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HOA Political Scene 9!
March 21, 2010

HOA's Political Scene 9

The ninth Edition, 21 March 2010

Personal Note: The updated pages on HOA's Political Scene appear always at the top of the posts at the HOA's Political Scene Blog here.

In addition, you can read the new edition of the business and love newsletter, Wise Biz, on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at Biz Marketing 56 here. Wait after marking that date in your calendar until the fall of that time at 10 PM.

I started the Wise Biz Newsletter way back in 2004 to cover business and love. However, it was on another network on 2002. This information is for new readers, as many people in my lists know it already.

I then changed it to concentrate on business. I may add the hot column of love to it for inspirational purposes only.

Do You Believe in Superstitions?

The imaginations of the military dictatorial regimes and the civil mechanical majority dictatorial regimes have failed all together to produce modern and civilized states in the Horn of Africa.

This happens because the ruling elites believe that the Sudanese people are superstitious! Unfortunately, revolutionary ruling elites in the area believe also their people to be superstitious!

However, the ruling elites have not any imagination as we know, because only the people with imagination are capable to dream and manage their dreams and make them come true by their inspirational visionary intelligence.

Walt Disney has built a wonderful world only from his imagination. Therefore, he remains a symbol of the inspirational visionary intelligence. Continue at Superstitions.

What happens at HOA since the last week?

Well, the HOA's Political Scene 9 tells you about that. I left you with the news published on March 13, 2010 and here I will continue from that date.

I began to organize the HOA's Network into many sitemaps to keep it simple for browsing and because it gets bigger and bigger faster. It reaches 27 sitemaps, which you can reach from some links below.

Some readers who proved to be loyal visitors have written some articles and comments since the last week and they share the love in this growth. Thanks to all of them.

The Frequent Updates:

March 21, 2010 – Political Sense Journal is the Site Map 14 in HOA! It is the information bank on this network, through which you can read about the political development in the Horn of Africa. It also helps you write political analyses, researches or prepares you for high degrees.

March 20, 2010 – Write About Eritrea is the site map 17 in HOA's Network! Loyal readers built the sitemap when they wrote articles and comments on pages about Eritrea. You can do this and receive gifts.

March 20, 2010 – Write About Sudan is the Site Map 21 out of 27 site maps in the HOA's Political Scene website. It includes some pages writers wrote about this country.

March 20, 2010 – Write About HOA is the site map 15. Readers read and write about HOA continuously from different perspectives! You can read good articles and comments, receive invaluable gifts for sharing your political opinion about HOA, and improve your skills.

March 17, 2010 – Political Section is the site map 12. I will revise and build it to include collective political experiences in the Africa's Horn. It highlights all relevant categories in the Horn of Africa's Political Scene. Readers have already used it to post comments there about the Horn of Africa

March 15, 2010 – Army Torturers in Sudan! "Congratulations to the Sudanese gangs who acted as the army torturers for a job well done. Your methods of torture were highly effective and both fearful", one commentator wrote here. He did not of course mean what he said. What he meant is here at Army Torturers in Sudan - Comment

March 15, 2010 – I Liked HOA's Videos! "I liked the video number 8. It is reliable. You have done a great job in the third and fourth videos. What kind of software you have used to produce those videos?", one commentator asked. The comment and my reply to the question, technically go through this link.

Readers and I will enjoy any update in this regard. Please watch the videos on the page, comment on the video that you liked most and rate it. Your RATING will help me put the best videos up on the page and drop the worst. In addition, your rating provides values to the readers. Thanks.

Before Farewell: I automate sending the HOA's Political Scene Newsletter as you know, to many of my friends through strong mailing-out system powered by the tools at the image below. These tools can send to millions of people in any list.

However, I use them in addition to my other software to send to many people in my political list and business list. The tools work comprehensively not to send messages only but to track bounces, open rates and other hidden behind the surface techniques.

Your Commitment: If you can make commitments on the weekends, you can schedule only 15 minutes to read 3 pages and another 15 minutes to post 3 comments on those 3 pages. Many thanks.

I will keep you updated to follow up and read what other people think about the entire political development in the Horn of Africa. I have great concerns on these political developments.

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