Drama Rules Some Eritreans!

Some of those claimed to be Eritrean journalists have come through the UNHCR after telling lies to have settlements in Europe and America. Many of whom I know personally according to my long work experiences with the ruling party in Eritrea and even with the Eritrean People's Liberation Front since 1977-78. At that time many of them were not born.

They speak about deterioration in the human rights field, which the long-term presidency reflects to some levels, telling lies about false journalistic experiences and building a vision of being victims of the one party ruling system in Eritrea. They exploit a true and right story to be void.

However, many of those whom I know have personal ambitions and personal issues that led them to act like heroes when they saw other sincere people getting settlements in the European countries because of real cases and began to take actions to get out of the country by any means. I had been the first to get to Europe from the central office of the ruling party and I know who is who.

One of them came to Denmark lately, for example he has never been experienced journalist in Eritrea. They brought him to the press to make him a professional journalist and he failed.

He began to write antagonizing other good and successful press people speaking about their personal behaviours, forgetting his own personal behaviours with their girls, all of whom everyone there knows by real names, nicknames and tribes in Asmara's bars. But, good people will never mention their names, because simply those good people came out of good houses and good families.

All that had happened with that person was that he wrote some very bad articles that have no luck to acquire any consideration as journalism and worked for a while in the Eritrean press (Zena - Dimtsi Hafash) to get experiences, he never had.

He came from a tribal well-known background, has nothing to do with the Eritrean heroic and long national struggle for independence, in spite of only few numbers of them had joined the field.

The Eritrean Liberation Front and many weak Eritrean fractions have taught him and other similar cartoons that celebrate only one oriented target according to tribal and tight cultural vision. However, in Europe, they think that no one takes notes of their behaviours.

They know very well that the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF) has its sole heritage and literature in the national struggle that they will never beat.

They know that they will never beat this tempo because the blood of almost half a million from only few Eritrean nationalities has run in one line and the soil absorbed it well integrated in the sacrifices epics.

They know that blood built the Eritrean dignity, when the real Eritrean boys and girls sacrificed for the liberation of the national soil while they were too young and martyred even before they had a chance to sip any pleasure from this life.

While the Eritrean People's Liberation Front has built solid unity by integrating all varied cultures in the national struggle to build strong unity through the sacrifices, those ill mentalities kept on tracing their own tribal thinking and growing it. This is the core of their continuous failures.

They read neither history, nor the future well!

Through this orientation, they keep accusing the EPLF of forcing Muslim girls to marry Christians and hence they have the mentality that says we go with Christian girls as we wish, but will never marry them.

They reply by that to a false propaganda they distributed during the eighties against Woldeab Weldmariam, on something he never meant.

I have heard this after the independence even from some colleagues whom to my surprise were working in my office in the Central PFDJ Office, while treating the other girls and I have never spoken about this although it was painful in my heart.

But, between me and myself, I always wondered and asked myself, why those people are in the central office of al-Shabait?

There is no such thinking or even feeling about such (silly thinking) at the EPLF end. However, some of these mentalities forget even that if they get one day to some bars in the suburbs of Asmara, they will see what the family honour means to them.

However, few real journalists and Eritrean nationals faced some measures of abuses because of a simpler contradiction between them and the authorities in their media imposed by the sensitivity of the period of war between the ruling parties in Asmara and Addis Ababa. This issue is well known and it solves itself gradually, when the right orders are in place.

Regardless to this, it is apparently not available that any real struggle for real democracy will succeed depending on tribal bias or foreign powers. It seems that those mentalities have learned nothing from the long national struggle for independence.

The Eritrean people will never accept anybody supported by the enemies of the Eritrean people, but those mentalities simply neglect this fact although it is crystal clear fact that they must have been learned long time ago from their own national struggle.

Long live Eritrea. My heart is with you, always!

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