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June 06, 2010

HOA's Political Scene - Notes!

I hope that you are well and enjoying your times both at home and at work.

Khartoum has bad news this week. It seems that the Sudanese capital city cries for mercy, as the bloodshed continues and good people fall every time and then under the gears of the tortures machine.

I have never thought in my life that our capital gets mad of such rulers.

One Somali, people know here and consider psychopath, asks me every time he sees me, why the Nile is sad brothers! He asks in the local Sudanese language.

Since the first time I heard him asking me this question, I considered him healthier and wiser than me.

The new edition of HOA Political Scene 20 has something to say here.

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All the best

Yours Sincerely in Peace,,,Love and Global Prosperity

Khalid Osman

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