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Join Horn Africas Friends!

Welcome, Horn Africas Friends...

A Brief Background!

Well, established some 18 years ago, the Horn of Africa's Network and East Africa's Network together was prior to FaceBook.

Please note this: I revised this page after so many years to add new content to it. It was an old page.

When FaceBook was established on February 4, 2004 I have been amongst the first 100 persons to join it outside the base of the creators and the first members in Harvard University and before the whole idea comes to belong to only one person.

I started this network on some websites as a business and the first one was the and then moved that to the and after that developed the new name of the network at the HOA Political Scene Blog.

The other topics of the other two website are divided on other three websites at, and

It is always a matter of the money that great networks online depend on to carry on and to be bigger and bigger.

I dreamt of building a strong network that could evolved with the massive participation of people from the Horn of Africa and East Africa. But, there is always up and down issues ion any network, even the greatest networks online now. It is merely painful fact.

Despite that, the network including the HORN AFRICAS FRIENDS page got nice involvement from people who really care and know this network is confidential and transparency is the important and main ethical manner to the network.

FaceBook builds a billionaire empire for his lately CEO who becomes owner and thus the fifth billionaire in the world, despite ethical facts about the confidentiality of the establishment itself.

In fact he becomes billionaire by the users of FaceBook.

He invest on the efforts of poor people to become a billionaire, while those who starve in Africa, Asia and elsewhere continue to build him this empire without even knowing about it.

This is one of the things that I see as farce in this world... thus, this is why I am concerned to build a network for people from the Horn of Africa and East Africa... a real and serious network to discuss our problems and discuss the solutions, but not to chat and only chat while our countries continue to deteriorate.

This is why the Horn Africas Friends is a page here to encourage you to take the first step to join and build a network that could possibly get you a share of your efforts.

Why not get you a share of your efforts while you are developing it and while you are the person who does this?

Know Horn Africas Friends!

It is very important to know the Horn of Africa's Friends in this network and so don't confuse it with other networks and projects on the HOA Political Scene Network.

At the Horn of Africas Friends' platform you read and contribute to this specific network by discussing, writing about new cultural topics, or economical topics, or health topics, or humanitarian topics, or political topics, or social topics.

There are already some oriented pages to handle all of these matters and amongst them are projects pages, such as the following projects:

HOAs Comprehensive Projects

HOAs Cultural Project

HOAs Journalists

HOAs Journalists Project

HOAs Poets Project

HOAs Refugees

HOAs Refugees Project

Humanitarian Network

Squadron of Poets 

While the mentioned pages give you ton of information about the theme of this network, there are also special commentary pages at the following commentaries:

Comment C2 Entries


Comments on Sudan

Eritreans Love Commentaries

Eritrean Political Comments

Readers Comment

Readers Read Good

Readers Write Comments

Readers Write Good

Somali Arabic Comments

Somali Political Comments

In addition, while the network spreads, readers have already responded to the HOA calls and built many other commentaries and articles pages at the following directions:

Write about Chad

Write about Djibouti

Write about DRC

Write about HOA

Write about Eritrea

Write about Ethiopia

Write about Kenya

Write about Somalia

Write about Sudan

Write about Uganda

The projects pages are all supposed to support contributors to the network. I am still looking for the best ways to get the support and raise some funds for the network.

But, we could all make it happen. "Nothing happens, until something moves". Yes, Albert Einstein was right. So, let's move together on the HOA's Friends, or on the other projects.

It is worthy to mention that some projects are just political and therefore, they are meant to engage people and activists in some humanitarian network and political network too to get rid of those dictators. Such pages are at the following pages:


Annumor AlSudanyah

United States of the Horn of Africa


Did you know that you can use the Horn Africas Friends page to discuss serious matters with your friends?

Stop CHATTING NOW, as your states in the Horn of Africa and East Africa continue to deteriorate from decade to decade.

You can simply do that as you may have seen in other social bookmarks. Just register a free account using your email address and a password. Follow instructions after that. Forward HOA's Political Scene to your friends here and invite them to join you on this page.

You will see their pictures here if they uploaded some photos. If not, you will read their names on images like those you see here without photos. Hover your mouse on them to read the names.

You can discuss serious issues with your friends this way and enjoy it. Use the form to write your first article, or comment and then follow that on the second page by entering your name and email address and checking the box down to receive notifications every time someone respond to your contribution.

Search Friends

I invite people from Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda to join this platform using this FORM on the friend connect page and the Horn of Africa's Friends.

I use it to build platform for motivated and inspired people to get together on the HORN AFRICAS FRIENDS NETWORK, discuss important political development and arrange for democratic changes in the Horn of Africa.

Have a Great Story about or from the Horn of Africa?

Do you have a great story about or from the Horn of Africa? Share it! Note that you can use the forms in this platform to comment and write about political topics in the Horn of Africa. Some pages about other countries may fall out of this map. However, they may have some impacts on some countries in this map. You can use the same forms anyway to comment or write about them too.

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Click here to write your own.

I have so many useful gifts for people who will join the Horn Africas Friends' platform, start publishing news, writing political analyses, and discussing political issue. You will receive many useful e-books when your register for a free account to be my friend. Thank you.

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Please share the Horn Africas Friend page with your services through the small buttons. Thanks.

"I use Solo Build It" on the bar at the bottom of the page to empower "Horn of Africas Friends" and the entire website.

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