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Feb 06, 2010
Fight Those Who Make Hunger and Poverty!
by: Admin

Enkidu Debaba, form Sudan, this is amazing.

Thank you very much for those useful thoughts. Please write names in capitals. Apply this to the beginning of the sentences too. Write short sentences in clear English. Make paragraphs and build them using few sentences in each paragraph. You are on your way to become a good writer, analyser and critic.

Shorten your title to summarize the story in the topic. Remember, the title of the new content will become the extension file after the website address http/ and then the title.html as you can read on the browser address bar at the top of the page you built.

In the contexture include references if applicable, facts and numbers and upload pictures.

Thank you very much indeed.

Note: Davos city is the host of the World Economic Forum (WEF). It is the highest city in Europe and the home of the largest ski resort in Switzerland and the host of the annual Spengler Cup Ice Hockey.

If you want to read about such beautiful places in the world, please link to them from the 100 Beautiful Sites Blog. You can write about Any Beautiful City in the world here.

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