HOAs Influencers Include You!

The first thing you will realize form HOAs Influencers is that the term "influencer" isn't commercial at all, as most the business people and commercials online use this term frequently to convince and lead other prospects to buy commercial products. I think all of the world is focusing on this. So, the influencers of HOA are different. They are humane and not commercial at all. They work in a different perspective than this business mode.

hoa-politicalscene.com/hoas-influencers.html - Strategies & Tactics of Masses Era: HOA's Influencers: The world is facing increasingly serious problems after the end of the Cold War era.hoa-politicalscene.com/hoas-influencers.html - The Strategies and Tactics of the Masses Era: HOA's Influencers: The world is facing increasingly serious problems after the end of the Cold War era. These problems began politically with the destruction of large countries and their division into warring states in which the war claimed millions of lives, and after that, environmental problems began to sabotage the Eco / System and produce global warming, climate change and melting ice. The melting of the ice with other affects of hazardous waste and weaponry led to the spread of dangerous epidemics such as the Coronavirus disease COVID-19.

The Right Understanding of HOA's Influencers!

So, what are the influencers of HOA and how they are very different from business and commercial  influencers?

I didn't anticipate, but, I am quite sure that would be your question, after reading the first statement. Right?

There are two different kinds of HOA's Influencers. The first influencers are humans and the second influencers are everything else that harm humans (e.g destruction of international balance of power and destruction of the ecosystem). These two events have brought the world into unpredictable misfortunes.

So, let me unfold the issue... you are my focus, as one member of the world masses and you will discover soon, why I am focusing on you, as a human value, called also human asset in the human development of human beings. I care about you, even though I don't know you personally. But, the value is that I know you are a human like me and might be also humane because you are caring about other human beings.

This is the mission of developing human dynamics from some dynamic ideas I started to work with since the seventieth, when I discovered those ideas and the human values they have in common to work out some public project for the masses. That's because I believe in the masses. They are my FAITH. So, I spent whole of my life working for them.

At that time, since the seventieth my focus was on the regional masses in Africa, while my eyes were peeling also at the global masses. For example, peeling at human issues concerning Black Americans and that was natural, because as they called they are also African Americans.

But, not only the human issues in that continent, my eyes were peeling also at human issues in the Middle East and the Far East, which is "farthest" and which has been denoted the 12th century.

The historical background of the Far East says that the world knew it since the 16th century, when the Portuguese King John  described India as a rich country in the Far East, but the British during the colonization period after that to consider it all the lands east to British India.

Anyway, HOA's Influencers are focusing on the masses everywhere in the world, because humans are mostly humans and they are the top values in life, as everything in life is for them and it works for them, since life began on earth. The earth itself is their place during life and during death.

Have you ever thought of that?

So, the ERATH is as important as planet to the presence of humans on it. The atmosphere and the other seven panels (Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus and Venus) in the solar system, as well as the ecosystem and the solar system are important to the existence of human on Earth.

Any negative impacts, or deleterious effect on any of these planets harm life on EARTH. So, it harms humans.

From such angle, and so this is one of the influencers of HOA. Negative impacts, or deleterious effects started ti happen during the Cold War era and exacerbated after the end of the Cold War, by an unpredictable harmful industrial products, nuclear industries and unwise space invasion.  

So, the earth is burning and the skies and the atmosphere are poisoned by industrial carbon dioxide, hazardous waste and microbial, nuclear and chemical weaponry.

What are you going to do about it, as an individual?

"Think Globally, Act Locally". This is the concern, as well as one of the HOA's Influencers you need urgently to connect with me, veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman to teach you how to save the world with other people like you. Connect to the Horn of Africa's Network.

There is nothing commercial for you here. There is only YOU, as a human value and your interests between the lines. I just hope that dear fellow human to see the sincerity and how this is so sentimental, as well as so ethical and moral and humane.

I elect you to stand up for your human values with me.

Other Important HOA's Influencers!

As I stated somewhere here on HOA's Influencers, the human influencers were the regional masses.  Through my experiences in this field, I found that the combined influencers are the human influencers and material influencers and my mass expertise as personal influencers.

