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HOAs Image Scripture!

HOAs Image Scripture continues on the collection of images with poetry scriptures to enjoy reading poems on beautiful designed images, learn and inspire to write poetry and print beautiful poetry on images to fix at home and public areas.

All of the poetry snippets are from complete poems by the poet Khalid Mohammed Osman and they are on images that you may find beautiful and interesting to use for decoration. You can even send them to people you love to enjoy them, when you Forward HOA Political Scene.

قلبي بين الهضبةِ الشرقيةِ

والنهرِ الشرقي

فأيان مرساي

ودرب اللقاءِ الطويل

بين الشرقين جرحٌ

وشوقٌ مستحيل

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هل تُخْرِجُ من هذا التيه

أطفالَ النهرِ الآتين

وحلمَ الشمسِ

وتحصد ذهبا؟

This is not the only gallery page on the Horn Africa's Network. Other galleries are on some 24 pages. The poetry couplets on pictures are also in the iBook section at the Rising Phoenix Picture Book on iTunes.

أخرجُ من بيتي ممتزجاً بالدمِ






- استباحَ يقيني وعانقني -

The poetry picture book is published by my daughter at at iTunes.

The idea I have in my mind right now is to take the snippets of poetry to publish an audiobook and then continue with images to publish the images with videos with poetry reading included. I began this with some educational videos lately to help you learn what's poetry and how to write poetry.

It might have been already published at the time you are reading this. So, make sure to check the iTunes at the provided link above to see new editions of the book.

The collection of poetry, short stories and essays are included on the HOAs Cultural Project of the HOA Political Scene Blog. The collection of poetry includes love poetry and political poetry.

يعتقني الخمرُ وينثرني ذرات

أمتشقُ حسامي

ألامسُ جمرَكِ سيدتي

يكتسبُ السيفُ لسانَ النار

أفرحُ سيدتي


يعتقني الخمرُ ويجمعني

Even political poetry snippets have some love scriptures in between the lines. The pages include: HOAs Animation Gallery| HOAs Design Gallery| HOAs Gallery| HOAs Imagery Poems| HOAs Images| HOAs Literary Scripture| HOAs Literary Works| HOAs Literature| HOAs Love Poems| HOAs Photo Gallery|

The rest of the pages are below with the Arabic section of the HOA Political Scene Blog. The sections of HOAs Image Scripture get you the complete poetry writing insights.

يعتقني الخمرُ ويجمعني






عشقاً قزحياً

.... أين منامتي عاشقتي؟

The theme of the poetry, however, is not only about love and politics. It reveals some intact ideas about life through more than 45 years of experiences, the poet has lived with many different societies.

أُحَدِثُكم بهذا البَوْح

عن جلدٍ يخرجُ منه القوتْ

عن بيتٍ ممتلئٍ...

بالرحمةِ والخبزِ يموتْ

اجتثوا منه الصوتْ

Yes, I am speaking about myself, as a poet from my second nature, as a human observer and critic to my own development. This is a new theory in critic.


حملتُ هواكِ جُرْحاً شقيّا

انتبذتُ به مكاناً شرقيا

فطلعتْ من هواي زهرةٌ

خجولةٌ ولغةٌ حييه

In addition the collection of poems have some philosophical points of views about human nature and the nature of life and the meaning of existence, consistency, exodus and some other instances of existentialism.

تطلعين من رمادِ عشقنا

الذي اكتوت بنيرانه صدورنا

وتفتحين صمتنا

وتصمتين صمتنا

- صمتنا لا يكون غير صوتنا

Read all of that through the pages above and at HOAs Photo Scripture| HOAs Picture Gallery| HOAs Poems| HOAs Poetic Pictures| HOAs Poetry| HOAs Poetry Aesthetics| HOAs Poetry Scripture| HOAs Poets Gallery| HOAs Political Poetry| HOAs Sacred Poetry| HOAs Sacred Scripture| HOAs Scripture| HOAs Verse|

تنزلين الربوةَ الفيحاءَ

وادي الزرع


"انتِ، نحن" لي "بنا"!

The Philosophy of the HOAs Image Scripture!

When it comes to politics, the poet is not individual in confrontation with dictators. He is not alone. His sweetheart is at his back. Referring to the female role in the revolution, the singular becomes plural and the plural for the poet is a construction.

