Eritrean Exodus!

by Anonymous Concerned of my Family's Safety

Eritrean Refugees trying to get to safety through danger, because there is more dangers at home!

Eritrean Refugees trying to get to safety through danger, because there is more dangers at home!

Eritrea is a small country in the horn of Africa. Its people are diverse but united through centuries of invasion and mistreatment by outsiders. Therefore, so many Eritrean people have fled their country seeking refuge in Sudan and other countries in the western world.

However, Eritrea still faces these kinds of exodus, as experienced by Pushkin's great grand father. Millions of Eritreans fled the country during the Ethiopian colonization and more still do escape the harsh living conditions in the country.

Some people believe that this stream of exodus started with the revolution during the Ethiopian period but these things go beyond this era and even beyond the Ottoman Turks!

Long time ago when the Solomonic dynasty ruled over the kingdom of Axum, christian oppression led to a Jewish revolution and many people fled to the north west to the now called "Barka" lowlands.

From there some went west and others traveled north east to the now called 'Kebesa' highlands of the now Eritrea! But during this revolution was a victory! Soon the Solomonic dynasty was overthrown and a Zagwe dynasty ruled from an area called 'WAG' east of Uksum or Axum.

But this didn't last long. In 1270 A.D, the Solomonic dynasty restored its power and the rest of the Agew people had to exit their lands towards the north. Some of them went up to the high mountains of Semien searching for safety while others made their way to the north to join the previous societies that settled there about 300 years before.

Here they were separated to different ethnic groups by the language they were assimilated to. Even during this time and the times that followed different rulers plundered those people and chained many people.

And later the Turks came, followed by Egyptians. The Italian time was not different. Many eritreans were taken from their homes to Italy to be slaves or maids. And now at this time, the 21st century we Eritrean still are flowing to exile from our very own nations who got the independence from Ethiopia with the purpose of freeing the people.

But instead they kept this independence in their pockets, so as to practice a camouflaged domestic slavery!

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