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HOA's Political Sitemap!

The HOA's Political Site Map is the 11th sitemap on the HOA's Network. It leads to the first primary pages that built the Horn of Africa's website. However, this sitemap is divided into two sections.

The first is what you are reading here and the second is at the HOA's Political Section. - Political Site Map: Journalist Khalid Mohammed Osman's quote about building modern civilized states in the Horn of Africa to prevent Islamic phobias and domination of sects.

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The political articles tips with the analyses included pave the way to understand the political development in the Horn of Africa after the independence of many countries in the African region, which ended by the liberation of Eritrea and the revolutionary shift in Ethiopia.

The revolutionary shift in Ethiopia in 1991 was achieved by the cooperation of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF - Shaebia - ህዝባዊ ግንባር, ህግ? - الجبهة الشعبية لتحرير إرتريا), which was led by Isaias Afewerki and the Ethiopian Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF - ሕዝባዊ ወያኔ ሓርነት ትግራይ (ሕወሓት), which was led that time by Meles Zenawi Asres (መለስ ዜናዊ አስረስ) representing the second Weyane.

The Conspiracies to Draw the Political Site Map of HOA!

Most of the political development in recent history concerning the neighbouring countries to Ethiopia and Eritrea cannot be understood without having to explore the impacts of politics between them.

It is a common knowledge in this regard that the military religious regime in Sudan has played the main role to affect the development of politics in most of the countries in the region.

The Sudanese dictatorial regimes have always interests to topple any positive political development towards achieving civilised, modern and secular states in the region, as they want it to run with their false Islamic scheme, so they always export their terror and conspire against the other states.

One of the proofs to this satanic policy, which was inherited from the Muslim Brothers in Sudan (NIF) is that the Sudanese dictatorial regimes have plans they carry through the Sudanese regional policy and even the Sudanese sectarian parties have plans to build loyalties in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

The two political powers which seem different are not different at all, as they both use their politics of myth ruled definitely by their superstitions to spread slightly in other states in the region.

The Sudanese dictators try to spread the Sudanese regional politics by building fundamental allies in the region and the sectarian parties by building sects. All of this is a kind of conspiracies against real revolutions like what they saw in Eritrea and Ethiopia and afraid of.

The religious dictators have trained the so-called (Jihadists) of Eritrea and Ethiopia and developed the Somali Islamic Courts Union led by Sharif Sheikh Ahmed who was educated in the university of Kordofan in Sudan and the African Islamic Institute.

During his term in Somalia, the courts established what is known by Alshabab. See the brief history of Somalia. The Sudanese regime played to escalate the devision caused by the Somali composition of clans and religion.

So, the Sudanese fundamentalists and the Sudanese political parties from the right wing have always plans to spread their schemes to other states in the Horn of Africa and draw the political site map of many states as they wish.

Before the last Ethio-Eritrean wars, the regime of Sudan plotted to grow the differences between the (EPLF) and the (TPLF).

The regime knew at that time very well that the development of relations between the two revolutionary fronts will sweep the political site map of the region and throw them out of history, with many other leaders of similar right-wing parties in the area.

The political inspiration between the two revolutions in Eritrea and Ethiopia was strong. It is already planned on the liberation field to to work together to achieve freedom and independence and improve the political scene.

To break it, the Sudanese regime played on the Ethiopian grounds to escalate the problem of Bademi and Zalembesa areas in Eritrea and convinced the Ethiopian leaders that they will win any war.

The dictators in Sudan even opened the Sudanese borders to the Ethiopian army to curve through until the Read Sea to siege Eritrea in case the Eritrean tried to flee to Sudan and to CURVE and press them towards other parts of the Eritrean plains.

While most of the sincere efforts made by other neutral neighbours began, the Sudanese regime played "the devil whispers" in the ears of the Ethiopian leaders that they could simply cast their "devil allies" in Eritrea to the sea and get Eritrea back to Ethiopia.

See more political pages at political problems in Sudan, political stories, political tragicomedy in Sudan, politik and questions.

About the Political Site Map of the HOA's Network!

You can either skip this section and link to those pages directly from the site maps below or read it for more information about this network. Thanks.

As the site map 11, the HOA's PoliticalScene Site Map includes also some secondary sitemaps visitors and loyal readers of the HOA's Political Scene Newsletter have built on this network.

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The HOA's 11th political site map is also one of primary and secondary sitemaps visitors to this website have built in the Horn of Africa's Network. You can do this too and build your pages here to grow this network.

The Political Site Map Includes!

