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Jun 08, 2010
Now Better, Comments Converge to One Point!
by: Selamawi

It is good to see at last people to converge to have at least similar view about one issue and the one who had no idea about some thing to have at least something.

Medhani, as human and as Eritrean in particular, everybody will be once more happy if you can look it more from the humanitarian perspective.

Here, we are talking about people who already fled Eritrea to arrive to the North African country, Libya. We cannot talk about why people are fleeing or we do not have the intention to criticize the Eritrean ground that creates the largest refugee population, but focus about what exactly they face when they arrive to Libya.

I do not believe you, as Eritrean that did not have any news about what Eritreans are facing since 2002. It is 8 years history.

But, at least I am happy, as you are getting aware about the sufferance of your brethren down north of the Sahara!

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Jun 07, 2010
I Appreciate Good Moderate Dialogue!
by: Admin

It was very interesting that the two late comments came in the same day. Medhani commented first and his comment encourages me to think of new ideas.

I do not encourage people to overreact over well-known humanitarian issue or ignore it. The sufferance is reality that lacks to be presented in reality show program, where the people throw lot of food in the garbage, while other poor people die of hunger in our world.

What is important is that, now our Eritrean brothers and sisters face dangers in the same Diaspora you have mentioned. Therefore, the logic is to stand solid with them.

Politics is a dirty game and we all know it. But, hey -- I may rethink of what you have mentioned here about struggling from within.

However, this might not help bring them back to their mothers in the short term. It is good to struggle inside the country to prove that you are independent, free Eritrean and to keep your country safe from bad fat brothers in the area.

You all know them and know their political lines. This is why HOA calls for gathering of nationals from the Horn of Africa, under the principle of caring only of the human beings, to work together and bring about good changes. Please check the HOA's Projects for more information.

However, that is not the intention of this reply. The points in Selamawi's comment are enough to explain that we need to see the problems by humanitarian eyes.

I saw it in fact and I still feel it, as I had been political refugee myself and know what does that mean.

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Jun 06, 2010
We are Not Talking Politics, but Humanitarian!
by: selamawi

"HOA" made this topic open for public comments. Yes, it created a ground for different views and I have been patient to see what people will say about it.

I am happy as people are at least talking about the issue, even though we cannot say it is all positive. Especially, Medhani knows about the issue more than anybody, but for unknown reason he/she do not accept the fact.

If he/she is political person, this issue has nothing to do with the politics of Eritrea. This is a matter of violating the human rights of Eritreans in Libya.

Let us just look at it from the positive direction and cry out to express the amount of sufferance your brethren are facing!

God bless abundantly.

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Jun 06, 2010
No Hard Feeling, Eritrean Brothers!
by: Medhani

I am of course human and Eritrean in particular. However, I have not heard these cries. I know the political situations are getting harder for some Eritreans to coop in the country with the new challenges after the independence.

However, let us ask ourselves why Eritreans flee their country. Why not stay to struggle and change these political circumstances for us all to live better.

I saw a surprise somewhere here and read a question about why Eritreans flee to Ethiopia for example although they know what does that mean to many Eritreans and especially to the families of Eritrean MARTYRS who died during the last war.

With good faith, I expressed my wonder of such logic and I was not intending to ignore some people or put any psychological pressure on them.

I also wish God bless our country. We have more than half a million martyrs we lost in the liberation war and it is very difficult to continue losing more in the Diaspora.

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May 30, 2010
Understand as a Human!
by: Gebil Riha

We do not always live by cheating ourselves, unless otherwise we have sold our consciences.

If you were human in general and Eritrean in particular, you must have heard loud cries from friends or relatives who sky-high detained or tortured.

It seems to me that you just gave them a no ear! God bless our country!

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Apr 07, 2010
Please, Wish them Good Luck!
by: Admin

Thanks Medhani for your politeness. The information provided here by our fellow readers is good to know what is going on. Please, wish them good luck.

We should thank our contributors and wish them all the best to escape the hard and complicated situations they live there. Those who contribute to this website about this issue face dangers every day and they hope to find any chance to get out of this trap.

Dear anonymous, please type your name, as it is not clear if you were a brother or a sister. Your name could be useful to help people know at least your genre to address you. You can provide your first name if you were afraid of using your full name.

I understand the serious circumstances.

Selamawi has now built solid content on this network by his name. The more comments you add to this political topic, the more is the chance to build solid content by your name on the HOA's Political Scene Network.

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Apr 07, 2010
I am not Pretending or Ignoring!
by: Medhani

I am not pretending or ignoring, brother/sister.

I just wanted to know more information about this issue. More concrete information is indeed good to know the real situation of Eritrean refugees in Libya.

I read some information here and in other places about this issue. However, I feel that I need more information about this humanitarian condition our brothers face in Libya or in other places like Egypt, Sudan, and Kenya and so on.

I wish if they were here to struggle inside the country and organize themselves to achieve political changes.

If every body flees the country, then how could we achieve political changes?

Kind regards and respect to you all.

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Mar 27, 2010
Purposely Ignoring or Really Pretending?
by: Anonymous

Medhani, are you purposely ignoring or really pretending?

I am a loyal visitor to this website and I read good articles, which I found constructive. I am also in Libya and I am not only the eyewitness, but also some one who suffered extremely in Libyan detentions since 2006.

I have been deported to Kufra four times, detained in Musurata detention for two years and suffered from all of that for long time.

Yet there are much very large number of Eritreans and other refugees/potential refugees/asylum seekers. The situation is very serious, with too many threats.

Medhani, if you were Eritrean and if you were yet unaware of the situation, then it is too late to know it. Your brethren are facing too much abuse in the stupid ground, dying and detained in inhuman situation. Their number is very large. Look down to Libya and see the situation.

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Mar 25, 2010
Where is the Truth?
by: Medhani

I did not understand such acts. Do Eritreans face threats in Libya really?

Then why not get out to any other place?

How many refugees are there in Libya?

I may appear somewhat ignorant in this regard. Could those who wrote from Libya tell me more about this issue to know what happens really?

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