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The Dynamics of HOAs Ideas Save Your World!

HOAs Ideas are simply dynamics studied after long research and planned carefully, with some specifications focusing on how to save the world through a scientific process and then create a better place everywhere in the world.

As dynamics, HOA's Ideas are mine. I veteran activist and journalist Khalid Mohammed Osman am taking global responsibilities to teach you every single detail of the specifications of his global teaching. Keep in mind, while most people are seeking, thinking and working for the money, I am working for the masses, everywhere.

If you feel the sincerity of this goal, you are obliged to yourself to join the project of the Era of the Masses and learn from its PLE. You do that by subscribing to HOA Political Scene Newsletter, confirming your subscription and distributing the posters of the project and the links of the linked pages.

All of the dynamic ideas are included on the sections of the page to read about the backgrounds of the ideas and the goals and understand your role and what you are supposed to do. Consider the page as a category page linking to dynamic ideas on many pages.

The dynamic resolution to all of our global problems are on these pages, which include, but not limited to, the real problems we have globally, and answer the following questions:

  1. What are they?
  2. When did these problems begin?
  3. Who caused them?
  4. How they affect our lives daily?
  5. What to do about them?
  6. How to solve them?

A Comparative Study Between Eritreans and Sudanese Regarding HOAs Ideas!

The combination of the following ideas makes dynamics in the masses' movement and that has been experienced and proven in the results, or the outcomes of the ideas.

However, there are somethings to mention here. The dynamics are perfect, but the responsive attitudes diver from people to people.

There are some people who are wide open to new ideas and active to implement them and there are some other lazy people who're not openminded to recognize how those ideas can change their lives positively, especially when they are well-aware of some conspiracies against them.

In this regard, I compared between the Eritrean people and the Sudanese people and according to long time experiences in the revolution fields in the two states, I found the Eritrean people are revolutionists and the Sudanese are not.

The Eritreans have engaged in the revolution since the 1880s during the colonization era and they developed the revolution to organize through the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF), while the Sudanese are calcined like remaining bones.

They fail every time they revolt and respond positively to conspiracies against them. They are afraid to engage in real socialist revolution. They are hindered by religious beliefs and they are submitting themselves to the devil.

Every active Sudanese who engaged in the Sudanese revolution has ideas of his own and acting egoistic not to follow any ideas from another person, even the given person is experienced in the field and has strong stand on it. The revolution is not a prosperous "tumbak" store in the corner, everyone else wants to open one store like it.

The Eritreans have followed the plans of the Martyr's Tree and through many active engagement I led them to plant more than 5,000,000 Martyr's Trees and to establish the national Eritrean environment organization.

* Continue the comparative study on my book "Horn Africa's Political Tragedy". Get it form Apple Books.

The first part of the book gets you to know and capture the insights of the comparative study. It goes of course, further to highlight and analyze the political development in the region historically following the roots of the crises.

The First influencers of HOAs Ideas are the Eritrean Revolution in (1970s) and the Dynamic Ideas of the Eritrean Martyr's Tree ...

The Second influencers of HOAs Ideas are the Dynamic Ideas of the Sudanese Revolution ...

The Third influencers of HOAs Ideas are the Dynamic Ideas of the Sudanese Martyr's Tree ...

The Fourth influencers of HOAs Ideas are the 3 Mechanisms of the Sudanese Revolution ...

The Fifth influencers of HOAs Ideas are the Dynamic Ideas to Unfold the Conspiracies of the Muslim Brothers, the Founders of International Terrorism ...

HOAs Ideas in Other Languages!

* Japanese: - Invitation to Comments 165: ダイナミックなアイデア流行、有害廃棄物、細菌、核および化学兵器による気候変動は、あらゆる場所で大衆を脅かしています。 世界的な大衆は、これらすべてに終止符を打つべきです。 大衆時代のLPEは、これらすべての解決策です。 それは世界を良くする唯一のプロセスです。 ベテラン活動家、ジャーナリスト、詩人(ハリドモハメッドオスマン)が提供しています

The connotation of the Japanese description is: Climate change due to epidemics, hazardous waste, bacteria, nuclear and chemical weapons threatens the public everywhere. The global public should put an end to all of this. Popular era LPE is the solution to all of these. It's the only process that makes the world better. Offered by veteran activists, journalists, and poets (Harid Mohammed Othman).

The original text is: Climate change with its epidemics, hazardous waste and bacterial, nuclear and chemical weaponry threaten the masses everywhere. The global masses should put an end to all of this. The LPE of the masses era is the solution to all of this. It is the only process to make the world better. Veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman provides it.

I don't how "with" means "due", "Khalid" becomes "Harid" and "masses era" becomes "popular era" in Japanese?

