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Jul 08, 2010
Legal Liability Does not Fail Because Some Criminals Escaped It!
by: Admin

It was better for Jorgen Todenhofer to criticize the ICC on what had happened in Iraq without connecting it with the case of the Sudanese dictator and without having to mention the case of the Sudanese dictator.

I think Jorgen Todenhofer was not realistic when he used a right cause in nature to defend a criminal. In such matter, each case should be treated separately.

The liability of the ICC to treat the two mentioned characters in his message is much understandable, but failing in that should not be a reason to forgive the Sudanese dictator.

It does not reflect on other criminals to condition applying the same liability on them.

It seems as if Jorgen Todenhofer wanted to say simply that since the ICC does not treated the two mentioned characters because they are powerful international characters then it should not treat other weak regional characters.

That in fact is not a reason for the ICC to stop applying its liability on the Sudanese dictator and it does not help the Sudanese dictator to escape justice.

The Sudanese dictator has in fact escaped justice until now and that raises a question about what secret arrangements the concerned international political powers have made to give the Sudanese dictator a lease of life? You can read the answers to this question on other pages in the network.

If we considered the three characters criminals, then any person who knows jurisdiction like Jorgen Todenhofer will also lose credibility if he does not look to the Sudanese dictator as a criminal. A judge knows very well what does that mean.

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