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Dynamic Ideas!

Dynamic Ideas are mind power, in a short sentence. In details... here we go:

The Dynamical Ideas are sought to preserve a positive point of view, when we look at all the problems we see in our world, nowadays and follow their history (e.g when did they happen? What are the essential causes? How do they affect our daily life everywhere?) - Dynamic Ideas: Earth burning, skies & atmosphere poisoned by industrial carbon dioxide, hazardous waste & microbial, nuclear & chemical - Dynamic Ideas: The earth is burning and the skies and the atmosphere are poisoned by industrial carbon dioxide, hazardous waste and microbial, nuclear and chemical weaponry. What are you going to do about it, as an individual?

The goals along with the principles and the methods of this concept is defined through some other concepts I invented, such as the concept of the era of the masses that I thought of a lot during the seventieth and the concept of the Martyr's Tree which I used to fulfill a great public project to sustain the environment during the beginning of the ninetieth and then again I got back to the concept of the masses era after the severe impacts of climate change.

I love the snow more than I love the rain and the heat of the sun and I wept when I saw it disappear from many snowy lands and the rain and the sun are extremely making some problems. Remarkably, the spread of pandemics is likely causing many skeptical views, along with the affects of poisoned planet with un healthy food and waters.

This is important fact to mention to assure you that Dynamic Ideas take you as important asset in global development to save the world, even though you feel that you are weak individual and you cannot do anything about bad changes that followed after climate change! You will get the strength from these ideas.

The General Conception and Connection of Dynamical Ideas!

Every dynamical idea brings different projects. This is not from a theory, but from practice and we have many practices here to reveal how dynamic ideas works to produce many projects. Therefore, every dynamic idea is a mind power.

The first thing to notice is that Dynamical ideas are not limited to the creation and leadership of the masses' era, but rather establish access to the creation, leadership, and activities of the mass movement to lead it to victory all over the world.

These dynamic ideas, which you read here and see in the slogans, are well sought and researched to improve regional and global understanding and to incorporate a very advanced political understanding of global problems into the actions of the masses to solve all problems that have been created by the ruling elites of the classic political parties.

Dynamic ideas come in three sections. One of the sections is introduction to the term and the second section is about the "CLASSIC POLITICAL PARTIES ERA" and the "MASSES ERA" and the third section is a continuation to the introduction connecting it to the idea of the "Martyr's Tree". You will read about this background on a second page. So, look at it included in one of the links.

What do I mean by masses' era? And why is it the era of the masses?

The masses have always been the dynamic power in electing the governments through the parliamentary voting process in different parts of the world, with the exception of some countries that have authoritarian regimes.

What more secrets are there than this?

Despite this real and influential power of the masses, it became clear that the elected governments always work for the ruling elite groups that lead the governments. This means that these ruling elites have ignored the demands of the masses.

In fact, what these ruling elites are doing shows that they are not fulfilling the demands of the masses and are not serving the masses who have chosen the candidates for the benefit of the masses, but are serving their own interests.

What has always been happening is that the masses choose governments to act in favor of the masses but they end up with having governments that only work as ruling elites for their own interests. The interests of the ruling elites have become the focus of most governments.

This leads to the neglect of sustainability in various areas, including climate, environment, health and even the well-being of the masses.

But it is climate change that has exposed the corruption of international governments!

The DEBACLE isn't only COVID-19.

So, the Dynamic ideas say that the era of classic political parties has ended in practice with the continuous failure of governments that produced economic disasters, climate disasters, and natural catastrophes that accompanied environmental and humanitarian catastrophes throughout the world.

Dynamic ideas also say that the era of the masses has to replace the classic political parties with their organizations. Therefore, the masses must change the systems of the world's corrupt governments and replace them with the new systems of the masses in every country. This is one of the thoroughly sought and researched ideas of the veteran activist, journalist and poet Khaled Mohamed Othman.

In fact, climate change has exposed these governments, more than other catastrophes, such as economic crises, the conflicts that encourage them around the world, and the corruption of the countries in which they play a role, which have become corrupt.

