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The Somali DAFI Graduates Educate other Somalis in the Dadaab Camps in Kenya!

What is DAFI? It is simply an educational program. The UNHCR leads ambitious programme to educate the Somali refugees in Kenya through the DAFI-initiative funded by Germany!

However, this program needs good efforts to educate the Somalis some kinds of modernization to avoid the impacts of the terrorist propaganda and attempts of the Somali terrorists to smuggle between them.

DAFI: One of the Somali Refugees Dadaab Camps in Northern Kenya Across the Border to Somalia.

That means the eduction should be followed with security and other modernization process to strengthen the innocent Somali refugees in all of the camps in the Dadaab area. This is as it seems not limited only to alphabetical education.

It is important because Dadaab has five Somali refugee camps in northern Kenya and it is almost at the edge of the border with Somali, which hosts almost 500,000 Somali refugees.

One of the steps that should accompany this education should be to teach those young girls to take off the mental retardation they wear, and just wear reasonably in good modern styles and behave in good manners.

Here is how Germany and the UNHCR started the education of the Somalis in the Dadaab camps and how the DAFI graduate started to educate their brothers and sisters.

DAFI: Education of the Somali Refugees in Dadaab Camps in Northern Kenya.

The Story of DAFI!

On April 20, the UNHCR said that three Somali refugees graduated from the UNHCR's unique higher education scholarship programme went back to school to educate a younger generation of the Somali refugees in Kenya.

The three graduates, Aden Yusuf Mohamed, Ahmed Aden Hassan and Hish Mohamed Maow have spent the past two years studying at the Nakuru Teachers Training College. They had advantages of grants provided under the Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI).

The programme started in 1992 and sponsored by the German government. In March, Germany signed an agreement with the UNHCR to continue its cooperation on DAFI.

The UNHCR said, "The newly qualified teachers have started working at primary schools in the sprawling and crowded Dadaab refugee complex in north-east Kenya." There are three camps in Dadaab and they are house almost 300,000 mainly Somali refugees.

The three Somali graduates completed their primary and secondary education in Dadaab. They graduated from the teacher training college among the top 20 out of 500 students in their year group.

DAFI: Crowds of the Somali Refugees in One of the Dadaab Camps in Kenya.

After graduation, the three Somalis expressed their hope to continue learning and studying to become secondary teachers in the near future.

The UNHCR estimates that 12,000 refugees have benefited from DAFI scholarships since the launch of the programme in 1992.

The students have awarded scholarships to study "wide range of subjects for terms ranging from one to four years at universities, colleges and polytechnics in their host countries."

More than 30 countries, including Kenya, are currently taking part. Around 100 refugees have completed courses in Kenya under DAFI scholarships and joined an important alumni association.

The international refugees' agency said that the programme started offering scholarships to refugees considering repatriation in their countries of origin since 2008.

"The DAFI programme contributes to skills development, empowerment and academic achievement as part of a broader UNHCR strategy of promoting self-reliance and durable solution for refugees."

What to Educate Somali Refugees?

This important as I stated above, modern education that follows the alphabetical education and also vacancy vocational education are the best.

This way, many Somali refugees could acquire technical skills and get modernized at the same time to abandon bad cultural and customary behaviors, even in the way they wear.

You could help many Somalis be modern more at the UNHCR. One dollar could educate a child not to become a terrorist. Give hand to the UNHCR here.

When you get to the page choose your location only if you have not been automatically redirected to the nearest UNHCR to your location. Click on the small arrow where you read "please select" and then click on your country on the menu.

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