Do You Believe in Superstitions? HOA is Full of Them!

The Horn of Africa is full of superstitions, although they spread from Nigeria across Sudan to India! They even nest in the political systems.

The imaginations of the military dictatorial regimes and the civil mechanical majority dictatorial regimes have failed all together to produce modern and civilized states in the Horn of Africa.

This happens because the ruling elites believe that the Sudanese people are superstitious! Unfortunately, revolutionary ruling elites in the area believe also their people to be superstitious!

However, the ruling elites here and there have not any imagination as we know, because only the people with imagination are capable to dream and manage their dreams and make them come true by their inspirational visionary intelligence.

Walt Disney has built a wonderful world only from his imagination. Therefore, he remains a symbol of the inspirational visionary intelligence.

In spite of the fact that our societies are full of superstitions, but the people become wise day after day to throw the influence of superstitions to the sea, I reckon. Why they throw it to the sea, you may ask.

I would certainly like to hear you laughing, fellow from the depth a (clever laughter) that breathes all your pain away, and throw it not to the sea, but to the river, as the river is the symbol in our real lives and our dreams.

If you heard that Indian song that goes: "The Great King is my mother; the Himalaya is my father", you will get this vision. However, the king the song meant is the Ganges River or the Ganges Delta or Ganga River, where merchants cross from Allahabad selling amulets.

Does this seem like that the superstitions flow from Nigeria and cross Sudan until India?

Is Sudan the transit port of superstitions?

Regardless to these two questions, and to continue the superstition, people throw it to the sea, may be to entice Nereus to send them his Nereids one by one to enrich their lives on the Earth.

Was this another laughter? I heard it!

However, when you throw any superstition, you feel to the river; of course, this is only superstition you are throwing to the Nile not your daughter; you will clean it by the fresh water to reach the sea pure, and so it can work well on Nereus's daughters.

Was this a third laughter? I heard it!

If we watched one of the Zars, then we would probably come out with the impression that the supernatural power which are Genies or spirits in this situation makes many people in the circle absorbed by the flame of the hidden power.

The prospect should order and the hearers should obey. The obsession works through weak imagination to make the prospect absorbed in that mode.

In another different situation, tombs as notion of false beliefs used to be signs for some followers who are even very poor people to donate money for them. They make people fearful, weak and very obedient to their masters. If those masters become leaders and ruling elites, that fear will follow to tie the people by this servitude.

In reality and dreams, false beliefs always make people either fearful or unsure. As people always search for guidance through some beliefs or great power, the supernatural power makes them weak in its presence.

It is likely that the ruling elites know this fact and therefore they use this medium to increase the fear of the people from one side and to make them belief on them as shadows of this supernatural power on the Earth.

I hope this superstition was interesting. I only meant it as a food for the journey. I hope it will be a long journey, with love, health and prosperity to you and yours from the deepest of my heart.

* Reference:

¤ Nereus was the God of the sea. In the Greek mythology, he was the eldest son of Pontus / the Sea and Gaia / the Erath. I hope you will understand the ties in the articles between the earth and the sea. However, we need the river to reach the sea!

¤ Nereids were the daughters of the God of the Sea.

¤ All this may refer by a way or another to the rich life and integrity of cultures the Greek community had in Sudan once. I love them and call them to come back. Opening the borders is the only way to maintain global vision, in this time of hardliners' rules.

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