Thus, this indicates the need to end the era of classical political parties. It also demonstrates the need to launch the "era of the masses" using the methods of political education of dynamic ideas in this revolutionary pioneering website. To do this, subscribe to the "HOA Political Scene Newsletter", which is the voice of the "Horn Africas Network".

You will be in the right way to discovery to take action to resolve the problems of your world. Yes, it is your world.

So, from these incredibly bad situations I investigated in the world through my journalism work, I got back to the idea I had for a long time about the masses. Before addressing this issue, I used this term repeatedly during the (Sudanese Revolution) against the dictatorial regime of (Jafar al-Numeri) in the 1970s and the 1980s until the fall of the dictator.

a break on the Sudanese revolution...

Prior to the fall of the dictator, the head of the (Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan) had made him an (Imam) with great abilities to cut off people, amputate and slaughter them, by Sharia laws, although the leader of the (NIF) knew that he was heretical and punk.

At that time I fled from his totalitarian regime, many years, before the implementation of the Sharia laws, the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF) contacted me during the 1970s, while the front was launching the operations to liberate Eritrea from Ethiopia. They contacted me and we have discussed many political issues, concerning the situations in the Horn of Africa.

I became a fan of the front because of its political line. They asked me to help them in the media work and I did so for the benefit of the Eritrean Revolution. The (EPLF) used the term "masses" in its literature to liberate Eritrea and at that time I realized that it must be the "masses era", so I came with this term and used it and I became a believer who supported the Eritrean revolution until victory and beyond.

a break on the conspiracies of the Muslim Brethren...

After the liberation of Eritrea, I worked in Asmara in the 1990s, I used the same term "era of the masses" to work out a public project for the masses. The name of that project was the "Martyr's Tree". By enlightening the masses, I used the method of illuminating the masses to plant the martyr's tree.

As part of this project, I was busy to lead the Eritrean masses to plant more than five million trees called "Martyr's Trees". Apparently, I was also very busy while working to design this project to maintain the environment of Eritrean, and I personally really hoped that it would support the regional and global environment.

"Think globally, act locally" motto has been ethical guidance for me since that time, as an intellectual to serve the entire humanity. Apparently, I had a feeling of it before the day it was created. Look at the date I started working with this motto. There was an intellectual who thought of it prior to its environmental existence called Patrick Geddes during the Scots town planning, restored in his book "Cities in Evolution" in 1915.

a break with the Martyr's Tree...

But the real use of the term has been attributed to David Ross Brower the founder of "Friends of the Earth" in 1971, Rene Dubos in 1977, Jacques Ellul and Frank Feather in the conference he held under the slogan "Thinking Globally, Acting Locally" in 1979, through which he won the paternity of the slogan.

While I was busy implementing this project, I planned also the establishment of the National Environment of Eritrea, through primarily meetings I personally organized in the Eritrean Confederation of Labor, where I worked hard to gather 2 members from other trade unions to be coordinators in the environment organization.

Read "Environment" and "Environmental Protection" to learn more about this project. The efforts were mind boggling. Some people started to speak about that I was planning to launch a political party. Envious people said so much. So, the authorities took the project to do it their own way.

All this while recalling the concept of the "Era of the Masses", at which time I came to the conclusion that this concept has historical and philosophical stability for me, and that is why I am using it now in this period. Therefore, the term "masses era" has a historical philosophical background in my mind.

It has successful practices too. So, this is also why I am using it here in this very sensitive period with all that we have in it, such as the disappearance of the snow from many lands, which is followed by pandemics and other crises.

All of these remarkable signs may also answer the question, "Why is It era of the masses?" The necessity of this period to be the "era of the masses" is that the ruling elites have neglected the desires, expectations, hopes and aspirations of the masses. The ruling elites in every state in the world, with their classic political parties, have no commitments to their constituencies, the masses.

a break in the environment...

Compare between two global eras to see the difference of the quantity of the disasters we have

To know all this in a way that leaves no doubt, it is necessary to better compare the two political eras of the world, the era of the "Cold War" and the modern era, which they call the "new world order." Do you see any order in all these catastrophes in the world now?