In the grammar of revolution, the formulas of singular subject pronouns and object pronouns elapse into each other. The same as it happens in third world states, the singular, which refers to an individual is not just a single person, but a family. In other words, the individual is not an individual, but a family.

اختيارك العظيم سوسنه

الشمسُ برتقالةٌ

ونحن في مدارِ عشقنا




يديرُ الألسنهْ

That makes the consistency of the society. You can't find such picture in the Capital societies with Capital interests, as the individual is mere individual and it has his/her own interests, which in many cases and situations divert from that of the family. So, the deflection is not natural.

ونحن في انتصارِ عشقنا

ونحن في "نضجةِ" السنا

ونحن في إختيارِ السوسنهْ



وفكرةٌ تصب أزمنهْ

This also explains that why there are more revolutions in the third world, or the underdeveloped world and rare exact movements in the Capital world.

لم أكتبْ أسمَكِ في الزمنِ الراحل

في الأرض

الساكن في الوطنِ المتشقق

لم أكتبْه في النيلين

وكيف العشب الأخضر

 ينمو في الوجهين

There is no consistency between individuals, as every body is engaged with his own single object pronounce. Me, is just me and you, which is the "other"... well, Sartre might have been right about it.

الوجه الطلق، الأسمر طفل

والصوت حمامه

والبسمة حقل،

لأطفال النهر الآتين

في حفل "السامبا"

في عرسِ القرنِ العشرين

يا طلق النهرِ الصوفي

This is not any kind of new philosophy, although the critic in me, but not the poet admits it. The consistency of the society adheres to the rules that society has already setup to build that society. The rules draft the connectivity of the individual to the society.

أهي رعشة الأهداب

أم لثغة فيها

أم  لمحة، أم لفتة تشتيها

أم انها كانت نبيهة

فأحكمت الزنار

 علي خصر يضيق؟

At such point, the revolution builds upon the same draft, although it might fight the old society to represent a movement that carries on with what I can call the "for ever changing styles of life" and economical challenges.

أعيري هذا الجسد

افتحي بطنَ النار

يُخْرِجُ لهبا وثنيا يرقصُ

يحدِّقُ في وجهِ الغار

يدوي الطبلُ -

جسدكِ اسرار

تغتسل بدفءِ القذفِ الأول

This happens, when one of the classes continue to oppress the other. The others from the oppressing class "pay attention to Sartre at this" become the hell for the other oppressed class.

لكِ قد مشينا

فراعَنا ان البحرَ سرٌ

قد هوَيْنا... فهوِينا

في لجِّه الصخابِ فينا

But, absolutely, the consistency you read on the poetry scripture by this title is not of such ideas. It sings for the new modern and secular state, which is more socialist and which is the controversial construction to the traditional tribal and religious building of the society.


قالوا معتوه يتبعثر في الطرقات

يجني ثمر الغلب المر

قالوا ما فارق بوح الظن أنامله

لا يجد القوت

يقول الشعر

ويعرض علي الناس مباذله


حتي تكون المتاريس شوكا

حتي يكون الشوكُ مطعونا

بكلِّ القلب

تنهض دماءُ البحرِ فجرا

ويغْسِلُ الانسانُ عارَ الصلب

The traditional tribal and religious building of the society shouldn't be in these new times the formula to just take and build the state from it. This is the most destructive formula in man history. The state is a secular concept, regardless to whether there are tribes and religion.

هلا جمعتِ للسـُـري عطــرنا

بجــوفِ المــاءِ سيدتي

يذيبـُـك قَطْـــرةً

ويـطـْلِقُني أنــا

Although the new state could take the tribal formula into revolutionary instances to form social justice between the tribes of the state and to qualify for equal participation in the system, but, it shouldn't take politically absentees, retrospectives، underdeveloped and anyone with religious fundamentalism.

In the age of modern technologies and computerised touch-swipe media that make anything in the universe under your fingertips, you don't need to be lazy and you shouldn't absent.

يمدُّ ليلُنا حكايةَ الغريبِ

للغريبِ خصلةً

وخصلة ينامُ في عيونِها القمر

The ones who care of such development should be focused on the best ways to bring their societies up to coup with the development. The social revolution should coup with the development of technologies.

لا تصدمي الرياحَ

لحظةَ الشقاءِ والتعبِ

لا تجهشي، زمانُ إرثنا

في الموتِ والشغبِ

زمانُ آدمٍ جديد

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The newsletter has its literary section with some literary columns. The collection includes also other pages at HOA Political Scene.

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