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Jan 11, 2012
Detained Eritrean Journalists Has No Case!
by: Wad Sheikh

I agree, there are somewhat missing facts here about the so called detained Eritrean journalists. First of all, it is not because of the breach of the freedom of speech.

Some of those detained Eritrean journalists, I know personally, have personal ambitions to upgrade and hold high positions in the media.

They do not struggle for the freedom of speech, they struggle to gain personal high positions in the media and they struggle against each other. This had happened during the last Ethio-eritrean war, while the country needs all the national efforts to stop the foreign threats.

When the staffs of "Hedri" magazine, the voice of "PFDJ" transferred to many positions in the official newspaper, the radio and the TV channels, some of those competing journalists in those channels thought the staffs of "Hedri" will take the hight positions in the media and leave them with nothing to upgrade to.

They started to accuse Hedri staffs openly by being spies of the ruling party in the media. That proves they were ignorant folk that have been appointed and engaged in the media by mistake since 1991. That was the first mistake made by the then called Eritrean People's Liberation Front.

Whether they accept this clear fact or not, I knew since that time, many of them tried to abuse some of those journalists in Hedri magazine.

One of the detained journalists met the blessed poet and journalist, Kajari near Nayala Hotel, while he was in his way home one night and asked him for some money to have some beer.

When he apologized politely that he has no enough money in his pocket, that journalist asked him, "where's the money of the party?" and added, "You get good money from it". He then pushed his hand towards his pocket to take his purse.

Some of those detained Eritrean journalists want high positions in the media and money and they think the other journalists who were volunteering (to some levels) in fact in the party's magazine have the lion share of the party's money, while leaders in the party have not that assumed money. That is all.

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