The HOA's Political Site Map Includes the Following Political Pages:

  • HOA's Political Scene Home: At HOA's Political Scene, we publish news from the Horn of Africa in addition to researches and political analyses to the crises and the political development in the Horn of Africa.
  • HOA's Political Scene Blog contains the frequent updates of the Horn of Africa's Political Scene. It reveals some political secrets and calls sophisticated people to get together.
  • Political Inspiration: Wise readings in politics in some countries in Africa takes you to maintain good understanding to this continent and the ruling elites after its independence. The political articles tips encourage you to re-think of the political problems and inspires you to be creative and motivated to achieve political success.
  • HOA's Political Scene Newsletter: gets you updated and helps you understand the political problems in the Horn of Africa. It covers the political events in HOA and makes them absorbed through political analyzes. Use the Journal to be friend, connect with friends and discuss political problems in HOA.
  • Political Sense Journal: This is the site map 14. The Political Sense Journal covers hot issues in the Horn of Africa! Its information bank helps you write political analysing, researches or prepare for high degrees.
  • Horn of Africa: Some leaders are just making it worse in the Horn of Africa and this proves that the NATIONALS are not benefited yet from their national independence.
  • Djibouti: This page is about the forgotten scopes of politics, economy and business in this tiny country. People cannot understand easily why political problems still exist in this tiny country! There's no big tribalism, no big industries, and the country is yet to be in the category of the under developed countries.
  • Eritrea is the Red Sea paradise! Here are some experiences and personal development that can enrich you and open a new area of thinking through the analyzing of the political news.
  • Red Sea Paradise: The Red Sea Paradise or the Red Sea State, Eritrea was a real paradise that time; and I thought I've opened the escape gateway to other Sudanese who fled their homeland to Eritrea after the coup. Was there any political magic?

The HOA’s Economical, Cultural and Political Site Maps:

The Entire Primary and Secondary Political Site Maps Include the Following Pages:

The Primary Political Site Maps:

Horn of Africa - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 1.

Djibouti - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 2.


Ethiopia - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 4.

Kenya - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 5.

Somalia and Somaliland.

Sudan and South Sudan.

Uganda - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 8.

Chad - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 9.

Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 10.

Political Site Map - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 11.

Political Section - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 12.

Humanitarian Network - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 13.

Political Sense Journal - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 14.

The Newsletter's Political Site Maps:

Horn of Africa's Newsletters - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 30.

Horn of Africa's Bulletins - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 31.

Horn of Africa's Ezines - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 32.

Horn of Africa's Political Newsletters - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 33.

Horn of Africa's Journal - HOA PoliticalScene Site Map 34.

The Sudanese Political Site Maps:

Site map 7 A, Sudan and South Sudan.

Site map 7 B, Sudanese Political Articles.

Site map 7 C, Sudanese Arabic Political Articles.

Site map 7 D, Sudanese Economical Forums.

Site map 7 E, Sudanese Cultural Forums.

Site map 7 F, Sudanese Forum.

Site map 7 G, Sudanese Forums.

Site map 7 H, Sudanese Regional Politics.

Site map 21 A, Write about Sudan.

Site map 21 B, Comments on Sudan.

Site map 21 C, Sudan Online.

Site map 21 D, Sudanese Online.

Site map 21 E, Sudanese Regime's Political Crimes.

The Eritrean Political Site Maps:

Eritrea, Eri Primary Site Map 3 A.

Eritrean Political Articles, Eri Primary Site Map 3 B.

Eritrean Forums Online, Eri Primary Site Map 3 C.

Eritreans Write Online, Eri Primary Site Map 3 D.

Eritreans Love Commentaries, Eri Primary Site Map 3 E.

Eritrean Political Comments, Eri Primary Site Map 3 F.

Eritrean Humanitarian Topics, Eri Primary Site Map 3 G.

Eritrean Refugees, Eri Secondary Site Map 13 B.

Write about Eritrea, Eri Secondary Site Map 17.

The Somali Political Site Maps:

Somalia and Somaliland - Primary Site Map 6 A.

Somali Arabic Comments - Primary Site Map 6 B.

Somali Political Articles - Primary Site Map 6 C.

Somali Political Forums - Primary Site Map 6 D.

Somali Political Comments - Primary Site Map 6 E.

Write about Somalia - Secondary Site Map 20.

The Readers Political Site Maps:

Horn of Africa's Political Site Map 25: Readers Write Good.

Horn of Africa's Political Site Map 26: Readers Write Comments.

Horn of Africa's Political Site Map 27: Readers Read Good.

Horn of Africa's Political Site Map 28: Comments.

Horn of Africa's Political Site Map 29: Readers Comment.

Other Secondary Political Site Maps Visitors have Built on HOA'S Network:

HOA's Political Site Map 15: Write about HOA.

HOA's Political SiteMap 16: Write about Djibouti.

HOA's Political SiteMap 17: Write about Eritrea.

HOA's Political SiteMap 18: Write about Ethiopia.

HOA's Political SiteMap 19: Write about Kenya.

HOA's Political SiteMap 20: Write about Somalia.

HOA's Political SiteMap 21: Write about Sudan.

HOA's Political SiteMap 22: Write about Uganda.

HOA's Political SiteMap 23: Write about Chad.

HOA's Political SiteMap 24: Write about DRC.

Use the form below to build your own political pages in the HOA's Political Scene Network and invite all the people you know to read your political articles and comments when you Forward HOA's Political Scene to them from this link.

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