You will realize the role of each of these human influencers and material influencers and my mass expertise influencers on the following sections of HOA's Influencers. You will also realize that the material influencers are dynamic ideas and therefore this indicates the content of many pages about dynamic ideas even in more than 30 languages, making the bilingual Global Dynamics of the Horn of Africa's Network

In fact, the material influencers are dynamic patriot assets that make some people, well... some of the masses stand up so different from others for their human values... masses like the Eritrean people.

This will prove to you how they participated in masses projects I planed for them and led them through to implement these projects, as it will prove to you how dynamics, like the dynamics ideas I always invent work to prove that they are the right ones for the masses anywhere. You get the dynamics in the sections below.

As Dynamics, HOAs Influencers have Implemented Masses' Projects!

The values, as long as the assets of people were the focus for HOAs Influencers and as well the first set of factors of HOAs Influencers. This will get you the idea that such influencers are dynamical and applicable for the rest of the masses in the world.

This item specially, is the one that makes HOAs Influencers open worldwide, with the dynamics they have for the global masses to build the systems of the masses and launch the era of the masses.

HOAs Influencers are Used to Lead the Eritrean Masses to Plant More than 5,000,000 Eritrean Martyr's Trees ...

HOAs Influencers Worked to Mobilize the Sudanese Revolution ...

HOAs Influencers Invited the Dynamics of the Sudanese Martyr's Tree ...

HOAs Influencers Created 3 Mechanisms for the Sudanese Revolution ...

HOAs Influencers I Used to Unfold the Conspiracies of the Muslim Brothers, the Founders of International Terrorism ...

Your First Step to Be One of HOAs Influencers & Lead the Mass Movement To Victory!

Evidently, HOAs Influencers have worked good enough as dynamics to create a mass movement. This indication is os good regarding the dynamics I have to create a global mass movement and lead that mass movement to the victory of the masses. I am not alone.

You with all of your human values are with me. Right?

Veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

You first step in the movement of the global masses is to signup for HOA Political Scene Newsletter, confirm your subscription and say you are with me on the form at Contact Us. Then Forward HOA Political Scene with the link of this page to your friends, tell them that you are going to make them hero in man history and let them do the same first steps you have done to get people together. Thanks.

HOAs Influencers in Other Languages!

* Swedish: hoa-politicalscene.com/dynamiska-ideer.html - Dynamiska idéer: Varje enskild person skadas av de klassiska politiska partiernas styrande eliter! Lösningen på förgiftad planet och våra problem ligger i massornas händer! Massorna behöver LPE för masstiden för att få världen att köra rätt och säkert. LPE för massan är en intellektuell immateriella rättigheter av veteranaktivisten, journalisten och poeten Khalid Mohammed Osman.

The connotation of the Swedish description is: Every single person is harmed by the ruling elites of the classical political parties! The solution on the poisoned planet and our problems is in the hands of the masses! The masses need LPE for mass time to make the world run right and safely. LPE for the Mass is intellectual property rights of veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

* Swedish: hoa-politicalscene.com/svenska-dynamiska-perspektiv.html - Svenska Dynamiska Perspektiv: Världens massor får inte vila så länge dessa ekonomiska, hälso-, natur-, politiska och sociala problem är försvårande, och de måste samlas kring målen för massorna som jag har planerat i flera år för att få massorna i världen att få det initiativ som jag erbjuder dem genom massornas LPE.

The explanation of this Swedish description is: The masses of the world must not rest as long as these economic, health, natural, political and social problems are exacerbated, and they must gather around the goals of the masses that I have been planning for years to get the masses of the world to take the initiative that I offer them through the LPE of the masses.

Thinking Positively about HOAs Influencers?

If so, write comments on HOAs Influencers. Please, complete all of the fields of the form by the required information. It is secure.

* Read about places, which are deliberately inflicted by climate change, as one of HOAs Influencers on 100-beautiful-places-in-the-world.com.

* Watch real life movies and other documentaries on climate change, and maybe some facts you read only on HOAs Influencers at TVCinemaApp.com.

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