I would rather say this for anyone who has scientific thinking who is able to think wisely. We did not have more economic crises during the "Cold War" than we do have now in the time of the "new world order". After the same comparison, go to compare the wars and humanitarian crises of both eras.

The most important thing is to pay attention to the climate and human health in the two eras. When did climate change happen? When did the pandemics become more widespread after the climate change?

The answers are clear. We have more economic crises, natural crises, health crises, and human crises now than we had during the "Cold War". Who caused all this?

Corrupt governments around the world. They have only one power above their heads that work this corruption out for the interests of the luxurious ruling elites. As for the masses, the masses are garbage to them.

a break with global dynamics...

Thus, this indicates the need to end the era of classical political parties. It also demonstrates the need to launch the "era of the masses" using the methods of political education of dynamic ideas in this revolutionary pioneering website. To do this, subscribe to the "HOA Political Scene Newsletter", which is the voice of the "Horn Africas Network".

* These methods start by gathering around the Dynamic Ideas and the goals of shifting the classical political systems from the classic political parties systems to the systems of the masses. When I say the systems of the masses that shouldn't be taken as all the masses will take governments and rule.

No, but the masses will start launching network of organizations and connecting them together worldwide. OK, I shouldn't disclose all of the plan. The organizations are scientific with many names and they are specific units and unique units that represent the masses.

You will learn more about the methods and be prepared and grouped regionally and globally to implement the regional and global political project, which includes units of special projects concerning every aspect of life.

The Mass Atomic Engine of Dynamic Ideas is the LPE of Masses Era!

The LPE of the Masses Era is the backbone of the era of the masses. The method, which is consistent of 3 segments holds some units concerning every aspect of life. It provides the map of the way for intellectuals to make everyone intellectual and improve everything in life.

The strategies and tactics involve two functional areas for the masses to go through. The first is the organizational area and the second is the executional. Both of the organizational area and the executional areas have programs, focusing in building the system of the masses to replace the classic systems of the ruling elites of classic political parties. So, say farewell to those parties and thank you for what you have done.

To get engaged with the first steps of launching the main units take the slogans of the political campaign and start your own campaigns using the slogans. To follow the steps perfectly you need to subscribe to the newsletter and then after confirming your subscription use the Contact Us for to tell me that your read Dynamic Ideas and you are ready to work the project.

Let's move in the global movement of the masses, which I am planning together, to be... for everyone a good CITIZEN OF THE WORLD.

Victory for the MASSES everywhere. WELCOME the NEW MASSES ERA!

The global MASSES are my people and I am their loyal servant. Veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

Dynamic Ideas in Your Language!

* Read "Dynamic Ideas" in your native language below...:

* See the lexical similarity of almost 90% overlap between vocabularies in the Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) we have in Afkar Dynamicyah. Same lexical similarity is between the Indonesian and the Malay languages, which are almost the same. Less overlap, but also significant is between Latvian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Read it in Albanian Idetë Dinamike.

Read it in Amharic Invitation to Comment 158: ተለዋዋጭ ሀሳቦች and Invitation to Comment 159: ተለዋዋጭ የፖለቲካ አመለካከቶች.

Read it in Arabic Afkar Dynamicyah and Invitation to Comment 154: أفكار ديناميكية، أو أفكار دينامية.

Read it in Bulgarian Invitation to Comment 155: Динамични идеи and Invitation to Comment 156: Динамични политически мнения.

Read it in Chinese Invitation to Comment 157: 动态想法.

Read it in Czech Dynamické Nápady and České Dynamické Perspektivě.

Read it in Danish Danske Dynamiske Ideer, Danske Dynamiske Perspektiver, Danske Dynamiske Meninger, Danske Dynamiske Tanker, Danske Dynamiske Indsigter, Danske Dynamiske Punkter, Danske Dynamiske Synspunkter and Danske Dynamiske Planer.

Read it in English Dynamic Ideas, Dynamic Political Opinions.

Read it in Filipino Dinamikong Ideya, Dinamikong Perspektibo and Dinamikong Pag-iisip.

Read it in French Idées Dynamiques, Perspectives Dynamiques Françaises, Opinions Dynamiques Françaises, Avis Dynamiques Français, Pensées Dynamiques Françaises, Vues Dynamiques Françaises, Théorie Dynamique Française and Plans dynamiques français.

