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Eastern Sudan Feeds Israel by Human Power!

by Salah

eritrean refugees, ethiopian refugees, somali refugees from eastern sudan to israel

eritrean refugees, ethiopian refugees, somali refugees from eastern sudan to israel

The numbers of Eritrean, Ethiopian and Somali refugees in eastern Sudan reached 48000 refugees. Out of the total numbers, 38000 refugees have fled through this area seeking refuge in Italy, Israel and other European countries.

News says some foreign channels in Eritrea and Sudan work to get those political refugees out to the destination countries mentioned here.

The Sudanese newspaper, al-Sahafa quoted the governor of eastern Sudan while saying to the newspaper that the authorities will work with other organizations to avoid smuggling and provide the services needed to support those refugees.

However, the fact is that the situation is miserable and the authorities as usual hide more information and blame other humanitarian organizations. Since the situation is miserable, any chance those refugees get to flee to any country is better than living in this daily miserable situation.

The exception is that, the Somali refugees get better chances through Kenya, Djibouti and Yemen. Therefore, there are very small numbers of Somali refugees in eastern Sudan.

I'll catch up with you soon, Khalid. Expect me this weekend.

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