Drought and War Devastate Somalia!

Somalia at the southeastern corner of the Horn of Africa

Somalia at the southeastern corner of the Horn of Africa

On 15 April, relief agencies said that severe drought spreads in Dobley a southern Somali town at the neighbourhood of the Kenyan borders affecting thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Well, the drought and the displacement of people are not new in the devastated country as a whole and they are not new in the town of Dobley.

Dobley faces frequent heavy fighting between Al-Shabab militia and the pro-government militia, Raskambone. On 3 April, the Raskambone Group has retaken the town from Al-Shabab following tow weeks of heavy fighting.

The IDPs continued to flee the town and come back to it when fighting is over in the past and as they used to, they may return to it and flee again, when a new fighting starts. The shortages of food and drinking water and the fighting between the militias escalate the human crises in the town.

The humanitarian agencies estimate that around 21,000 people have fled from the town of Dobley in mid April to the nearby villages of Diif, Dagila, Tabta and Hawina, where 15,000 of IDPs are already living in hard humanitarian conditions.

The drought has already destroyed the herders' life in those villages too and they lost almost 85% of their stocks. This event makes them in desperate need for help, so they cannot afford helping the IDPs in their villages. The populations of those villages and the IDPs alike are living in critical situation.

However, that dilemma is none of the militias concerns. Their concerns are to erase one another adding many victims of wars and drought to the already existed 2.8 million Somalis who need help in the country and to 1.6 million Somalis who fled the country.

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