Read it in German Dynamischen Ideen, Deutsche Dynamische Perspektiven, Deutsche Dynamische Meinungen, Deutsche Dynamische Einblicke, Deutsche Dynamische Ansichten, Deutsche Dynamische Gedanken and Deutsche Dynamische Einsichten.

Read it in Greek Invitation to Comment 160: Δυναμικές ιδέες, Invitation to Comment 161: Ελληνικές Δυναμικές Ιδέες, Invitation to Comment 162: Δυναμικές πολιτικές απόψεις and Invitation to Comment 163: Ελληνικές δυναμικές προοπτικές.

Read it in Hebrew Invitation to Comments 164: רעיונות דינמיים.

Read it in Indonesian Ide Dinamis, Perspektif Dinamis Indonesia, Pemikiran Dinamis Indonesia, Pendapat Dinamis Indonesia, Wawasan Dynamos Indonesia and Pandangan Dinamis Indonesia.

Read it in Irish Smaointe Dinimiciúla, Peirspictíochtaí Dinimiciúla na hÉireann, Smaointeoireacht Dhinimiciúil na hÉireann, Tuairimí Dinimiciúla na hÉireann and Léargais Dhinimiciúla na hÉireann.

Read it in Italian Idee Dinamiche, Prospettive Dinamiche Italiane, Opinioni Dinamiche Italiane, Insight Dinamici Italiani, Pensieri Dinamici Italiani, Viste Dinamiche Italiane and Pensiero Dinamico Italiano.

Read it in Japanese Invitation to Comments 165: ダイナミックなアイデア.

Read it in Korean Invitation to Comments 166: 역동적 인 아이디어.

Read it in Latvian Dinamiskās Idejas, Latvijas Dinamiskās Perspektīvas, Latvijas Dinamiskie Atzinumi and Latvijas Dinamiskā Domāšana.

Read it in Malay Idea Dinamik, Perspektif Dinamik Melayu, Pemikiran Dinamik Melayu and Pendapat Dinamik Melayu.

Read it in Norwegian Dynamiske ideer, Norske Dynamiske Perspektiver, Norske Dynamiske Meninger, Norsk Dynamisk Innsikt, Norske Dynamiske Synspunkter, Norske Dynamiske Tanker and Norske Dynamiske Mål.

Read it in Persian Invitation to Comments 167: ایده های پویا.

Read it in Polish Dynamiczne Pomysły and Polskie Dynamiczne Perspektywy and Polskie Myślenie Dynamiczne.

Read it in Portuguese Ideias dinâmicas, Perspectivas Dinâmicas Portuguesas and Pensamento Dinâmico Português.

Read it in Romanian Ideile Dinamice, Perspective Dinamice Românești and Gândirea Dinamică Românească.

Read it in Russian Invitation to Comments 168: Динамические идеи and Invitation to Comments 169: российских динамических мнениях.

Read it in Slovak Dynamické Myslenie and Slovenské Dynamické Perspektívy.

Read it in Spanish Ideas Dinámicas and Perspectivas Dinámicas Españolas.

Read it in Swedish Dynamiska idéer, Svenska Dynamiska Perspektiv, Svenska Dynamiska Åsikter, Svenska Dynamiska Insikter, Svenska Dynamiska Tankar, Svenska Dynamiska Synpunkter, Svenskt Dynamiskt Koncept and Svenska Dynamiska Tes / Avhandling.

Read it in Thai Invitation to Comments 170: ไอเดียแบบไดนามิก.

Read it in Vietnamese Ý tưởng năng động and Quan điểm năng động của người Việt.

Your Thoughts about Dynamic Ideas Count and Contribute to Global Green Environment!

Let's be active discussing the given points and planning for great global changes... be a million of activists. Use the comments form below. To contact me, use the Contact Us form. Take the posters and fix them in public places. Thanks.

You can watch environmental dynamic ideas on documentary film at and for more environmental issues I invite you to the 100 Beautiful Sites in the World, where you will read about many endangered beautiful places in the world because of improper policies of classic political parties.

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