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HOA Political Scene 45!

HOA Political Scene 45 _________________________20 Mars 2011

HOA Political Scene 45 continues its holly mission to create secular states, real revolutions and real independence in the Horn of Africa.

The HOA PoliticalScene 45 highlights the beginning of the new age of colonialism! Revolutionary people in the erupted countries in Africa should take it seriously and achieve the revolution and the reforms, before any interference from any international power. The human rights deterioration in Africa is Troy's horse.

Libya and Sudan are just examples to the planned (development of the deterioration) I mentioned in HOA Political Scene 43 and HOA Political Scene 44 here.

So, eventually the two articles we have here are about the Sudan and Libya.

The current news we hear, read or watch lack the depth of getting the right picture and know whether the international power wants to deploy troops in Libya or not. However, if that happened, then it will cost the world much and will disturb the international peace.

Unfortunately, some Arab leaders are glad that Gaddafi gets into this critical situation without knowing that, they open the door for a new era of colonization.

This is not assuming that the dictators in the area should not be treated internationally, accordingly. But, there are always good measures to enforce solutions than to invade lands, if we ever had that common sense concerning the international peace.

Enjoy your HOA Political Scene 45.

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Support the Sudanese Revolutionary Movement, SPARK!

The first political column in HOA Political Scene 45 Newsletter:

The Sudanese Youth for Change (SPARK) issued a statement last week calling the Sudanese people to mobilize and support the revolutionary movement to tumble the dictatorial regime in Khartoum.

The statement addressed the mass of the steadfast, serious and honest crowds of students and young people stressing on the situation of absenteeism created by the military dictatorial regimes in the Sudan since its independence.

I am glad this movement has taken one of the best descriptive phrases to the situation (absenteeism) the HOA Political Scene has created and began to write about earlier whenever it analyses the deterioration in Sudan since the independence of the country in 1956. Check the old pages in the website and some Arabic Blogs and forums.

The statement says, it is no secret to all those concerned about the Sudanese political issues that the revolutionary movement of the Sudanese youth was launched to spread its literature to enrich the way of thinking and raise the souls of the patriots youth of the country.

The Sudanese Revolutionary Youth Movement (SPARK) aims to resolve the political problems in Sudan and bring positive changes to replace all the elements of demolition, absenteeism and abuse that now exist and control the political reality of the country, which in turn affects negatively all aspects of living in Sudan.

The gathering of youth proceeds carrying its new national duties and spreads because of the need to lay a consistent foundation for changes that begin with the removal of the corrupted dictatorial regime and all the allies of the so-called National Conference.

Through the changes in the vision of the Sudanese Youth, ousting the dictatorial regime is not the end of the political problems of Sudan, but that is the first step the youth should follow by erasing all their impacts in the Sudanese social and political life.

The movement calls for the unity of the nationals who are keen on building the stability of the Sudanese state, according to the interests of the people and the priorities of national reconstruction that involve changing the state politically, socially, economically and culturally.

The activities run through various segments of the youth and students throughout the country to grow the public anger, the political sense and the spirit of revolution that aim to tumble the collapsing system of theft and robbery in the country.

Read the statement in Arabic at Sudanese revolutionary youth. Please, do the following:

** Download the PDF file, print it and distribute it to mobilize the society and accelerate the rhythm of the Sudanese revolution.

** Get back to this page to use the form to sign for the Sudanese Youth Revolution. You are welcome to add any comment.

If you care that much and want citizen journalism in the right place, please do bring your ideas in and let us get together to encourage composing the popular fronts. Use the form at the bottom of HOA Political Scene 45. Thanks.

The Political Scene in Libya:

The second political column in HOA Political Scene 45 Newsletter:

Air strikes made by the U.S and the EU have targeted some locations in Libya to force the Libyan president Gaddafi out of power. The Arabic League expressed dissatisfaction of the air strikes.

The U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton attended the Paris meeting of European allies and Arabs partners or those Gaddafi calls western agents in the Middle East last week to discuss operations and other measures against Libya.

Although Obama suggested that America will not deploy its troops in Libya, but he warned Gaddafi to retreat from several besieged cities or they will take strong measures against him. Until last week, Gaddafi troops defeated the opposition and was about to screw Benghazi.

They dropped a fighter jet and gained holds on Misrata, Ajdabiya and Zintan. About 28 people died and 100 of people were wounded during the fighting for the towns. CNN said quoting opposition military spokesman, Khalid el-Sayeh.

Libya's deputy foreign minister called for observers from China, Malta, Turkey and Germany to come as soon as possible and observe the announced cease-fire on the ground.

Political Review:

I think the American president Obama was wrong in his endorsement concerning Libya, because he heard his old political analysts who might think Libya is like Iraq or Afghanistan.

My point of view is that Libya is very different from Afghanistan and Iraq. They are helping Gaddafi to be Omer Al-Mukhtar instead of getting him out.

Of course, even those against Gaddafi will act like Omer Al-Mukhtar when their national soil attacked. Even those who are not Libyan will get to Libya to help it. The opposition will lose, if it depends on foreign powers to take them to power in their own country.

If the EU sought military interference by deploying forces on the ground, then the EU will send young people to Libya and those young people will eat the sand of the Libyan Desert, because no one there likes invasion. There should be another solution.

If it was about resolving wars by wars, then the New World Order will prove that it is not more than New World Disorder. Wars will never resolve by wars!

This situation will alert other states in the area to continue building their nuclear power and their cells in Europe to have a balance in the international community and may encourage them to take the wars to the heart of the European community and America.

The steps of the resolution discussed in the UN will improve by other ways than opening any door to the invasion of Libya. A better understanding to the nature of the society and the geography of the country and above all to the composition of the revolutionary committees could help in finding other means of political and economical pressures.

Let the nationals get the job done without interference by foreign troops. There are many ways of pressures to make the situation in Libya stable.

I possibly could be wrong in this review. You are welcome to correct me, so we could both learn better through discussions and enrich the topics of HOA Political Scene 45.

Beauty of the Words!

This (as it happens column) comes to make HOA Political Scene 45 more appealing and break that sticky stone in our feelings.

If you love whispering words, flying butterflies, essences and ecstasies, then the following (beauty of the words) means something to you. Let me read yours through the comment form and our friends will read it here in the coming editions of the newsletter.¨

Khalid Mohammed Osman's Digested Quote of the Day!

Now I will tell you about a secret here in HOA Political Scene 45. While you are at this line, refresh the page and you will read different quotes in the lines above when you did. You can either refresh the page from the top of your browser or just click on "Ctrl" and "F5" on your keyboard at the same time.

Love Whispers!

"Take the rhythm of the revolution easily, by teaching the people in public meetings and elaborating the keys of the revolutionary epic."

This is the best of Khalid Osman's quotes in HOA Political Scene 45

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