* Korean: - Invitation to Comments 166: 역동적 인 아이디어: 우리 대중은 고전적 정당의 지배 엘리트들이 만들어 낸 우리 공장의 문제를 대중의 LPE를 중심으로 모아 고전 체제의 시대를 끝내고 대중의 시대를 건설함으로써 우리 공장의 문제를 해결합니다. 베테랑 활동가, 언론인 및 시인 칼리드 모하메드 오스만에게서 LPE의 전략과 기술을 살펴보세요.

The explanation of this Korean description is: Our public solves the problems of our factory by putting the problems of our factory created by the ruling elites of classical political parties around the public's LPE, ending the era of the classical system and building the era of the masses. Explore LPE's strategies and skills from veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohamed Ottoman.

The original version is: We the masses solve our plant's problems, which have been created by the ruling elites of classic political parties, by getting together around the LPE of the Masses to end the era of the classic systems and build the era of the masses. Take the strategies and techniques of the LPE from veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

See the differences and if you were Korean, help us put this right.

* Latvian: - Dinamiskās Idejas: Klasisko politisko partiju valdošās elites politika sāp katru cilvēku neatkarīgi no tā, kur viņš dzīvo. Saindētās planētas un mūsu problēmu risinājums ir masu rokās! Masām ir nepieciešama masu laikmeta LPE, lai pasaule darbotos pareizi un droši.

The insights of the Latvian description are: The politics of the ruling elite of classical political parties hurt everyone, no matter where they live. Poisoned planets and the solution to our problems are in the hands of the masses! The masses need mass-era LPE for the world to function properly and safely.

The original version is: The policies of the ruling elites of the classic political parties hurt every single person, wherever he lives. The solution to poisoned planet and our problems is in the hands of the masses! The masses need the LPE of the masses era to get the world running right and safely.

* Latvian: - Latvijas Dinamiskās Perspektīvas: Klimats tiek ievainots, un līdz ar sniega pazušanu tas izraisa epidēmijas. Tas ir rezultāts klasisko politisko partiju valdīšanai ar valdošo eliti. Lai sāktu masu, nevis klasisko politisko partiju laikmetu, domājiet globāli, rīkojieties lokāli. Izmantojiet aktīvā veterāna, žurnālista un dzejnieka Halida Mohameda Osmana nodarbības Āfrikas raga tīklā.

The interpretation of this Latvian description is: The climate is being hurt, and with the disappearance of the snow, it is causing epidemics. This is the result of the rule of classical political parties with the ruling elite. To start the age of the masses, not the classical political parties, think globally, act locally. Use the lessons of active veteran, journalist and poet Halid Mohamed Osman in the Horn of Africa Network.

The original version is: Climate gets hurt and it brings epidemics with the disappearance of the snow. This is the outcome of the rule of classic political parties with the ruling elites. "Think Globally, Act Locally" to launch the era of the masses, instead of the era of classic political parties. Take the lessons of veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman at the Horn of Africa's Network.

There are few mistakes between the two versions, nut the general meaning is OK.

* Latvian: - Latvijas Dinamiskie Atzinumi: Klasisko politisko partiju valdošās elites klasiskās sistēmas nodara lielu kaitējumu mūsu planētai. Ko jūs darīsit par to kā indivīds, kurš jūtas vājš?

Vai jums nav drosmes?

Vai jums nav plānu?

Nav spēka?

Man ir viss, un es pēc ētikas un metodēm iemācīšu jums, kā glābt mūsu planētu un kā būt spēcīgākajam pasaules pilsonim kopā ar citiem. Pievienojieties masu projekta jaunajam laikmetam. Izmantojiet veidlapu Sazināties ar mums.

The meaning of the Latvian description is: Classic Systems of the Ruling elites of classic political parties are doing a lot of damage to our planet. What are you going to do about it, as an individual who feels weak?

Don't have courage?

Don't have plans?

Don't have strength?

I have all and I'll teach you by ethics and methods how to save our planet and how to be the strongest  Citizen of the World with others. Join the New Era of the Mass Project. Use Contact Us form.

* Latvian: - Latvijas Dinamiskā Domāšana: Mēs esam masas, mēs ievēlam valdības, ja vien tās nedarbojas mūsu labā, tāpēc mēs pārņemam varu un mainām politiskās sistēmas TAGAD. Mēs to darām, īstenojot politisko mācību ar masu laikmeta LPE metodēm, kuras nodrošina aktīvs veterāns, žurnālists un dzejnieks Halids Mohameds Osmans.

The summary of this Latvian description is: We are the masses, we elect governments, as long as they don't work for us, so we take power and change political systems NOW. We do that by implementing the political teaching with the masses era's LPE's methods provided by veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

Hate, or Like HOAs Ideas?

I am open to critiques. Tell me whether you hated or liked HOAs Ideas on comments and why. Provide details, for discussions. Use the form below.

Since global deterioration has signs of Climate Change and results of Climate Change on public health everywhere, you might be interested to read about many places affected by it on In addition, get more of HOAs Ideas on

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