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Foreign Arab Powers Plan Sudanese Conspiracies!

The Sudanese Conspiracies are planned against Sudan and godfathered by the Egyptian totalitarian regime and the totalitarian monarchies of the Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Arabic version is on Sudanese Political Conspiracies.

The Sudanese nationals abroad and inside Sudan know all of these conspiracies against their homeland very well. What comes next will be very hard for those three conspiring regimes, as they are still using some national agents and foreign mercenaries in Khartoum to carry out their conspiracies against an independent land.

The international community should boycott and impose embargo on Egyptian regime and the totalitarian monarchies of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, if there is still any international conscience in our planet.

The conspiring national agents are in what's called Sudanese Transitional Military Council (STMC) that have assumed power through a false coup plotted by the leader of the totalitarian regime, Omar al-Bashir against himself to stop the Sudanese intifada against him.

The coup has taken place when the strong Sudanese intifada that demands the step-down of the dictator made him aware to plan for one of his army leaders called Awad Ibn-auof to take power, as vice-president. Once that hasn't succeeded, he resigned and another coup by the STMC has taken place to replace the fallen regime.

Who's Engaging in the Sudanese Conspiracies?

The foreign mercenaries are what's called Janjaweed. Al-Bshir has organized this group by using mercenaries from Cameron, Chad, Central Africa, Mali, Niger and Nigeria's Boko Haram to protect his regime. He did that when the Janjaweed militias succeeded to commit the massacres in Darfur.

He planned for them the way to execute the genocides in the western Sudan. They did the first genocide that has been reported to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Then they did the second genocide during the uprising of 2019.

So, the first and second genocides in Darfur had been a training to commit more genocides somewhere else in the heart of Sudan, especially that the International Criminal Court (ICC) couldn't achieve any progress in the first reported genocide, done also by what's deciesivly called Darfur rebels and announced as Darfur crisis to take those criminals into custody.

Despite the fact that Omar al-Basher has committed the first and second genocides with some of his colleagues as announced to be accountable by the ICC in the first genocide, most of the Sudanese Conspiracies in fact are not purely Sudanese plots, meaning that they are not all done by national elements.

Not so many national elements that plan these Sudanese plots against the Sudanese people in their land to violate the honor of their homeland, as we see today through the circumstances of the existence of Sudan under the occupation of the Janjaweed.

The phenomenon of the virtual coup d'état was organized to thwart the Sudanese intifada movement, which has continued since December last year, before the Sudanese protests achieve their full objectives and in order to preserve the infrastructure of the collapsed dictatorship.

The self-plotted coup was planned also to build upon the infrastructure of the collapsed dictatorship of Omar al-Basir, the criminal who's wanted by the International Tribunal Court (ICC) with other criminals accounted for the massacres committed by the Janjaweed in Darfur.

The leader of the Janjaweed who's a foreign person has been appointed as a vice-president of the STMC. That's a good indication to the fact that there is hidden fingers behind the Sudan's political scene pointing this military council to do what he does.

Thus, the so-called military council implements the policies at this stage in Sudan based on orders it receives from the leadership of the collapsed regime, which leads its steps in secret behind the Sudanese political scene and from three countries, namely Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, which help the council to thwart the Sudanese revolution.

These three conspiratorial countries play at the same time to support the Janjaweed, who are in fact the ones who control the Sudan. The Janjaweed protect the military junta with the presence of the head of the mercenary forces in the TMC as vice-president, although mercenary forces are foreign forces that were assembled from African countries and organized during the period of the military religious regime.

The Sudanese Conspiracies are Initiated from the Islamist Conspiracy Theory!

These Sudanese political intrigues, which have now unfolded, are only the last part of the conspiracy theory underlying the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Sudan wing.

The international community, including the Sudanese society, is characterized by deep ignorance of the internal Muslim Brothers' conspiracy theory that has been waged against Sudan since the establishment of the Sudan branch of the Muslim Brothers in the 1940s.

This Sudanese conspiracy, which I am the Sudanese journalist Khaled Mohammed Osman have written about many times, did not mature fully until after the penultimate break-up of the Muslim Brotherhood coup organized by the Sudan branch of what was known as the National Islamic Front (NIF) during what was known as democracy in Sudan. That was the democracy I have described as "dis-ogracy".

