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HOA's English Poems!

HOA's English Poems include emotional poetry, environmental poetry, political poetry, and social poetry. They are here in many sections of the page to inspire you and enrich your imagination with beautiful pictures!

The poems are linked with text lessons and video lessons in alphabetical and numerical order to navigate easily through and learn how to write poetry. As this is part of the Art, Cultural and Literary section of the HOA Political Scene at the Horn of Africa's Network, you will get also through some other lessons in text and videos to learn how to write short stories.

Most of the poems you will read below are written in English the first time except for the Rising Phoenix. I translated only one of the snippets of this poem from Arabic into English.

The Arabic collection of the poems by the title Rising Phoenix is in the book you see somewhere on this page. It should be at the top of the right column on PCs and Macs and at the bottom on some devices, such as tablets and iPhones.

I am looking for a native French lady and a native Spanish speaker to work with me in translating the Arabic poems including those I published in the book and those I didn't publish, yet into French and Spanish. Contact Us, if interested.

A Whisper in the Soul!

By Khalid Mohammed Osman

This is a whisper, 

Deep in the soul,

I hear it jumping,

And twisting like a ball,

To make me remember

The beautiful world lies

Between her tongue and

Breathless ties!

How to be Inspired By Poetry to Write Poetry? Episode 1 - 18 Structure of Poetry - A Whisper in the Soul, by author, poet Khalid Mohammed Osman:

The Lock and the Key!

By Khalid Mohammed Osman

A glimpse of love lust,

Wandering on the street,

Looking for a lock for a key,

Well inviting, witty, an' sweet,

The key suffers days long rust,

Looking for that witty from the EET,

To clean its long days dust!

How to be Inspired By Poetry to Write Poetry? Episode 1 - 22 Structure of Poetry - The Lock and the Key, by author, poet Khalid Mohammed Osman:

Flesh of the Night!

By Khalid Mohammed Osman

I tore the curtain,

between your bedroom,

                            and the library,

to catch a book,

Instead my eyes,

caught your stripped thighs,

flaming like my knowledge desire,

                  free like this night's air.

I jumped softly to the library,

just like a cat,

to catch a book,

                  I caught a warm flesh!


1999 Asmara

How to be Inspired By Poetry to Write Poetry? Episode 1 - 2 Structure of Poetry - Flesh of the Night 1, by author, poet Khalid Mohammed Osman:

Rising of the Phoenix!

By Khalid Mohammed Osman

I miss being once

The evening tunic around your eyebrows

Dawn glimmering in your eyes

I miss kissing your ancient face

In my wounded fancy!

HOA's English Poems with Examples of Verse and Video Lessons!

The video lessons are in Arabic and English. They include poetry writing lessons in Arabic and in English, as well, supported by complete sections of poetry.

HOA's English Poems: Learning Literary Facts

How to be Inspired By Poetry to Write Poetry? Episode 1 - 1 Structure of Poetry: Her Lips Draw the Dream, by poet Khalid Mohammed Osman:

HOA's English Poems: Learning English Literature

How to be Inspired By Poetry to Write Poetry? Episode 1 - 3 Structure of Poetry - Flesh of the Night 2, by poet Khalid Mohammed Osman:

HOA's English Poems: Step to Learn English Poetry

How to be Inspired By Poetry to Write Poetry? Episode 1 - 4 Structure of Poetry - Mirrors of Minds, by author, poet Khalid Mohammed Osman:

Leaning How to Write Poetry from HOA's English Poems

How to be Inspired By Poetry to Write Poetry? Episode 1 - 5 Structure of Poetry - Somewhere in the Blue, by author, poet Khalid Mohammed Osman:

From Leaning HOA's English Poems to Learning How to Write Short Stories

How to Be Inspired to Write Short Stories? Episode 1 - 1 Inside Short Story, by short story writer Khalid Mohammed Osman:
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