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Eritrean Refugees Situation is Late to Attract Attention!

by selamawi

Nowadays the issue of asylum seekers and refugees in relation to the new push back policy is dominating the media.

We are the eyewitness of every development on ground and sometimes we found that the explanation of Italian government is really amazing. They tried to convince us, we do not have problems accessing UNHCR and getting asylum ... yet it is not true.

Our status as political refugees is invalid here and we are continuously picked up by security at every raid. All the pushed back once are in detention centres and our rights are haltered both by the Italian navy (Orion) and the Libyans.

Eritreans pushed back on July first are evident for this ... they are beaten harshly by Italian navy after they tried to tell them they are asylum seekers and are at risk if pushed back to Libya. These acts are clear abuses to their human rights as political refugees. Who is there to hold responsible of such human dilemma?

Yet, Eritreans in Tripoli are the eye witness for everything happening on ground and do not accept all the things the Italian government is trying to tell the international community or those human rights authorities.

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