That conspiracy theory of the Muslim Brotherhood has several aspects that have been planned through the various political stages in Sudan to reflect negatively on the Sudan's political scene. In fact, the current political experience in Sudan proved that these stages represented the strategic and tactical development of the Muslim Brotherhood‫.‬

I have already described this organization in many political articles as an octopus of political organization, as evidenced by the progress of the method of using the policy of octopus arms and the method of burning the political stages in the country for the sake of the Muslim Brotherhood to remain in power in Sudan.

Not only that but also in order to be in the leadership of political stages in the shade, and then burn the political stages to burn the Sudanese sectarian parties. These policies and strategies were brilliantly planned, and even reached the stage of conspiracies, through which the latest Sudanese conspiracies led us to the situation of the occupation of the Janjaweed to the country.

My Undertaking to Unfold the Sudanese Conspiracies!

To illustrate all this, let us go back to history, which appears in the summary of what I call "False History / Deceptive Geography" in one of two prefaces I have written for my book "Horn Africas Political Tragedy", which I referenced from the background of old articles dating back to the early 1970s and some other articles dated to the mid-nineties.

These articles exploded like springs in my memory during the outbreak of the second phase of the last Ethio-Eritrean wars in the mid-nineties of the last century. The old articles were specific to the position of the "False History / Deceptive Geography", and where those old articles follow the African tendency in their philosophical approaches and backgrounds.

In fact, what I have written in the preface of the political book was the fundamental political problems in Sudan, which have been ignored in all the copies of the so-called constitution, whether being the constitution of democracies that swept the political stages led by the Sudanese sectarian parties or the constitutions of the Sudanese dictatorial regimes.

The problem of South Sudan exploded in the context of the post-independence arrangements for Sudan. It is evidence of what is presented in this presentation. It is also evidence of this philosophical political indicator in my initial writings as much as I am the Sudanese journalist Khalid Mohammed Osman concerned of and as long as I am still alive.

For all that I mentioned, the deep ignorance of the international community, including the Sudanese society, of the internal Sudanese conspiracy theory that has been woven against Sudan since the establishment of the Sudan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1940s, enabled the Muslim Brotherhood to continue and plan more Sudanese Conspiracies.

All of that has helped the Muslim Brotherhood to play brilliantly to guide the political stages, to accomplish the following:

This is how the Muslim Brotherhood reached the stage of empowerment, during their religious military regime, led by Omar al-Bashir. Then to continue playing with the Sudanese conspiracy theory of their own and the policy of the octopus arms, Omar al-Bshir organized the National Congress Party.

The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sudan's wing Hassan al-Turabi, played on this stage to be out of the regime he brought to power through the 1989 coup and organized another party called the Sudan People's Conference Party to pretend opposition to the regime he brought to power through the coup.

Foreign Fingers Move the Sudanese Conspiracies Behind the Scene!

However, the Muslim Brotherhood, who are leading these political stages in Sudan, and so far, are not only dependent on their organizational members at home, but they also benefit from the services offered by the Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the Middle East, the terrorist groups in the region and the puppet regimes in Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf countries that support the global terror network.

They created the global terror network through the Hajj conferences in Saudi Arabia, to implement the US plans, to strike the Soviet presence in Afghanistan. In addition to this they benefit from the network of African mercenaries that they have organized in the so-called Janjaweed forces, which practiced massacres against the Sudanese people in Darfur, burned their villages, looted their properties and raped many women.

These are the crimes that have been recorded by the International Court of Justice (ICC), which have been demanding that Omar al-Bashir and his co-accused be handed over to trial, the same measures the United States has maneuvered to derail the ICC's decision in the context of its policies for further gains from Sudan's complex situation.

This complicated internal political situation in Sudan is what made the US administration seek through its intermediaries in the region to increase its complexity by linking Sudan to the axis of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the face of the axis of Qatar and Iran. This makes the internal Sudanese conspiracies extend to external regional conspiracies and international conspiracies, none of which is of interest to Sudan.

Sudan has no interest of any of these conspiracies because they increase the political complexities at home. As the Muslim Brotherhood in the totalitarian power realized that all of these conspiracies will help them control Sudan further, they entered to play in accordance with that with the regional countries.

They did that, especially when the Sudanese rising people continued to pose a new challenge and even a threat to the fascist regime in the popular cohesion witnessed by the Sudanese uprising in all Sudanese regions, especially during the last sit-in, which have demonstrated determination and a new approach, which could bring down the Muslim Brothers who have succeeded until this moment to continue for 30 years.

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