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Why Human Rights in Sudan are Violated?

Read This Report of Human Rights in Sudan, File No. One - The inhumane and unknown human rights violations in Sudan:

This is the English version of this report. You can read this human rights report in Human Right Arabic Translation here and in Human Rights in Danish here.

Many people have faced torture in Sudan during the reign of the military and religious dictatorship in the country since 1989. I will cover some violations of human rights in Sudan in this report on this page and on other relevant pages on HOA's Political Scene. If you know of any kind of human rights abuses in Sudan, please use the form at the bottom to write about this topic.

Brigadier Mohammed Ahmed al Rayah al Faki wrote about different kinds of torture he and other Sudanese people have faced in the early days of the military religious dictatorship. He wrote about it to the Justice Minister. Of course, the Justice Minister of the dictatorial regime did nothing about such matter.

Brigadier Mohammed Ahmed al Rayah al Faki said in his message to the Justice Minister:

I am the inmate pensioner Brigadier Mohammed Ahmed al Rayah al Faki. I am fifty-two years old. The Security authorities arrested me on Tuesday evening, August 20, 1991 from my home, and forced me to drive my car to the buildings of the security.

When I arrived there, they snatched the keys of the vehicle from me, forced me into a reception and asked me of the content I have in my car and they wrote it in front of me in a paper.

I had the following in my car:

  1. 6.35 mm revolver Spanish-made brand of Ustera.
  2. 50 bullets, 6.35.
  3. an amount of US 8.720$.
  4. small pieces of German Mark.
  5. five new full tyres.
  6. spare parts for a full OPEL Record.
  7. spare parts and vehicle lights for Toyota Cressida.
  8. chequebook for personal saving account in Trade Bank in Bonn, Germany.
  9. a file contains correspondence related to a tender to import ammunition and spare parts.

All the mentioned contents presented to me at the evening of the same day by the member of the Commission of Inquiry (which investigated with me), someone called Captain Asim Kabashi. I requested him to deliver all of those contents in the morning to my wife's brother, Brigadier General Mamoun Abdul Aziz Nugud, who was expected to come to take my car.

Two days later that someone called Asim Kabashi told me that they had handed over the vehicle plus the contents of it to the said Brigadier General.

When I left the detention centre after the sentence, which included a decision to transfer me to Koper prison, I heard that Brigadier Mamoun Nugud has been appointed military attaché in Washington and he flied to fulfil his new duties.

So regretful, Brigadier Mamoun Nugud told me after that he received only the car empty of all content in question, from the security.

They have submitted me to trial before a visionary and fast military tribunal on 23/9/1991 after a month of detention. I have faced in this month and imposed to different kinds of physical and psychological tortures made by the members of the Commission of Inquiry and the guards of the detention centre.

I am subjected to those various kinds of psychological tortures and physical tortures, which are incompatible with basic human rights. They lasted outrageously until 3/12/1991, the day of the issuance of the sentencing, which included a death penalty that was reduced to life sentence.

They transferred me after that from the security detention center to Koper prison on 4/12/1991 and after that to Shala prison in Darfur on 10/12/1991.

I have for eighteen months I spent in prison Shala; have suffered most from the effects of the exposure to the different kinds of tortures, which are unthinkable to human beings. In addition, they are inconsistent with the principles of religion, and what the authorities stands for, when the officials stress on guarantying human rights, and that there is no torture of detainees.

There is a terrible torture, neither the divine legislatures nor the human made legislatures have authorized. The terrible torture varies from electrocution to severe beatings to rape. I personally have exposed to different types of torture and have terrible and hateful effects left on my body that made me visit El Fasher hospital for treatment many times.

I dealt during this period with many analgesics and sedatives in vain. That has prompted the medicine doctors to transfer me to Khartoum for medical treatment. The deterioration of my health convinced a medical committee and prompted it to endorse the transfer.

I feel shame on my forehead when I mention those types of torture I have exposed to, what they have done with me, and the result of the devastating effects of health and self-restraint I feel. I will mention all the names of the Commission of Inquiry members and members of the prison guards who had powers greater than those of the Nazis in the era of Hitler.

I will summarize those types of torture and I will always remember that the names were the names by which they dealt with us. However, I could identify them if I offered to do that, because I know them one by one by faces.

  1. hard beatings with whips, water hoses on the head and other parts of the body.
  2. tying-up hands and feet, and hanging up and standing for hours, this may extend to two full days.
  3. tying-up payload buckets filled with wet bricks on hanging and tied hands on the outside of the doors of the cells.
  4. pouring cold water or hot water on our bodies inside the cells if we could not stand.
  5. locking us inside containers and inside the toilets, where breathing is completely difficult.
  6. covering our eyes firmly and violently for periods that extend to more than seven hours.
  7. moving us with our eyes tied from the detention centre to the security buildings for more investigations and covering us when we got to the vehicles by blankets, and members of the guard's riding boots, and woe on us if one moves or makes a sound ... hitting us by the end of the rifles and machine guns and shoes.

