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HOA Political Scene 14!
April 25, 2010

HOA's Political Scene 14

The fourteenth Edition, 25 April 2010

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Are the African Peacekeeping Forces in Somalia up to the Crises?

We have new comments on the political development in Somalia in the HOA's Political Scene 14 to read and enjoy commenting on them.

The entry of the newest comment is at

It is about the African Peacekeeping Forces in Somalia and whether they are carrying their missions sufficiently or not. However, here are some lines about the African Peacekeeping process in Somalia.

Starting from 19 January 2007, the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) has extended until June 2009 and then took over from the Ethiopian forces to continue its 7 point-tasks.

The mission has many tasks. However, it is only from the late news people could know that the mission failed significantly in spite of all the actions taken on the media levels.

The 7 point-tasks includ:
  1. Support dialogue and reconciliation in Somalia, working with all stakeholders.
  2. Provide protection to TFIs and key infrastructures to enable them carry out their functions.
  3. Assist in the implementation of the National Security and Stabilisation Plan (NSSP).
  4. Provide technical assistance and other support to the disarmament and stabilization efforts.
  5. Monitor the security situation in areas of operation.
  6. Facilitate humanitarian operations including repatriation of refugees and IDPs.
  7. Protect AMISOM personnel, installations and equipment, including self-defence.
Building new African peacekeeping forces is necessary without the participation of Ethiopia and Eritrea to avoid complications. The African Union is obliged to take new steps to revive the peace process in Somalia. The 7 point-tasks are not enough for the devastated country. The solution should be by the size of the destruction.

It is not a matter of interfering in the country. It is a matter of bringing the insane to sanity. It is necessary also to study the failure of these forces since 19 January 2007 to come up with new accurate methods to treat the Somali complicated case.

Since the United Nations Operation in Somalia (UNOSOM1) in 24 April 1992 was failed, it is necessary for the AU to establish a strong new phase with new goals to enforce peace in Somalia. There is no excuse as not to take new plans.

The mandate of the African forces should authorize a strong confrontation to the rebels and ensure that the government will not fire any weapon.

The framework through which they can control the weapons and even disarm the rebels later could be available again if they build strong African forces to take place on the zones between the government forces and the rebels.

Strong marching African forces inside the erupted zones will stop the fighting and then treat the rebels well to disarm them.

Let me hear your voice, read your comments or come share me a cheers! I have only milk today, but of course not a camel milk ;-) I have enough Vitamin C and Insulin.

Burundian Peacekeepers Unit in Somalia -
Burundian Peacekeepers Unit in Somalia

What happens at HOA since the last week?

Well, the HOA's Political Scene 14 comes this week with the following updates, in addition of course to the article above. You read the news last week that ended on April 18, 2010 and here I will continue from that date.

Thanks to our loyal readers, we have more motivated people here to share their opinions and write useful comments. Thanks also to the new susbcribers to the mailing lists both at the HOA's Political Scene Network and the Wise Biz Newsletter. We hope to see more motivated and active sharing.

Once more again fellows, if it is about the convenient language to you, just write in your native language and I will take care of the rest. You can write in Arabic or even in Tigrinya and Amharic. I will test the techniques available for non-Latin characters and get back to you with some suggestions. Thanks.

The Frequent Updates:

Apr 19, 2010 – LRA's ghost seems to frighten Uganda while the government prepares earily for the coming election.

Apr 19, 2010 – Uganda prepares for good multi-party system. Challenges under the Ugandan political bridge encourage politicians to cross it safely. However, some people still fear LRA's ghost.

Apr 21, 2010 – Political Magic! How the political magic of the political chair counts in the Horn of Africa? The political chair has strong effects on the ruling elites. It is not the magical moment to real development that counts, but the magic of the chair.

Apr 22, 2010 – DAFI is an educational programme provided by Germany. The UNHCR leads the Somali DAFI education programme to educate Somali refugees in Kenya. Since the Somali refugees in Kenya need education, the Somali DAFI graduates began to teach Somali refugees in camps there. However, Somalis need also educational programs at home to stop the madness of killing themselves.

Apr 23, 2010 – What to Educate Somali Refugees? This could be a good question about the DAFI education programme. There are some comments on this programme at the page here. However, nothing is seemingly clear as what education should those Somali refugees have. If it were the alphabetical education, as to read and write only, that would be a waste of time, money and hope to build new modern citizenship.

Apr 23, 2010 – Somali Displaced People (IDPs) in Mogadishu feel trapped in the shelling of the government and the Somali rebels. They lack adequate international aids so they face threats of famine and diseases. Watch the video and bring your comment on it in.

Apr 23, 2010 – They Shoot Horses in Sudan! The word (Horse) becomes a political term. It is not a personal antagonizing word. It does not reveal a personal intention to antagonize somebody, either.

Apr 23, 2010 – Political News, briefs and comments are here. Comment on the political news regarding the political events in the Horn of Africa. Some comments intend to analyze the political development in this geopolitical area.

Apr 25, 2010 – Somali Civil War is Madness! I think what happens in Somalia is madness. Islam has nothing to do with it, as I understood from my Muslim friends that their religion forbids not only the killings, but also forbids scaring others.

Apr 25, 2010 – Interesting Sudanese Politics! I have been wondering since long time ago about the abilities of the Sudanese opposition to be the best alternative to this dictatorial regime.

Apr 25, 2010 – Who, He Does Not Love Political Power and the wealth? Apparently, and of course because of their conducts until now, they are all after the political chair and the wealth. Let the people "eat hay" after that! The Arabic saying is prominent here.

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I will keep you updated to follow up and read what other people think about the entire political development in the Horn of Africa. I have great concerns on these political developments.

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