Famine Plus Foreign Troops Against Somalia!

Regional climate scientists met in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, this week and announced after the meeting that the drought would return to Somalia and other states in the Horn of Africa.

The announcement came few weeks after the UN press release that declared Somalia as famine free. See Somali Famine is Over!

Rwanda news says, for almost a week of discussions, the scientists examining the climate change in the area have provided some researches and reports to address the coming crisis.

Meanwhile, news from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya says new offensive military operation led by the forces of the Somali government and backed by troops from Ethiopia, Kenya and the African Union against al-Shabab groups has caused additional influx of civilians to the Somali capital of Mogadishu.

Reports suggested that thousands of Somali people have fled to the capital following the last offensive this week.

In the lights of the news, Amnesty International warned last week that London conference on Somalia has fallen a part, regarding the measures required to address risks facing the civilians in Somalia.

London conference on Somalia ended last week and has come up with a plan of seven points to support the military actions led by the African Union troops, stretch the humanitarian aid and take tough actions against the Somali piracy in the Somali waters and beyond.

On the other hand, all of this means that Somalia faces many security, political and social risks. It shows also that Somalia needs loyal Somali citizens who look to their national homeland as a nation that combines all the Somali entities in various Somali political and ideological doctrines.

Not only that, but Somalia needs a clear separation of the Islam religion from the Somali politics. But, if the Somalis continued to link religion and politics, the one united, democratic
and peaceful nation of Somalia will not exist.

In addition, all of that means the Somalis had to be aware that they have contributed to such apparent political ignorance of the requirements of the modern state, have contributed to the dismantling of their country and helped opening their homeland to foreign interference, whether from neighboring countries or from western countries.

It is wonder that the aspirations of all these countries met together on the issue of resolving the Somali problem at a time, while they actually work together to complicate it more.

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👌 For more information about the Somali pirates of the sea see The Pirates of Somalia: Inside Their Hidden World.

This narrative has a deep look into those people and the way they live, lead the forces, go for piracy, take hostages, get ransom money, spend that money and how they treat their hostages.

The reference book show also the legal procedures in this regard, the military actions and other political efforts to clean the sea and the Horn of Africa.

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