    All members of the guarding escorts have done all of those cruel actions. They are:

    - Kamal Hassan, his original name is Ahmed Mohamed from Alasilat, and he is the toughest of them. - Hussein.
    - Abu Zayd.
    - Omar.
    - Alwan. (I think I know this one. The author)
    - al Jamri.
    - Ali Sidiq.
    - Osman. (I think I know this one. He and Alwan work together. The author)
    - Khodjaly.
    - Maqbul.
    - Muhammad al Tahir and others.

  8. I have personally exposed to rape and exposed to torture by inserting solid objects inside the back passage. Asim Kabashi and others I do not know have done that.
  9. testicular castration by pressure and traction of the genitals by same machine. Captain Asim Kabashi, member of the Commission of Inquiry has done all of this.
  10. beatings with fists on the face and head, also done by Captain Asim Kabashi, another one called Essam and it was done one-time by Chairman of the Committee and another one whom I picked his name was Abdalmutal.
  11. cursing, swearing, in addition to constant threat of the possibility of bringing my wife and (doing her) before my eyes. I heard all of this from Asim Kabashi and another person who attended from time to time to the site of the investigation called Salah Abdullah, and they call him Salah Gosh.
  12. putting a stick between the legs and pushing the body contort violently back and beating on the abdomen all of which has done by Captain Asim Kabashi, Captain Mohamed al Amen, the secretary in charge of the cells and others I do not know.
  13. electric shock done by somebody called Hassan and burning by cigarette butts done by Asim Kabashi.

In the lights of Human Rights in Sudan!

The rest of violations of human rights in Sudan in brigadier Al Rayah's message to the minister of justice.

All these aggressive heinous acts have resulted in the following physical diseases and health deterioration:

  1. a headache accompanied by a continuous faints of epilepsy.
  2. loss of the left testicle, because of the testicular castration.
  3. defecate in distress, I cannot do that until I use a water injection per day.
  4. cartilage in the back between the second and third vertebrae. Please note that I have conducted a successful operation to remove cartilage outside the Sudan in the fourth and fifth vertebrae, and now am suffering from strong pain and temporary paralysis of the left leg.
  5. loss of two molars and a defect in the salivary gland, a result of beatings with fists.
  6. a terrible optic deterioration resulted from covering my eyes hard and for long time during the detention.

When the medical committee transferred me from El Fasher to the military hospital in early May, I changed from Shala prison to Koper prison. I met some physicians and they ordered that I be in hospital for medical treatments.

I began medical checks starting my treatment with a specialist in stomach diseases and a surgeon under the supervision of brigadier general, physician Abdul Aziz Mohammed Nur who began treating my headache and observing my health.

I checked also with brigadier general and surgery specialist, Azzam Ibrahim Yusuf. He explained after the examination of my left testicle that according to the disqualification of the left testicle, the necessity of eradication after completion of treatment with other doctors is better. The osteology specialist physician has not checked me yet.

Unfortunately, and regretfully, while I am lying in the hospital, I was surprised in mid-June, about eleven o'clock at the evening by the presence of the director of Koper prison. He ordered me to take my few luggages and move with him to the prison because he has some instructions from the security to transfer me immediately and before twelve o'clock at night to Sawakin prison.

The attendant physician on the evening duty expressed his rejection of the locomotive orders. However, they forced me to Koper prison, where I found a vehicle already waiting for me. An hour after I left the hospital they drove me in the car fast out of the state of Khartoum to Sawakin.

I arrived to Sawakin and continued medical treatments in Port Sudan hospital. The physician I met confirmed disqualification of the left testicle and the cartilage in the vertebral column. I am still under the treatment of persistent headache and all its side defects.
"By Brigadier Mohamed Ahmed Al Rayah to the Minister of Justice"

Well, this is the worst report about the deterioration of human rights in Sudan. I have never seen in my life cruel behaviours from people who claim to be Muslims like these acts done to Brigadier Mohamed Ahmed Al Rayah. They prove that human rights in Sudan are null and a human's life is worthless.

I will continue this report and add more violations of human rights in Sudan later, as I am getting very tired at this line. Please keep visiting to read more about human rights in Sudan and to complete this long report.

I will try also adding some versions in Danish about human rights in Sudan.

There are severe abuses to human rights in Sudan in this report. I do not think after reading this report there will still be a Sudanese who believes that there are no abuses to human rights in Sudan. If you hear any Sudanese who says there're no abuses to human rights in Sudan, you have the right to consider him not true and sane Sudanese.

I do not know what those people who gather around the dictator crying in hysteria "Allah Akbar" will say to their God about the human rights in Sudan?!

Their God is not mine at all. My Allah is merciful.

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