Stop Impunity in Kenya!

by Agnes Awuor
(Chicago, IL)

I am a Kenyan who looks at what is going on in my country and just wonder what is going on.

What has happened to our sense of nationalism?

Did we really have independence?

What is going on with our political leaders and church leaders too?

Are we so glued on (what is in there for me) that we have forgotten the beautiful words of our national Anthem?

Kenyans let us wake up from our slumber and say no to tribalism, corruption. and a passive spirit that we pull us all to the drain mud and the dirt of corruption and impunity.

Let us arise and say no to leaders who preach war coined in peace talks. Let us shun the politics of godfathers and godmothers.

Let us stand for a true moral ethic that will not stand to see so many young talents waste away because they have no Uncle Sam in office or aunty dolly!

Let us go back to what made us proud as Kenyan in the land of abundance where we are all our sisters and brothers keepers.

Let no politician use you as a doormat for him/her to ascend to power as you wallow in poverty.

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