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COVID-19 Conspiracy!

COVID-19 Conspiracy: Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, plus crises, conflicts & economical shrink prove the failure of classic systems.

The global masses should change that. But, how? Here is the solution in the Global Dynamics. - COVID-19 Conspiracy: COVID-19, plus crises, conflicts & economical shrink prove the failure of classic systems. Global mass must change - COVID-19 Conspiracy: COVID-19, plus crises, conflicts & economical shrink prove the failure of classic systems. The global mass must change that. Says veteran activist, journalist and poet Khaled Muhammed Othman.

Above all of the mentioned crises, this killer disease called Coronavirus is the vital one, as it harvested 2,597,381 lives worldwide until 9 March 2021, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), out of 116,874,912 infection cases, divided into 51,847,469 in Americas, 40,026,167 in Europe, 13,733,828 in South-East Asia, 6,682,075 in Eastern Mediterranean, 2,909,543 in Africa and 1,675,085 in Western Pacific.

The global mass take the procedures implemented by their governments to protect themselves and they never asked who are the originators of pandemics and from what hell on earth it has come from.

Before thinking of changing this situation, the global masses should change the way they are thinking about dangerous diseases that have happened after serious global changes long time ago.

The changes are primarily two: 

  1. Global political system change.
  2. Global ecosystem change.

  • The first change of the balance of the global political system has occurred during the eightieth to end the era of the Cold War and build the new false and decisive era called the New World Order, which has turned to prove that most of the lands in the world have no power to decide in this so-called new world order.

So, what world order is that?

Order by whom and for whom?

From where did the political power that has created this order get the global legitimization to do that?

Who gives the political power that has created this order global legitimization to do that?

What this so called order has achieved until now?

  • The second is Climate Change, which has started to happen from the second half of the 1800s, according to climate researchers and continued until now, through which many of them have indicated the vulnerability of earth to even small atmospheric changes, caused by human-made conducts, but not natural causes, while others assumed comparison of variations of volcanic forces to the solar variation.

The difference between the two theories which makes the first one correct is that the cold waves, the droughts, the floods, the heat waves and the storms have other causes than natural.

This is proved by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) when a sport it issued in 2012 linked global warming to the increase of heat waves, which evidently are caused by large industries that change the atmosphere and thus the balance of global ecosystem caused by huge emissions of CO2.

Regardless to the historical date of the climate change, the serious problem which is still harming the planet began almost 50 years ago and that was exactly when the operations to change the global political system began.

The Answers of COVID-19 Five Questions!

The answers to the 5 questions you read in this articles are not easy. No one specifically can answer these questions, if s/he looks to the matter from one angle. Another thing, no one specifically can answer these questions, if s/he takes life as only enjoyment to things they do and entertainment.

From a research prospective I conducted through my lifetime experiences as environmental and political activist and veteran journalist, I observed the growth of illiteracy even among university graduates and among them professors. Isn't that fearful and strange to find a PhD ignorant?

The sum of those PhDs specialize only in their career and the subject matter and know nothing about cultural concepts, environmental concepts, personal behaviors and social intent.

This is what I call the ignorance and the superficially of the 21s century.

In addition many of them have forged PhDs, or they belong to the damn Muslim Brothers' Parties and totalitarian regimes, such as the military religious regime of Omer al-Basher in Sudan, which was the worst of all Sudanese dictatorial regimes.

The Destruction of Global Political System Balance Began from the Afghani Gate!

You may wonder when looking at the questions with the start of what order is that to know that it is the order of the power that rules this world in indirect domination, which is a kind of global dictatorship. You probably do not know that scheme of dominating and controlling the world has started at the same time with the policies to destroy the global political system balance and the ecosystem balance.

There is nothing in any recent development of all events in the world that indicates other reasons to the deterioration of that development rather than the conducts and the outcomes of the mentioned policies.

Unfortunately, many people know the player of these policies. But, many other political powers have not the courage or the power to change that fact. Well, some powers led by Iran, for example think they can use the development of the nuclear industry to face the global player, a claim, which is in fact presents a delusion and adds another threat to the global ecosystem.

While the paragraph above answers the second COVID-19 question to prove the conspiracy of COVID-19, the matter of what seems to present a rival to the global power that has created the crises by its policies is false.

By other words, there is misleading policies in the existence of rivals of any kind. There is a compromise, instead. That compromise hides solid facts such as the global policies that led to the destruction of the global political system balance and the ecosystem balance, which has produced many global problems and among them is COVID-19 Conspiracy.

Let's get back to the starting point of destructing the global political balance from the Afghani gate, through which the American interference began the destruction of global political system balance, because of the strong hold of Afghani communists to power.

Well, this article began to leap from between my fingers ;-) Seriously, it opens and requires another topic, which is relevant to continue it. Watch for the link to it is this line later.

COVID-19 Conspiracy has Originated Global Dynamics

COVID-19 Conspiracy has Brainstormed Global Dynamics 2

COVID-19 Conspiracy has Developed Global Dynamics 3

COVID-19 Conspiracy Encouraged Me to Plan Global Dynamics 4

COVID-19 Conspiracy Inspired Me to Plan Global Dynamics 5

COVID-19 Conspiracy Motivated Me to Plan Global Dynamics 6

COVID-19 Conspiracy Persuaded Me to Plan Global Dynamics 7

COVID-19 Conspiracy Prompted Me to Plan Global Dynamics 8

COVID-19 Conspiracy Stirred Me to Plan Global Dynamics 9

COVID-19 Conspiracy Stormed Me to Plan Global Dynamics 10

COVID-19 Conspiracy is Yet to Be Covered!

Despite all of the insights of COVID-19 Conspiracy, it is yet to be covered in depth. The enlightenment is standardized as sufficient as possible. But, you could shed more lights on it. So, use the form below to write comments on COVID-19 Conspiracy. Thanks. When you saw your comments have published, share the page with your fiends to read and share too.

* You can watch all about COVID-19 Coronavirus, but of course not COVID-19 Conspiracy on, until I make it a movie and publish it there.

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COVID-19 Conspiracy Enhances Effective Global Dynamics Writing!

It actually does, as few sections of the Global Dynamics have been well-thought of, organized and published as you see through the sections of the Global Dynamics with related topics on the environment and the projects I have implemented concerning the sustainability of the regional and global milieu and thus the global ecosystem.

So, I hope you have realized dangerous issues that threat your life, the lives of others and the life of the planet and all of that has motivated you to connect with the Global Dynamics and be not only part of it, but one of the active leaders of the global mass project.

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COVID-19 Conspiracy and the LPE of Global Dynamics 11
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