Dynamic Ideas!

by Khalid Muhammad Othman

hoa-politicalscene.com/dynamic-ideas.html - Dynamic Ideas: of veteran activist, journalist, poet and visionary Khalid Mohammed Osman to change the classical political world to the world of the masses.

hoa-politicalscene.com/dynamic-ideas.html - Dynamic Ideas: of veteran activist, journalist, poet and visionary Khalid Mohammed Osman to change the classical political world to the world of the masses.

Dynamic ideas come in three sections. The first section is introduction to the term and the second section is about the CLASSIC POLITICAL PARTIES ERA and the MASSES ERA and the third section is a continuation to the introduction connecting it to the idea of Martyr's Tree.

The General Conception and Connection of Dynamical Ideas

We seem to have an interesting and lively hot topic here. So please be patient. You will learn a lot from it. The point is that you will work with audiences with the same global trend to change the fields of classic politics, which negatively affects our daily lives.

Dynamical ideas are not limited to the creation and leadership of the masses' era, but rather establish access to the creation, leadership, and activities of the mass movement to lead it to victory all over the world.

Dynamic ideas say that the era of classic parties ended in practice with the continuous failure of governments that produced economic disasters, climate disasters, and; natural legacies that accompanied environmental and humanitarian catastrophes throughout the world. Dynamic ideas also say that the era of the masses has to replace the classic political parties with their organizations. Therefore, the masses must change the systems of the world's corrupt governments and replace them with the new systems of the masses in every country. This is one of the thoughts of the veteran activist, journalist and poet Khaled Mohamed Othman.

These ideas came in a series of articles, as shows in the following post:

Dynamic ideas to enhance regional and global understanding and to gain advanced political understanding of global issues like the climate change and all of its affects and outcomes of dangers like epidemics and natural catastrophes. The DYNAMIC IDEAS are INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of veteran activist, journalist, poet and visionary Khalid Mohammed Osman. THIS IS A NOTICE TO RESPECT INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS.

All this issue started from an article I wrote about the idea of "Martyr's Tree" that I invented in the nineties in Asmara the capital city of Eritrea, and I continued with other articles, which come in many languages, about 30 languages. You will know the purpose of these ideas when you follow-up these dynamic ideas, which have emerged from the basic dynamic idea, which is the idea of the "Martyr's Tree". This issue will prove to you that there is an organic unity in the intellectual construction of any idea I have built. Not only that, but it will teach you how to build dynamic ideas and strengthen their organic unity.

For example, from the first dynamic idea, which is the โ€œMartyr's Treeโ€, some other ideas have emerged and outlined in the article โ€œ30 Years ago There was No Internet, or Martyr's Tree on Itโ€. This article provoked me to write about clear operations to steal the first dynamic idea and not adopt it by mentioning its resource and attributing it to its creator, as required by intellectual property rights. Stealing others' ideas proves no conscience and theft of other people's intellectual properties. This is an issue similar to killing them intellectually. This can stigmatize the perpetrators as killers, not just thieves. It is a bad and shameful stigma, indeed. We will return to this topic after covering "dynamic ideas" as it is our main topic. It is already published as a comment to this entry at Dynamic Ideas Comments. In addition, you must connect with the other linguistic versions of Dynamic Ideas in your native language and their commentaries. If you found language mistakes, please use the comments link at the bottom to write the correct texts. You'll get a gift of love for that, when you submit your correct texts.

The Mass Atomic Engine of Dynamic Ideas


Dynamic ideas are not limited to the creation and leadership of the masses' era, but rather establish access to the creation, leadership, and activities of the mass movement to lead it to victory all over the world.

What do I mean by the era of the masses? And why is it the era of the masses?

The masses have always been the power to elect governments through parliamentary voting processes in different places in the world, except for some countries where there are totalitarian systems.

What more secrets are there than this?

Despite this power of the masses, it turns that the elected governments always work for the benefits of the ruling elites and for their interests more than they ought to fulfill their obligations to the masses and to apply the demands of the masses who elected the candidates to do exactly this job for the benefits of the masses.

What has always been happening is that, the masses elect governments to work for the masses and they end with governments that work only for their interests.

The interests
of the ruling elites have become the focus of most of the governments. This results in neglecting sustainments in different areas like the climate, the environment, the health and so far the welfare of the masses.

But, it was the climate change which has exposed international governments

So, from here, I got back to the idea I always have since long time about the era of the masses. Before getting into this recent topic, I used that term a lot while mobilizing the Sudanese revolution. Before that I got the term of the era of the masses from the Eritrean revolution, while doing a press work for it during the seventieth

So, the term era of the masses has historically philosophical backgrounds in my mind.

All of this indication might also answer the question of why is it the era of the masses. The necessity for this era to be the era of the masses is that the ruling elites have neglected the hopes and the wishes of the masses. The ruling elites with their classical political parties aren't up to their obligations to their voters, the masses. To know all about this better compare between two global political eras, the Cold war era and the recent era, which they call the New World Order. We don't have more economical crises in the Cold War Era than what we have now in the era of the New World Order. Similar to this comparison, compare between the wars and the human crises in the two eras. Most importantly look at the climate and human health in the two eras. When did the climate change happen? When did the pandemics spread more following the climate change? The answers are clear. We have more economical crises, nature crises, health crises and human crises now than we had during the Cold War Era. And whom there have caused all of this? Corrupt governments all over the world and only one power above their head.

So, this indicates the necessity of ending the era of the classical political parties. It also indicates the necessity of launching the masses era by using the political teaching methods of the Dynamic Ideas.

These methods start by gathering around the Dynamic Ideas and the goals of shifting the classical political systems from the political parties systems to the systems of the masses. When I say the systems of the masses that shouldn't be taken as all the masses will take governments and rule. No, but the masses will start launching network of organizations and connecting them together worldwide. OK, I shouldn't disclose all of the plan. The organizations are specific units and unique unites that represent the masses.


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