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Join the Sudanese National Anger Day on Friday, June 30!
June 28, 2017

The HOA's Political Scene Notes 20 is here with a question and an answer… What else after the Sudanese civil disobedience?

Obviously, another action to setup the Sudanese revolution! Here we see it coming… through the Sudanese national anger on Friday, June 30, 2017. It is the Sudanese National Anger Day. Therefore the hashtag goes as #30_June_Sudanese_Anger_Day.

The Sudanese national anger escalates every day to the top. 28 years of totalitarianism, and not only a stand alone totalitarianism, but combined with terrorism, this makes it difficult for Sudanese to bear it any longer.

It has been quite a long time since the last updates of the HOA Political Scene Newsletter and I am sure you know that a lot of waters have since then ran under the political bridge in the Horn of Africa and specially in Sudan, the most vulnerable state in the region... Ok, I am letting this talk to the issue 21 of the HOA’s Notes. So, please, read the details about this in the next issue of the HOA Political Scene Notes 21. I’ll send it after this soon.

The criminal and his criminal regime is still wanted by the ICC. Meanwhile, the Sudanese Anger escalates to the top. At this level, we organised the Sudanese National Anger Day, which I hope will get rid of this dirt we have in Sudan and become a good liberation Memorial Day for the Sudanese people.

What is your duty regarding this?

If you are a Sudanese abroad (this newsletter goes to some thousands of readers and it has some readers from other countries… so you understand what has been said), I say, if you are abroad you are obliged to yourself to have a historical positive response to the national call to participate actively in the Sudanese National Anger Day and activate the hashtag #30_June_Sudanese_Anger_Day and the Arabic hashtag #30يونيو_يوم_الغضب on the social media.

If you work with any group, organise it to participate in the activities. If you don’t, so make a group and get the members involved in the Sudanese National Anger Day. Read about it in Arabic at يوم الغضب السوداني الساطع.‬

Print the note and the appeal with the signatory list from the page "تحالف قوي المعارضة السودانية بالداخل والخارج يتقدم بمذكرة دولية ضد النظام السوداني الديكتاتوري", or Sudan 24x24 and take it, or send it to the embassy of Sudan in your country and to the UN organisations and the human rights organisations.

Print the slogans from Sudanese National Anger Day and carry any one, or two of them when you march expressing your anger on the 30th of June.

Until here, see you later. I am very busy and have just a few hours to write the statement of the Sudanese Abu Damac group for this occasion.

Thank you very much and long live Sudanese people and long live the one million square mile land.

Please, like the page, or tweet it, or pin the images on the network and share it with all your friends. Supporting this network is a support to your cause. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely,

Khalid Osman

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