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Somali Political Comments!

The Somali Political Comments are obviously commentaries the visitors of the website have written on the Somali Political Articles here. We divided the commentaries on the Somali political issues into Arabic comments and English comments to build the Somali Political Forums and other site maps for Somalia.

We did all of this to organize the website and make your own reading experiences enjoyable through the Somali site maps. We intended also to activate and inspire you to share lighting a candle for others to see the political issues better. Yes, you can even support this effort by one of the following steps:

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This is the Somali primary site map 6 E. the other Somali site maps are below followed by the commentaries on the Somali political development and the HOA's primary and secondary site maps.

The Somali Site Maps:

Somalia and Somaliland - Primary Site Map 6 A.

* Somali Arabic Comments - Primary Site Map 6 B. 

Somali Political Articles - Primary Site Map 6 C.

Somali Political Forums - Primary Site Map 6 D.

Somali Political Comments - Primary Site Map 6 E.

Write about Somalia - Secondary Site Map 20.

The Somali Political Comments:

* African Refugees' Influx to Europe!

Africa has not known political refugees until the independence of many states in the black continent. However, many Africans have been abducted either by Arabs, or European.

They were taken also from their indigence homes in Africa and brought to America, where they are known, after many generations, as Black American. They are so-called by this definition, nowadays.

But, recently and since the break of the Somali civil wars in 1991, after the fall of the Somali military dictator, Mohammed Salad Barre, millions of Somali refugees have experienced the rush to flee their beloved homeland and increased the numbers of the African refugees influx to Europe and America.

The impact of the Somali wars that run for many decades appears in the hard living conditions the Somalis face while seeing their country burning in front of their eyes, while they have not enough power to save it.

* Change the Somali Prime Minister!

One of the Somali refugees in Sweden wrote briefly and called to change the Somali prime minister, Omer Sharmarke. The nomination and the appointment of Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, came only to help the Somali president that time, Sharif Ahmed to implement his scheme.

The scheme was a plot for the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) to continue ruling the country and cooperate with the military religious regime of Sudan to strengthen the international terrorist network in the Horn of Africa.

* Congratulations, Somaliland for Democracy!

Farhan Mohamoud Mohamed wrote from the USA (he was living in Djibouti at the time he wrote the Somali political comments) to congratulate the Somaliland for democracy and stability. Somaliland appears to be the land of a stable hope.

The state runs smoothly hoping that the new unrecognized state will get the international recognition sooner. Read his post and post Somali political comments.

* Drought and War Devastate Somalia!

Severe drought continues to hit Somalia from time to time. Accompanied by the civil war, piracy and insurgency the drought draws a miserable picture and adds to the sufferance of the population who are absolutely facing the hell in Somalia. When would the Somali literates and thinkers wake up?

* Famine Plus Foreign Troops Against Somalia!

The eruption of the Somali Islamic militias, the famine caused by the drought and the civil war and the foreign troops escalated the miserable situations in the devastated country. Since 1991, the Somalis have never rest.

The insanity and cruelty continue to make Somalia the worst place on earth. But, we are hoping that the sincere secular Somalis will wake up to lead their land to the shores of safety and security.

It is Painful and Shameful in Somalia!

I think you feel the pain and the shame, as I do, reading thoroughly until this entry of the Somali political comments. It is really painful and shameful (as we have turned the last English word into the local dialect of the Arabic expression to shainful).

However, some of the Somali political comments were written in bad English. But, we could understand what we read. We hope that we find the time in the near future to re-edit the commentaries.

* Joint American Yemeni Troops Operate in HOA!

This is one of the interesting Somali political comments. The joint venture of the American-Yemeni troops came to follow the roots of the terrorist network, which spreads from Afghanistan through Yemen to the Horn of Africa.

It seems that they have forgotten the head of the terrorist snake in Sudan. The Sudanese Dictatorial Regimes continue to be part of this network. In fact they planned it even before the visit of Osama bin Laden to Sudan to built PortSudan airport and before what they called Jiddah and Mecca Conferences.

Kulmiye Leads Somaliland!

Somaliland moves with democratic procedures taking places through the elections, although the elections of June 26, 2010, (which this Somali political comment is about) were delayed for 3 years.

There is a move towards better experiences of democracy, looking forward for more recognition and support from the countries on the Gulf area and the international powers.

Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke!

Here is a brief intro about Cumar Cabdirashiid Cali Sharmaarke, the former prime mister at the time he was appointed at the post. This is his name in Somali.

Omer Sharmarke has failed to bridge the gab between the Somali clans and to facilitate the hard political tasks for Somalia to move to be a secular state.

He failed apparently because the president was a leader of an Islamic party and he wanted to use the reputation he gained internationally to get the international support he needed for his ruling party.

Since the deterioration continues with another Islamic group making the situations worse, the demands of Somalia is modernization. Read the Somali political comments on the linked page and tell use what you think.

Refugees without Borders in the Horn of Africa!

The refugees in the Horn of Africa and of course the Somali refugees are among them, live in bad conditions in the neighboring countries, such as Kenya.

Meanwhile the IDP live in misery in marginal places near or far from the capital cities and on the borders of their homelands. The examples found in Somalia, or western Sudan are enough to define the humanitarian situations.

Somali Civil War is Madness!

Why modernization is all the demands of Somalia?

The Somali political comments say it. This is because the Somali civil wars are madness. The country does not need civil wars by the name of Allah, or by the name of the Satan.

The country need the people to think of the way the war lords have damaged Somalia in the past, the way the military regimes has led the land to and the way the clans fought the war and the way the Islamic militias has destroyed and is are still destroying the country and the population all together.

Somali Famine is Over!

The World Food Program and the United Nations have declared this, as you can read on the Somali political comments. But, it is not over an drill never bee until the piracy and the civil war come to an end. Even after that, the country needs good rehabilitation program in every human field to work. It will take time for Somalia to recover.

Many Somali political comments would fill in the following points shortly.

* Wars in the Horn of Africa Create Complicated Future!

* What to Educate Somali Refugees?

* Why Somaliland Denies Refugees Rights?

* World Refugee Day, June 20!

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