Free Detained Eritrean Journalists!

by Omar Ali

About 16 Eritrean journalists have been in some 314 prison camps and detention centres in Eritrea. Four of those journalists have died from harsh conditions in these prisons including Fessehaye Yohannes (Joshua), known as playwright.

Totalitarian tendencies shaped since 2001 when many journalists started to call for shifting the system to the long awaited democracy.

They called for democracy when they observed that some good journalists who built this media started to get out of the country they love after they sacrificed 10 years of their lives for it starting from the independence in 1991.

Khalid Osman, a Sudanese journalist in Eritrea initially has started the call through his journalistic activities and well-known environmental engagements in Eritrea.

The authorities shut down the private media and sent many journalists to prisons while the state-owned media continues to deteriorate significantly.

The president surrounded himself by some guys who think that they have good knowledge of the media network to overlook the media and control it from the president's office.

One person in this office can threaten even a veteran fighter from the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF) in high position in the official newspaper (Haddas Eritrea), the radio of (demtsi hafash) and the television channel by phone.

Please report any detained journalist in any country in the Horn of Africa through the form on the relevant page and write good information about the detained journalist.

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