people read nothing in depth by scanning, chatting a lot and wasting their times in unnecessary things in those social media platforms.

Kathy, a fellow SBIer called such process "Building equity for others". Kathy, you were right on this. People do it in social media platforms and many of the members there, are lazy to click away from their social media to other sources.

Read this discussion here at the Blog. Click on the link to visit the blog. While reading there for some minutes enter either the term "Content Farms in the SiteSell Blog" or "all that pap" on the search tool at the top right of the blog to read more that could light this intro.

This is a good article with flavours of rich comments. Then to get the insights to differentiate between blogging and building real businesses online visit Blog or Build for the real equity too.

Please let me know about your experiences while reading that useful blog. Use the form below and remember to comment or ask any question there too.

Beauty of the Words!

This (as it happens column) comes to make HOA Political Scene 42 more appealing and break that sticky stone in our feelings.

If you love whispering words, flying butterflies, essences and ecstasies, then the following (beauty of the words) means something to you. Let me read yours through the comment form and our friends will read it here in the coming editions of the newsletter.

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Love Whispers!

"We absolutely need a revolution and an honest one that cares of the people. That is the only solution I can see. Let us be real nationals everywhere and let us march for real democracy, real independence, real unity and real power of the people. Conquer your dictators, people."

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