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Somali Political Articles to Discover the Root Causes of the Crises!

The Somali Political Articles make the primary site map 6 C on this network. There are here to read the right political analyses to the Somali crises, so you could discover the root causes of the tragicomedy in East Africa and write your political views.

It is important to say that we have many site maps for each country in the Horn of Africa and East Africa, so you could browse the page by topics and read what you want to read.

But, it is very important to get the trace of your feet here (in fact the trace of your mind) before you leave the page. You do that by only commenting, or writing (in depth) your political views.

The Somali Political Articles Index!

Abdurrahman Ali Ahmed Tuur was the first president in Somaliland. He was appointed as president by the Somali National Movement (SNM) when the movement defeated the remaining fractions of Mohammed Siad Barre's army in 1991.

However, the first president of Somalia was Aden Abdullah Osman Daar who died in June 16, 2007, in Nairobi, the capital city on Kenya in the age of 99. He took the post from July 1, 1960, to June 10, 1967.

* Brief History of Somalia - At that time, Somalia was known as the Somali Republic. He was followed by Abdirrashid Ali Sharmarke (June 10, 1967 - October 15, 1969), and Mukhtar Mohammed Hussein (October 15, 1969 - October 21, 1969), as interim president for a short period.

Then Mohammed Siad Barre, the chairman of the Supreme Revolutionary Council led his coup to take the power from October 21, 1969, to July 1, 1976 and also continued from that date until January 26, 1991, as president of the Somali Democratic Republic.

After the Somali civil war, the devastated country was ruled by different president leading the Somali interim and transitional governments.

DAFI - Germany has funded the initiative to educate the Somali refugees in Kenya, so they could depend on themselves to live and educate other refugees to live in good conditions.

The initiative has started with hope and continued to get many Somalis involved. Some graduates have already began to teach other Somali refugees.

Omer Sharmarke Omer Sharmarke is the son of Abdirrashid Ali Sharmarke, the second Somali president. President Sharif Ahmed, one of the leaders of the Somalia's Union of Islamic Courts nominated him to take the post of the prime minister in 13 February 2009.

He chose Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke to bridge the gaps between various groups competing to rule the country. So, it was clear that he wanted to use him to stay in power.

Somalia Country Profile, overview, facts book, geographical location, population, economy, legal systems, people's activities, political structure and legislations.

so, the Somali country profile includes the basic information about Somalia as state in the Horn of Africa and East Africa. The state started patricianly after the independence, as Somalia, without having many Somali lands included within its territories.

Some of its lands are now parts of Ethiopia and the last part of Somalia became Djibouti. So, the state is not just devastated recently.

Somalia Political Problems - The problems are made out of the insanity, and from a mentality full of Khat! Follow up and know the origin of the crises. Get rid of the Khat to save Somalia.

The political problems in Somali continue to devastate the country. The causes of the deterioration in this country in East Africa is the tribal orientation and the political literacy. Read more Somali political articles about this fact.

Now, the religion is the main cause of the problems in Somalia. It is true that unless the Somalis separate the religion and the tribes from the state that Somalia will never see good future. The state is a secular concept, so keep it secular for Somalia to prosper.

Somali Archives - The Somali political articles in the archives offer political and sociological researchers some background information about the political development and the social development in Somalia.

The archives consists of documents to some Somali events and some Somali political articles. We intend to move many old pages to the index on this page to organize the website and keep it easier to browse the Somali issues by topics.

Somali Displaced People - Since the day of the distraction of the state after the fall of Mohammed Siad Barry, Many Somalis have fled their land to the Gulf area and to other places in Europe and America. But, the Somalis continue to flee their lands continuously after the religious war in the country.

Somaliland - The British Somaliland joined the Italian-Somaliland to form Somalia. It declared independence when the chaos destroyed united Somalia. The new Somaliland state is stabile nowadays.

The Somaliland seceded from Somalia and self-proclaimed independence from the big country and seemingly it runs now without serious troubles. Read relevant Somali political articles through this page.

The Somali National Movement (SNM) rule the new state of Somaliland although the secession was not intended when the movement formed in the 1980s.

Somali News - The Somali terrorists find the basic support from the military religious dictatorial regime of Sudan to creep to the Somali areas, and link some traditional Muslims, wash their brains and then build strong network terrorism.

Somalia's UIC fled their bases towards the Kenyan borders, while the government and the Ethiopian troops pursue them to root out terror from the region, news says.

Analyzing the news on this page, we see that the world hopes concerning the formation of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) is that the countries of the main four countries of the IGAD would form a front against terrorism.

But, how could be just that meanwhile the military religious regime in Sudan is the head of the snake of terrorism? 

Somali Political Forums - This is where Somali political articles, commentaries and other posts should appear. In addition to the Somali Political Forums, you could help us build the Somali Cultural Forum, the Somali Economical Forum and so on.

The HOA's Cultural Project is planned also for this reason. So, if you had something of cultural and literary nature submit it through the form on the link above.

Somali Political Scene - The political scene in Somalia draws the dim picture of Somalia's troublemakers, Somalia's troubles hooters and the unpredictable future. Who are the Somali troublemakers and who are the Somali troubleshooters?

I am not optimistic, concerning what is happening in the Somali political scene. I see the problem very clear, but maybe Somalis don't see it, because they are either blind by their own clans, or by the religion, whereas the religion has nothing to do with a modern state.

Follow the Somali political articles below to know more about the troublemakers in Somalia.

Somali Political Situation - I think, if you read the lines above and other Somali political articles linked from within, then you could see that the Somali political situation is not promising, until we see a strong party with social orientation to work hard among the people, educate them and explains that the nation is more important than the clan, or the religion.

Somali Refugees - The refugees face difficult conditions in Kenya and some other places. Many of the Somali refugees are not registered refugees so they face violations to their human rights.

The influx of African refugees into Europe continues in great numbers including Somalis, meanwhile the war lords and the religion gangs are determined to complete destroying the remaining of the state of Somalia. This more than a tragicomedy.

Somali Troublemakers - The troublemakers in the destroyed country know their agendas and their allies in the area. The international resolution failed until now to treat troublemakers and bring peace to the country.

They just want Somalia that way. They plan the distraction since a long time ago, even from the date those Islamic groups were formed in the country. This is important fact in the Somali political articles.

It is strange that they formed the last government and continued to rule during Sharif Ahmed's period and his Union of Islamic Courts. We think there is something deeply wrong in Somalia.

Write about Somalia - This where you can start to write about the devastated state of Somalia. It is already a secondary Somali site map (20) and it has some commentaries with some entries on the political events in Somalia.

The Somali Site Maps:

Somalia and Somaliland - Primary Site Map 6 A.

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Somali Political Articles - Primary Site Map 6 C.

Somali Political Forums - Primary Site Map 6 D.

Somali Political Comments - Primary Site Map 6 E.

Write about Somalia - Secondary Site Map 20.

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