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HOA Political Scene 50 _________________________05 February 2012

Publisher's Main Spot - HOA's Network News:

Here are some political updates covering the development in the HOA's Network since the day I published the HOA Political Scene 49 on 17 July, 2011 and the HOA Political Scene Note 14 on 31 July 2011 until this moment.

I am pleased to announce that the HOA's publishing program is working fine. I received few copies of my fifth book from the press last January. As you knew from the updates, I have published three new books starting from the last year and in January this year. I made the layout of these books and designed the hard covers myself.

If nothing interrupts the publishing plan, then we will achieve publishing more books this year. We have some poems readers of the HOA's Political Scene began to fill in to enrich the HOAs cultural project. Read some of these poems within the updates in this edition of HOA Political Scene 50.

We want at least 50 pieces of verse to publish the planned collection of poetry from the Horn of Africa. I may add some of my English poetry to this collection. I encourage you to start the submission of your poetry, short stories, plays, critique, novels and political analyses, so we could work the second publishing plan.

We also have some political updates in the Arabic version of the HOA Political Scene at Arabic HOA Political Scene. We are looking forward for more active sharing.

Since the political development relys on political data analyses and makes informational and comparative data, I posted an answer to the question, how to search for relevant data and research your data to write good political analyses at HOAs data analyzing. It is good enough to take a look at and understand how the data analyzing works better. Give it a thumb up, if you liked it, by sharing it on your social media.

Special Notes to Sincere Readers: Thanks to those friends who sent messages using my private email address to support this network and those friends who requested support. I know the situations and I always pay attention to your emails sent to my private email address and strive to reach you, at the time you want me.

Thanks also to the new readers who subscribed lately to the newsletter to encourage me revive this network. However, some official difficulties and financial shortages have affected the USHA Framework to have its fundamental law and organizational facilities, at this moment. I hope we will achieve this shortly, this year. Now, here are the network updates, the political updates and the cultural updates in the HOA Political Scene 50.

Enjoy your HOA Political Scene 50 and please Forward HOA's Political Scene to your friends from this link and encourage them to subscribe and confirm their subscription to it. I will send the emails on your behalf.

That would probably increase the numbers of subscribers in the database and offer them options to reorganize themselves with USHA and use the USHA Project as their own to refresh the political life in the Horn of Africa and East Africa and achieve positive political changes.

HOA Political Scene 50 - Political and Cultural Updates!

On January 28, 2012, I posted a new comment about data analyzing to highlight the original page about this topic and encourage users to empower it with their thoughts and share what they already knew about this issue.

On January 25, 2012, I published a new page about HOAs data analyzing. It is the Horn of Africa's data analyzing teaches you to analyze data, publish it on websites you own, self-publish it on your books as journalist or writer and share It!

On Tuesday, January 24 01:31:02 2012 EST, the Ethiopian Poet, Andualem Ambaye wrote "Etiolate Life", one of his English poetry using the form at HOAs Poets project for readers who enjoy reading English poems and replying to our call to help him get his poetry book published through our publishing services. He has got some appreciations on replies to his Ethiopian poetry at Etiolate Life - Comments.

On January 22, 2012, I reorganized the main pages about Chad and wrote a new page about the Chadian political problems. The Chadian political problems continue to dominate Chad from the past until this moment. Here are the causes of Chad's political problems. I plan to enhance this site map by adding more pages about the role of Chad in the western Sudanese region of Darfur.

On January 19, 2012, Mohammed A/Haj wrote criticizing the Eritrean opposition and questioning its national loyalty to their national soil. I think he needs some answers to his questions to understand why the Eritrean opposition behaves that way he mentioned on his post.

On January 18, 2012, I published a comment page about the humanitarian activities of the IRCT network. IRCT wrote, "Impunity is still one of the most serious impediments to the prevention of torture. Perpetrators are seldom brought to court; and torture survivors rarely receive any kind of redress." Read the entry page to this call in Danish at Tortur.

On January 18, 2012, I published a new page about the African political refugees. I understand that African politics refugees have started to flee their countries following the independence of many states in Africa in the 1950s and 1960s because of religious phobias and other tribal ethnical conflicts. What do you think?

On Monday, January 16 01:13:25 2012 EST, the Ethiopian Poet, Andualem Ambaye used the form at HOAs poets bookshop to write his one piece of Ethiopian poems, Directive, at this link. He received one comment from his teacher and a second comment from his friend at Directive - Comments.

On Monday, January 16 01:04:14 2012 EST, Andualem Ambaye used the form at HOAs poets project to write his Ethiopian love poems, Love Spice. He received some good comments at Love Spice - Comments.

On January 14, 2012, I published the HOAs refugees project here. The Horn of Africa's refugees project calls the Horn of Africa's refugees in the diaspora to get together and work hard to achieve positive political changes in their countries.

On Friday Jan 14 04:04:03 2012 EST, anonymous wrote Eritrea Still Rejects Kenyan Accusations highlighting the political events in Somalia and the Ethiopian and Kenyan interference in the broken sovereign state of Somalia. He cited the Eritrean authorities on their reply to the Kenyan and Ethiopian accusation to Eritrea of supporting the Somali fundamentalist group of al-Shabab.

Tesfai G/Maryam replied to this post at Eritrea still rejects Kenyan accusations - comments saying, "Security threats imposed against any sovereign state in the Horn of Africa are wrong. Eritrea appears to be the target of some regimes in the area because of its ambitious revolutionary goals."

However, he has got some replies to his post. Anonymous commentator asked him, "How could any force surround Eritrea from Somalia?"

Wad Sheikh replied by saying, "Eritrea is innocent in spite of the Kenyan allegations!" Regarding the issue of the Kenyan accusation last year, the United Nations Monitoring Group confirmed in its report that there's not sufficient evidence to confirm the Kenyan allegations," he added.

In addition, another anonymous commentator asked about the truth and the real power that wages a proxy war in the Horn of Africa.

On January 6, 2012, I published a new page to strengthen the HOA's poets project at the HOAs poets bookshop. This bookshop starts by my own poetry book, prose book and political book, I have published since the late November 2011 and the 1st of January 2012.

On Friday, December 30 13:42:50 2011 EST, anonymous commentator wrote about the Comparative Advantages of Eritrea's Mining Activities citing the Eritrean Profile newspaper. The Eritrean English newspaper cited President Isaias Afwerki saying, "such wealth needs to be judiciously exploited in the interest of present and future generations".

On Friday, December 30 13:33:11 2011 EST, the same anonymous commentator wrote about the external interference in HOA and quoted President Isaias Afwerki saying "the absence of regional cooperation is a stumbling block to the forces of hegemony and monopoly," The Eritrean President pointed out that over the past 20 years, these same forces have been trying to sabotage the fostering of regional cooperation.

On Wednesday, December 28 09:40:58 2011 EST, a visitor wrote about the Eritrean views on late popular uprising in north Africa and the Middle East. He cited President Isaias Afwerki while he was speaking to the national media and saying that "the popular uprising witnessed in different parts of the world calling for justice is but the outcome of frustration".

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